Setting Up a Custom Sub Domain in ClickFunnels with Cloudflare.
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Setting Up a Custom Sub Domain in ClickFunnels with Cloudflare.

Good day fellow funnel enthusiasts
Gino Abrahams is coming to you from the Funnel, today are we going to be
discussing click funnels click funnels custom subdomains cloud flee and your
whichever domain registration self provided that you obviously use now we
are going to be looking at setting up a custom subdomain in click funnels using
cloud free and whichever domain registration that you are going to use
now I am feeling quite brand proud today so let’s go ahead and let’s have a look
and see if we can do it now before before I go hit the setting up a custom
subdomain very similar to setting up a main domain the only difference is this
tips are slightly different it’s a lot shorter but what if I were to if I were
to ask if I were to say what what would be the benefit of setting up a custom
subdomain then I would say very much similar to setting up a minder menu
you’re providing better cleaner more trustworthy links and with a subdomain
you can be you can hone in turning to to a more specific subject but still
reflect your own brand being being obviously your main domain so let’s say
for instance you were to look at promoting the dot-com seekers book but
what I would what I would do then he’s out ready to sub domain called dot-com
secrets and then obviously that that’ll better be added on to you or to your
main domain so that gives a nice nice clean I’m cleaning the main clean link
and it shows that the the domain is directly linked to the item that is
being promoted okay so that that’s this bit of explanation
so this dive in and let’s see how we can how we can do this now
I’ve already created a test domain that I’m gonna go ahead and and actually
delete it then I’ll Rhea all set it up again his log into our clickfunnels
account while that’s happening I’m gonna log in to my every host client own which
is my sort of preferred domain registration so I’m gonna go down to to
my domains if anything to zest I’m gonna log into cloud play with my free free
account okay now the subdomain okay let me just
log in to my to my cPanel to then show you we we my my subdomains are there we
go dist now what I should do it maybe I should actually do called
I’m certain a subdomain test it’s called little describe that noticed subdomain
test let’s create that this is my flip to populate okay it’s being created let’s have a
look at that okay there we go some subdomain test which is the one
I’ve just created so now that is the the sample subdomain that we’ve just created
let us when I copy that on my iPad now let’s go over to clouds to click on OHS
it’s got on two domains let’s go add new domain add new domain okay now because
it’s a subdomain we remove the ww-with in red just as DS and say add subdomain see if click fun also really picks up
that because it’s no W WH automatically a a subdomain so it’s not asking you to
– trying to create or rename the cname records we’re gonna leave it we can halt
the process they with clickfunnels nom be going over to CloudFlare let’s go to
our main domain the final enthusiasts come it’s got a DNS records okay now we
need to create a new scene I’m record and the name that we’re gonna put in
there is the subdomain and the target a is clickfunnels if understand come
automatic add record okay there we go subdomain test and click finals don’t
come so that’s loaded on there let’s just refresh that subdomain taste baby there we go there
so now we need to go back to clickfunnels
and so I have done this step because we’ve created the cname record because
we’ve created the cname record that picks up that the subdomain is ready and
ready to be connected or used let’s let’s this button is Russell’s blog
funnel that’s the associate funnel okay now it won’t
I don’t have an SSL connection right away what we need to do is to go to edit
the domain settings this is all to expand ad is this all okay this is
receive refresh okay it hasn’t yet but but let’s do this copy the subdomain and paste and go
let’s see what happens voila it’s connected so let’s connect it even
though even the it hasn’t it doesn’t it doesn’t reflect that it has a an SSL
connection yet it maybe just go just redo it does take a while so let’s try
and see if it if it’s if it’s connected yet domains okay not yet it’s this
refresh this year but look the page is there it’s connected the the funnel that
I’ve associated with that domain is this this year now if you look at the top
tier subdomain test dot the funnel enthusiasts come so that is the
subdomain that we vanish it just just created
let me just double check and see if it’s if it’s due I’m working it have a look things not yet maybe this is
maybe given a give it a minute or two and see by coming back to the finally
into easiest daddy the sorry the cloud flea Oh
remember all it easier just to add a cname record click cname add in the Sun
default subdomain the target being or the the we need to point it to click
funnels which is target of truthfulness calm and then add record
it’s just double check and see if it’s reflected yet and there we go it’s now
secure any page active and responding just to taste again let’s put that in
the the subdomain itself into there we go and that’s basically it as simple as
that so from me Geno the family enthusiasts
come so next time

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