Setting a default domain — Webflow tutorial
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Setting a default domain — Webflow tutorial

Setting a default domain. Words so important, we featured them in the
title of this video. We’ll cover the basics of root domains, subdomains,
and default domains, and then we’ll set our default domain for a project (or site) hosted
in Webflow. What is a root domain? It’s this. It’s the domain you purchase when you’re buying
it from a registrar. If you bought, that’s the
root domain. No WWW. Nothing at all in front of it. That’s the root. What about a subdomain? A subdomain is the part in front of pinkthesaurus
(or whatever your site is). Best example? WWW. That’s a subdomain. How about a default domain? A default domain is where you want someone
to end up. Regardless of what they type in. If you set the WWW version as your default? That means visiting will
take you to That’s the default domain. Finally, how do we set it? Well, we already showed it, about 12 seconds
ago. But for the sake of clarity, let’s show it
again with a bit more context. From your project, let’s go over to Project
Settings. And once we’re there, we’ll move ourselves
over to the Hosting tab. This is where we have any and all custom domains
featured. And all we have to do? Is click the tiny house. That’s it. We made that version the default. How do you know? Because there’s another tiny house inside
a box that also says default. Which means it’s the default. All we gotta do? Publish. That’s it. So. 10 second review. Root domain? Subdomain? Something in front. Default domain? Where it takes users. How do we set it? Tiny house. A house so tiny that it could– Time’s up. But that’s a quick overview of default domains
in Webflow Hosting.


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