Servers Play “Never Have I Ever”
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Servers Play “Never Have I Ever”

– I got asked out on the job twice, and it was just a little bit awkward. – Shoulda said “Yeah,”
coulda got an extra tip. – Never have I ever eaten
a customer’s leftovers. – For sure. – Ooh 100%. – I have not.
– Everyone has. – I’ve wanted to. – Pretend to, like,
push it in the garbage, and just like, sneak a
couple popcorn shrimp. – I’ve even hit a cup of
someone’s wine before, once or twice, come and
bring it to the dish area. Look around for a little
bit, do a quick uh. You know what I’m saying? Then you’re back on the floor. – Makes the job easier. – Then you gotta look
at the customers, too, and be like “Would I make out with them?” And that’s a good
judgment of whether or not I’m gonna eat their food. – If it’s there, I’m eating it. – Never have I ever dropped
food but still served it. – Not on the floor
– Ooh. – I mean, I’ve dropped a
couple pepperonis before at a pizza restaurant I
worked at, on the floor, before it was cooked, and
just picked it back up, threw it on the thing,
and right back in the oven – I think that’s fine,
the oven kills the germs. – I was gonna say, right? – I’ve done it on the
bench next to the plate. I don’t know if that counts. – Okay.
– Probably fine. – Yeah I dropped it on the floor. – It wasn’t like a big
deal, you know what I mean? It wasn’t like on a very
dirty ground or anything. – I’ve definitely dropped food before, and thought about serving it, but I just seized the
opportunity to eat it myself. – Oh they were so mean. The customers were so mean, and it dropped on the floor
for like three seconds and I picked it up and
looked at my coworker and he was like “I didn’t see anything” and I was like “Okay.” – Never have I ever spat
in a customer’s food. – Definitely not.
– I have not. – I would never do that. – I’ve seen it in movies
and it’s too much for me. – No, it’s gross. – Definitely have not. – Again, but like, really wanted to. When they’re just so rude. – Oh my God, you have? – They deserved it. This lady, she ordered very specifically, and I got her order 100% right. She wanted to complain about it, ’cause she wanted her meal for free. I said, “Ma’am, I wrote
everything down word for word.” She called me a derogatory
name, about my race, and threw her ice at me. So, when she got her
correct food this time, it was a little bit extra correct. – That’s fair then, if they
call you a name, I get that. – They came at me, they
threw their drink at me so. – Oh my God. – What’d you expect? – Never have I ever lied
about knowing if a dish had gluten or some other
product in it or not. – I was still in training and she asked if the soup was vegan,
and it was tomato soup, so I took a chance and was
like “Yeah, it’s whatever.” It’s not. The stock in the soup is
actually chicken stock, and it’s tomato bisque,
which is 90% cream. I learned my lesson from that. – Anything bad happen?
– She’s still alive. – I feel like most people
don’t even know what gluten is, so when they it to me,
I’m like “I don’t know.” And they ask me if it
has gluten, it’s like, “Shouldn’t you know if a
potato has gluten in it?” I don’t know. – I have when I was more
ignorant about those things. ‘Cause I started working
in the restaurant business when I was like 16, so I
remember the first time I got asked that question and I was like, “I don’t know, no there’s not.” But then I had a friend
whose mom had Celiac disease and I very quickly learned,
like, the seriousness of it and I was like, okay lesson learned, I will always triple check ingredients. – Never have I ever given bad service because I thought they wouldn’t tip well. – I’ve never given bad service because I didn’t think anybody was going to be a bad tipper, but I mean, there’s obviously been
times where, you know, your soul’s just not
into it, because you know they’re not going to give you any money. – I don’t know. – Oh be honest. – I may have, but I also haven’t
because this happens to me because I’m foreign. I’ve noticed that servers
will be really rude to me from the start, sometimes. – ‘Cause they think, yeah. – ‘Cause they’re like, she’s
foreign, she’s not gonna tip. I’m like, actually I’m
probably gonna tip better than everyone else. – Yeah. – And I’m always right. – Yes
– I’m always right. – Never have I ever messed
up an order on purpose. – What would the purpose be? – Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. What would the purpose of that be? That’s just gonna cause hell. – Yeah I don’t think I have. – No, definitely a lot by mistake. – Oh. – I’ve never messed it up on purpose. I think the mistakes come
from just kind of zoning out and not being focused enough. – I have definitely messed
up an order on purpose because I felt the person
was like a mean-ass (bleep). And I thought it was just funny, like, someone had a lot of
allergies, supposedly, like they were gluten free,
they were flour free, I mean, I worked at a pizza restaurant. They ended up doing the order wrong, and just kept bringing it back. It made me laugh. – Never have I ever dated a customer. – Huh? I’ve got to think about that one. I’m going to go with the safe answer here. – I have not. I wish I would have. – No. – I have not. – Yeah I have.
– I’ve had a lot of, have you? – Yeah, I’ve worked in bars. – Okay, see I’ve never worked in bars so it was always just breakfast food. So the type of people
that were asking me out were like 50 year olds. – Yeah I’ve definitely gone out for drinks with cute guys I’ve met. – Hell yeah. – Never have I ever had sex at work. – That’d be rather tough. – Ooh. – I haven’t, but I know people that have. – I have. I never thought I would admit that. It was with an old co-worker,
there was no one around, if that makes up for it. – [Camera Man] Was it
in the walk-in freezer? – No, not in the freezer. – I’m kind of disappointed
for this, I feel like. – I know, I really wish
I could flip it around, I really do.
– Right? – It’s an interesting industry to be in. It sucks sometimes,
sometimes its wonderful. I don’t want to be cliche, but sometimes I like to see
the smiles on people’s faces. There are happy people when
you’re working in this industry. Sometimes, sometimes. – There are definitely
really interesting stories that can come from customers
who are just a little bit off or super rude to you. – You should always be
nice to your servers, like, they’re taking care of your food, they’re working so hard. – They have power. – They’re also taking
care of six other tables at the same time. – Sometimes more. – Regardless of how much I hated working, and still hate working in
the restaurant industry, it’s actually kind of fun and there’s a lot of good
stories you can tell. – I feel like we have
the same general answers to the questions so no matter
what kind of restaurant you work at it, I feel like
it’s all kind of the same. (upbeat music)


