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[Music] hello good guys no viruses channel I am thinking to do the dribble you voice mors one to a video talking about hosting websites this time hosting for free on the wave of grace Now everything has to be free in this world because he is the author of the bars coming folding did or almost free the truth is that is a dream that is in Portuguese if the site here I not to able to access in Portuguese is usually is to give 00 web hosting dot com and there is also another site called hosting bars and not mistaken he charges a flat rate of 20 reais for you look at your site there is a unlimited time and really be register you can make a whole site Normal but that will not be for free will pay anything can put the domain You can do all the normal then the web hosting also had the Rocinha that approach was largely thanks now he joined had narrated when arrives in the end after between two changed and now russia is evernote is one thing only you have to go there to do their inscription on managed to open his first page that was already the lawyer ak which description states united people not only in Brazil go there on their website hosting free salatta the institution have to give your data you can have your domain that will buy in not ask anything else but can divide we also speak the name of graphite not stay here thinking this point who to not have anything yet on page parked have to do that here now so it’s not today that you wrote just put it and mail you will have access to part of me in your site ok then I’ll try to make the video here what happens is that you can create a website here to make your own website has the steps here O your account e-mail and you can create a website by the time you’re putting your people domain is very sad to say them that their goal is that you after purchase or service to you put a your domain here and right It is feasible and should be in Portuguese Portuguese I click this he will want have to buy a domain to make a upgrade the account if the pass follow everything to a paid account or buy a domain with rice to rush you click not here such that I do not want to care dodo erred in case put the first Sunday 1 so you chose Harbor 0 0 11 spot with his name at the beginning of morning to vote only you click just outside the small square here Here you click here it goes send to another page of Sunday placing the domain then goes there and pa click and you have to put the Mysteries there was born a last Sunday was so I registered as intention of points earned there I I want to create a website and click choices I can make a site with a site there I can put directly where pressure or upload the site and online files then I’ll try to make it not only to test and see if I can is there going to put the name of a idea installing automatic eight buildings webb with Russia is also creating then you can see a bar protection it will have installed today provides here I’m going to play a team do Website thinking away here online with you 100% thanks because I am using a free hosting and a domain grid that exploded in another video It is not something that I advise first visit there are perhaps other grids accommodation around if you put the site in my case as English was the Russian grip webb host to get for free if you do not You know yet if you will play your blog it was or not use the name Free doing here right but you get the domain is not so expensive costs 40 reais for now gives to pay will come out for free Russia maintains the site’s over there ten years this very different indeed already had all the options are more beautiful then there is today something works only what they want usually by thousand day content can be really on google than hence they do not have when advertising within the site you are really the message that is not I do not know if it is to make show ok so there is need to maintain the site then I advise doing there did after of your business succeed understood that the school site that the school’s blog the devil radio what happened cole you hire the plan with a defeat in the case along with rice and IRGA also offers to leave the link of two here but it is the same now so I understand anything and then you’re with the business running you go there and hires a dream and this is more technical quality also everything you You can hire right here if you do not I am satisfied as then I can give in 2011 of course you can look for other flight options in another video You are talking about hosting options a configuration of visits Special tip my mind and good luck please if you do this leaves a comment here and I enjoyed the idea worth it will not do another video still talking about hosting one just over one by one this time as well as compare personally or not I did not think What is more interesting than just We are speaking here and such and types not It shows guys thanks for the audience not sure to enjoy to comment and share and sign up at the end to know more about hosting napoli only addressing the issue on here with it then I did not know about half ge much struggle charging expensive then I want people to have the best best price as well as ok a hug we see here in thinking today


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