Seth Meyers Is Hosting Late Night Live After State of the Union
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Seth Meyers Is Hosting Late Night Live After State of the Union

-Seth Meyers, everybody. Seth. Dude, you’re doing a great job
over at “Late Night.” -Thank you. -You got great writers up there,
very smart, very sharp. I like the bit — Obviously,
“A Closer Look.” We love those ones. “The Kind of Story…” -Yeah, a new bit, called “The Kind of Story
We Need Right Now.” -I love this. -Well, ’cause politics
can be a little depressing, so we try to find a few things
to just brighten people’s day. There was a story about
a grandmother who killed a bobcat
who was attacking her dog. We were like,
“That’s the kind of story. You want to hear about that.” But then we —
This is a true story. There was a guy — a bachelor party
gonna happen in Vermont. They sent out the e-mail
to all the bachelor — sorry, the friends of the
bachelor who were going to come. And they accidentally sent it
to the wrong guy with the same name. They got the e-mail wrong. Like, probably Hotmail
instead of Yahoo! or whatever. And that guy who got it just
wrote back, “I’m [bleep] in.” And they wrote back. And instead of, like,
“Hey, buddy, not cool,” they said “You sound awesome. Come.” And so this guy just went. He started a GoFundMe,
and strangers were like, “Dude, we also
want you to go here.” And then, like,
local businesses got involved. This guy, who — He literally
didn’t know any of them. They said,
“Hey, send us a picture so we don’t know
you’re a creep.” And he sent them
a picture of him at 2 years old, doing karate. And, so, then they were like,
“We’ll put this on the T-shirts. That’s what we’ll wear
all weekend.” And it was just like —
I don’t know. With everything happening in
the world, you hear that, and you’re like, “This is the kind of story
we need right now.” -I love that.
It’s a good deal. -A lot of fun. -“A Closer Look” is a very
popular segment on your show. I watch it all the time. If I don’t see the show,
I see it on YouTube or whatever. How long does that take to do?
-It’s the whole day. Like, pretty much the whole day. And then, also, the day changes
a lot these days. -Yep. -You know, what you think is
the news on Tuesday night is then not the news
on Wednesday. -Yeah, exactly. -So, you know,
we sort of chase it. It’s one of the things that
makes it exciting, I think, trying to be as
up to date as possible. But it’s a lot of fun to do. -This Tuesday night,
you’re doing a live show? -We’re going to do live
after the State of the Union. Yeah.
-Wow! That’s gonna be fun. -We were supposed to be live,
you know, last week, ’cause that’s when it
was supposed to be. -Yeah, we were going to
do it, too. -And we had, like, a dinner
party planned and everything. -Unh-unh. Pelosi said “no.”
-Yeah, Pelosi said “no.” So we got to go live now. -So, there will be a lot —
We’ll get live reaction. We’re taping our monologue later
so that we have topical — -That’s great. I think it’s always fun to do
that, on nights like that. -Yeah, it’s going to be great.
-Yeah. -I want to show everyone a
clip of “A Closer Look” from last night’s episode of
“Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Check it out. -According to Bob Woodward’s
book “Fear,” Trump once told former
Defense Secretary James Mattis he wanted to take out Syrian
dictator Bashar al-Assad, but Mattis ignored him. Trump called Mattis
and said he wanted to assassinate the dictator. “Let’s [bleep] kill him.
Let’s go in. Let’s kill the [bleep]
lot of them,” Trump said. Mattis told the president
that he would get right on it, but after hanging up the phone,
he told his senior aide, “We’re not going to do
any of that.” It is amazing that
you can just ignore the President of the
United States, and he’ll probably
forget what he asked you to do. He’s like a dog
who really wants a tennis ball. If you just fake throw it
and then put it in a drawer, he’ll forget about it. -Yeah! Seth Meyers, everybody! “Late Night”
has a live show Tuesday after the State of the Union. Don’t miss that special episode.


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