Seth Meyers Talks Hosting in the Fast Cycle of Trump Era | THR News
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Seth Meyers Talks Hosting in the Fast Cycle of Trump Era | THR News

– Seth Meyers is weighing
in on how he handles the fast pace of the news cycle these days under Donald Trump’s presidency. The late night host
appeared at a conference hosted by CNN and spoke with Jake Tapper about reporting on news
during Trump’s administration, saying, “You just try to be
agile and react as it happens, “and it makes it a very
exciting place to work, “and it’s a weird time to do it.” Meyers also notes that
the Trump presidency has provided an ample supply
of material for his show. “When we started my show, my biggest fear “was, are we going to fill an hour? “You can report the news “as a setup to the joke all the time now.” In terms of how fast-paced
the news cycle can get, the SNL alum specified
how frequently and quickly Trump administration
officials are pushed out, and in that regard,
material that’s produced for his NBC show can quickly go bad. Meyers also went on to discuss what it’s like reporting
on facts and statements with Tapper, who’s the chief
Washington correspondent for CNN telling the
audience, “We get accused “of being negative about President Trump “by just stating facts
about President Trump.” Meyers added that he
doesn’t feel obligated to counter factual statements. “We think we need to be fair,” he said. “Fair just means you state things truly.” For more on the story, head to And until next time, for The Hollywood Reporter
News, I’m Neha Joy.

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