Setting up an OPC UA Server application – Video 6 by Beijer Electronics
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Setting up an OPC UA Server application – Video 6 by Beijer Electronics

This tutorial shows how easy it is to configure an
iX Runtime application, an X2 operator panel or a
BoX2 device to act as an OPC UA Server. This enables OPC UA Clients such as SCADA
systems, HMIs and ERP systems to easily read
and write tag data in the OPC UA Server. Let’s get started. We start by selecting the BoX2 device in WARP. Right click and select iX Developer. An existing
application that should be extended with an OPC
UA Server is now opened. When opening the Tag Editor we notice that the
application already contains four tags: Tag1, Engine1_RPM, Engine1_AlarmCode and
Engine1_Temperature. Click on the System tab and then on the OPC UA
Server icon. Check the Enable OPC UA Server checkbox. It’s possible to select if Anonymous logins should
be allowed, but it’s always recommended to use
a username and password to maintain security. Finally select tag visibility. Through Customized options it is possible to
select which tags should be visible for the OPC
UA Clients. A new column is now visible in the tag grid,
allowing the selection of tags that should be
visible. The application is now configured and ready to
be downloaded to the BoX2 device. The transfer process is started by clicking the
Download button. Select the target that the application should be
transferred to and click on Download. This part of the video has been edited and runs
quicker than normal. The application is now successfully downloaded
and running in the BoX2 device. OPC UA Clients, such as our powerful
WEBfactory SCADA solution are now able to
connect to the BoX2 device to visualize and control the
selected tags.

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