Seth MacFarlane Hosting Oscars – Jack Black Not Happy?
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Seth MacFarlane Hosting Oscars – Jack Black Not Happy?

i want to talk tonight an about recent
carter callin bolts are not every night you read you this interview uh… with
jack black and he speaks affected by land something in your you were actually asks jackpot what do you think a
separate borrowing hosting the oscars jack walked reply is that where did i
see him allies common saturday night live i thought he was serviceable he might get tired you keep sending
invoices from family guy he might give that arrests but i think
he he does have to take on the chops the way you ask that question them seems
to suggest you’re not be an offense interviewer then it states now i’m just
trying to have to provide jack black well i should be again send ice should
say he’s going to fuck it up because he made fun of me one time on his show any
meaning really map i don’t remember exactly but it was
basically pigeon holing who i am has seen and i’m just about every lies in
being really loud top fiberglass jack black the year one now cat right leaving correct them stop be interviewer and agenda do you think you do you think that
jackpot was being serious in this i’ll feel at least i thought he was
being a little bit set up and stuff like that but he’s we’ll talk about comedians you know they
teach you albeit on the joke they should but you know not take themselves so
seriously that this apob let me take themselves so seriously he was being a
big serious and started about it like today as funny way but i think you will
see respective because he settle itself before it it was called out about in your view possibly tenser drama i think it’s okay
to say this feel it is something publicly well
and it’s insistence between two friends and it’s in everyone’s well aware of their best
friends like will seek a time period and public feud
where it’s just funny in lead tiberium is to be interviewed about lucy
canvassing oscars might say something like although i think that if he doesn’t
do that we character because it’s a joke right but events are not good friends
are not publicly good friends you know it up exactly leftfield jack black and killing goes up to an interview
tells the guy i think you’re asking about the question the guys like yes i
am and then check back what addicted to a provocative and satellite in fact this
interview where we need to be interviewed on into you know drive out some controversy
to garner more publicity and sales and clearly it’s worked on top of clean air edit originally you know trying to run
his new film which you’ve got a lot of praise for with his role and unfortunately you know most think
contact back actually said something about how you know you have time question with the senior boise and
doesn’t seem to be like that the parliament he didn’t think that the
jackpot but it came up such addictive because we don’t see the
contacts in the video so it’s ekits unfortunately compare rightly promise it
added but it’s planning to get made fun of
about it like this again with the agents have been worse than that and at that point spiel with step by lisa still killed and michaelpage com that i did this happen pilon hosting the
oscars debase think that he can stay true to himself and his friend connie or
do you think he’s going to really watered down in order to escaped the
wrath of the economy i think he’s a very kind of like a pool all the wheat field and ready to take
and so i don’t think he needs to be anything but himself and people don’t like the wicked goodly
he’s a voice first remembers that peace look indict was that bug really hot guys
really valentine and i think he’s an entertainer in the true sense of the
worry c into a variety of things he can propose
proposal and use it for family values certainly than the and musical number
eight not spend time with him for it to you and then he does you know what he does
writing leaders comedy is jokes that he has everything and act retail has sellouts it’ll be a very extreme
shell is this story pop culture he loves it here is that it is on the
street and protected by the king fahd of people like jack black the rivers and here’s what we did not
know jack likes is only noodle you know deluge of was will check
because of withdrew two voices being well hidden in moving around and he’s
like traces descending voice which is is good it’s only two voices that appeared
like twelve right but the idea of some very just keeps fucking coming up doing
voices would recognize that i didn’t actually get shows up takes a big shipper makes people happy
and then disappears for to have and i think it’s not mortality like we can go
on periodically but we’ve run out of time at that we’re
going to come back the next couple of branching isn’t being in the nineteen th
is for all approval saying being used to
sell heroin


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