Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813
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Setting Up and Hosting a Domain – COP4813

Hello, I’m gonna to take you through this little
lecture for COP 4813 which is about registering the domain name. This is one important skills that you
need to have as a web developer or website programmer. If you don’t have a place to put these
domains or this stuff that your developing for your clients, well, you can only halfway there. So, first, as part of the web programming
series of courses and right now web program series of courses Web Systems I, Web Systems II, Database I and Database II, you do need to register a public domain name for this and this domain is going to be used and
multiple courses. So, there are some requirements that if
you’re going to use it for just COP 4813, it’s simply a capability of
hosting pages, but when you move one to COP 4834 you have to have the ability to do scripting and database back-ends which you also need for COP 4709 and other programming of other serious courses if you have. So, some of the requirements that you have right now you need to be able to host a database, you need to be able to host multiple pages. As we move on with the other courses you also have to have the ability to host multiple scripting languages. So, what kinda of a domain host can do this? Well, I’m using right here as an example Go
Daddy for the most part must of you have
probably heard of Go Daddy they have lots commercials, they advertise very heavily and it is a full-service web hosting
company. They register the domains, they will host
the pages, they have all the different products for
being able to manage you can put your own servers and operate
in their server resources. so, it’s got quite a bit of
capability in services and they’ve also got very good, they’re
very well-known because they do have good customer
service, they get back to you very rapidly so, it’s the most-used American domain name, domain registrar that there is. So, it’s a good one to talk
about, but it’s also not the only one. If you are going to select a domain host, then one thing is that you need, things you’ll need to do is
actually be able to look at reviews of what they can do and what kind of customer service and
expectations can you expect from them. So using something like a consumer search or the consumer reports is in part because you
choose the wrong domain and you’re working with a client that needs
to host this domain and you’re the one responsible doesn’t look very good. So, when you’re
gonna be doing this hosting the first thing you need to know is what type of needs are you gonna have for this
hosting. Costumers tend to always
overestimate what their level of page needs are gonna be, but still regardless you need to be able to manage the throughput and number pages and host number pages that the client’s needs are gonna actually have. So, if they’re expecting a million page hits a day,l
that’s a pretty heavy load that you are gonna have on a server, especially if
they have a very special needs such as the ability to host video, pictures and other types of things
which are bandwidth intensives. The other thing that you gotta look at is what
kinda databases are they gonna need are they gonna be using SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgre web pages today are simply not just static pages that are served up of a
web server. You usually have to have the capability of integrating in your own databases and other databases into those pages. Also
what kinda scripting languages are you gonna need to be able to support
like .NET, PHP being two very common ones, but there can
be all sorts of different types of server-side scripting that needs to be
supported to meet those client needs. Then you have a whole host of other
services that you may need to have, may need to have a marketplace and inboxes, mail services which are very common things that you need, a shopping cart all those, are things that you need to find
out from the client whether your gonna need them and then make
sure that you’ve got the capability of hosting those things. Now, to do this I typically rely
not on going to the domain host to see if they’ve got that capability,
cause they always seem to tell you that they’ve got all the services that
you need. Well, I use external reviews, find out what other
people said about the services that are there and also the things that you need to
know about are the costs associate with it, because
must services have one level of service, that they
have one cost level, but then they have higher level services
that they offer at premium levels of costs and that cost
differential can be significant when you need to move to that higher level. Also know how responsive the
customer service is, because when a web site goes down
for a company it’s a big deal for that company and you
may need to work with customer service to get that site back up so having a 24/7 customer service that’s
very responsive is important and the big thing is, get an independent review of how well do these
hosting environments do the job that they need to do. So, the steps for- you will need to know how
to do is: one register domain name and that does always cost
because there’s a cost associated with registering domain names, but you know typically, anywhere between one dollar and thirty
dollars which is a fairly high range considering they all go from one to thirty, but, you know that’s just the way things work you can register .info or .name domain name at go daddy for i think roughly two dollars and you’ve got a domain name registered
for the assignments for this class, register domain name that you can reuse,
if you don’t have your own personal home domain for yourself, register that
domain and use it for this class you can also register domain that’s specific
to the classes that you’re doing, but you may want to use these
things later on now that you’ve got them set up in hosting might as well stick with it. Once you’ve got
that you need hosting and domain name registration are
different things you need to have a hosting account and
make sure that your domain points at the hosting that you have, most
registrar hosts are gonna have the ability to is a point the
domains at the hosting account, just as kinda like
default, having the ability to upload pages may mean
that you need to have some easy type FTP access to do that and
other needed services you you need to have
for this how easy are they to use and can you get them,
do they have the services and can you can’t you – how much do does services cost, those all become important. So, you’ve got the requirements for what you
need to do for this class and these assignments – you know everything that
you do for say 4813 and other courses, typically you’re gonna post those live at a host and they’re gonna be available
via your domain so those are – this a real signs that you really gotta do.
So, have fun with this, you’re getting
started now and this is where things are gonna live.

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  • Brandon Leggett

    Do you have any material or links of dynamic websites that you are a part of or have made yourself, whether present or of the past? Considering of going to the school in the spring.

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