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    Watch how to set up an OpenVPN server for Windows and configure an OpenVPN client, and how to organize data exchange channels between remote offices. We will be glad to answer any questions in comments.

  • john coia

    Thank you for a great video. Is the WAN ip of the Server? Can it be replaced with a domain name – say, one obtained from dyndns?

  • Popart 2015

    Where is the CONFIG folder? Created one placed my .ovpn file in there and all other places possible! Reboot OpenVPN many times! Connect still Grayed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dri Tani

    when i connect to sever its ok , but on client is gives me an error tcp: connect to [af_inet] failed: unknown error, how can i resovle this problem ?

  • R. MaTLooB

    Hi, that is a very good description, thank you .. but i have a question please.
    what if i have
    – – – a server ( proliant ml310e with windows server 2012 r2)
    – – – and 30 clients who i want them to work on that server simultaneously ( no one is allowed to work or save any thing on his own PC) .. should i do exactly as you said in the video ?
    best regards

  • Thanh Hà Nguyễn

    why when i run build-dh it only create 2048 bit safe prime? not 4096 like yours. I tried run it, but error, log file say missing dh4096 file

  • Ivan Ferrer

    very useful tutorial. I copied/edited the conf files in sample-config reading all comments on them and all has worked almost flawlessly.
    I love it because the errors it gives when connecting are very meaningful (log file).
    If when running build-ca.bat it throws an error about 'req_distinguished_name', try to run vars.bat again.
    I'm amazed how easy it was. Now I have to fine-tune it.
    thank you!

  • Dex Greig

    Hi, I dont understand this section. Can you explain this route?

    push "route"

  • Campus Inova

    I used the same code and i got error ! server does not work

    Options error: –pull-filter cannot be used with –mode server
    Use –help for more information.

    help me solve it !

  • Tze Wei Tan

    I am trying to configure my Windows Server 2016 as the Server, It could connect initially (Only at server side), but suddenly, after restarting the OpenVPN service it is giving me an error of "ALL TAP-Windows adapters on this system are currently in use", I have tried re-enabling the adapters, reinstalling the Tap Network Drivers, many random online "Fix" and also Resinstalling OpenVPN. But to no avail, none of the options worked. I would Really appreciate it if you could help me.

    Thank you in Advance 🙂

  • 23183773

    Hi, i did exactly what the video explained and when i try to connect through the client it says connecting and is stuck on connecting. The log file shows:

    Sat Apr 27 12:25:11 2019 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET]

    Sat Apr 27 12:25:11 2019 Socket Buffers: R=[65536->65536] S=[65536->65536]

    Sat Apr 27 12:25:11 2019 Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET] [nonblock]

    Sat Apr 27 12:25:11 2019 MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1556360711,TCP_CONNECT,,,,,,

    I have switched all firewalls in both the server and client off with no success.

    Can someone just verify the below and have any suggestions?

    1. In the client.ovpn file do you insert the wan ip of the server or Dyndns address pointing to that server. I've tried both with no success.

  • Николай Йоцов

    how to fix : "CreateFile failed on TAP device: \.Global{FA2EDB87-3170-4554-BAB1-F6AEBEF5EFC5}.tap" ?

  • Muhammad Ichsan

    I have client.ovpn config. And i wanna add passprhase on my ovpn config. How i add passprhase on my ovpnconfig? Then the client have to 2 login (user & pass on the server and passprhase) thanks.

  • Raul Júnior

    Excellent your video tutorial, my helped a lot, thank you! Forgive my English I am not fluent and I used Google Translator … I am from Brazil and only with your video tutorial that I managed to make openVPN work … maybe you have some material that teaches server-to-serve using Linux would be very thankful!

  • Ben French

    Does this Tutorial work with Open VPN 2.4.7 as i cant get past the following error.
    Thu Jul 25 15:26:33 2019 VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=unsupported certificate purpose: C=AU, ST=CA, L=Gold Coast, O=ServerVPN, OU=changeme, CN=ServerVPN, name=changeme, [email protected]

    Thu Jul 25 15:26:33 2019 OpenSSL: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

    Thu Jul 25 15:26:33 2019 TLS_ERROR: BIO read tls_read_plaintext error

    Thu Jul 25 15:26:33 2019 TLS Error: TLS object -> incoming plaintext read error

    Thu Jul 25 15:26:33 2019 TLS Error: TLS handshake failed

  • koorosh moradi

    can you please make a video how to config openvpn when a mobile phone can give hotspot to any client but data would transfer through a vpn account that has been set up in openvpn config on the phone.

  • Luksenburg00

    It was difficult understanding how to configure Server config file. This is my error message in my logs when i try starting the vpn Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in server.ovpn:26: Additional (2.4.7)

  • deftoner

    Every single time that I need to config a OpenVPN server, I separate like 4 hours, prepare coffee. and try to be focused… 99% of all this editing an generating, could be do by the installer. There is some "easy scripts" for linux too. I guess the keep this super complicated just to justify a "network engineer" title. Thanks for the guide, I never installed on windows

  • Valar Morghulis

    Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in Server.ovpn:40: Additional (2.4.7)

    Use –help for more information.

    I did all u did bat that the log. What is that mean. I ve no idea Can u help me man?

  • Rakshith Sarvotham

    Worked perfectly fine. I am able to access files without any problem, but the IP address of my client is not the same of my server which is what I actually wanted. Is there a way to route web traffic through the VPN?

  • Sean

    hi there, great video. i just want to ask could you tell me how to export a config for mobile user? and would you make another video about stunnel for dpi?

  • Sean Chen

    Hi, is it possible to tell how to create server.ovpn and client.ovpn files? coz without these two files the whole tutorial video basically stopped at the step that you explain these two files Thank you.

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