  • Jennifer Deon

    I get that veganism is a joke to a lot of people but please don’t give us stuffs with animals in it. Not only is it a deeply held belief, it makes us sick. The body struggles to digest those things after abstaining for a long time. The last time this happened to me I ended up at urgent care with a panic attack and severe stomach pain. Not to mention the people who abstain from certain animal products for religious reasons.

  • Haley Ann

    When I was like 10 my dad worked in a kitchen and had to bring me to work sometimes so another one of the workers daughters was their we saw a almost full cup of wine and she grabbed it and chugged it.

  • Garry

    “Someone had loads of allergies, so I messed it uo and they sent it back”

    WTF? Do people not realise how dangerous and life threatining allergies can be? No matter how bad someone treats you, you shouldn’t have their lifes at risk.

  • Xbow 33

    Yea dropping food on the floor isn’t a big deal, it’s just a floor people walk on all day. It’s not like I’m putting the food in my mouth or anything.

  • Julia Ruiz

    They shouldn’t never lie about gluten or dairy. People have REAL allergies and could have gone to the hospital due that (specially gluten)

  • Makiya.A9598

    This lowkey bothered me because I worked in the food industry before and I’ve been called names even down to the n word with a hard r and I’ve had food thrown at me but I still made sure to get their order right and if i dropped something I’d throw it away and i damn sure wouldn’t spit in someone’s food because that’s just nasty and it bothers me about the gluten thing because if someone has an allergy and I’m working I used to do everything i could to make sure their food was safe no matter how rude they were

  • slyfoxaj

    If you are discouraged by people not tipping well or flat out not tipping, don’t work as a server.. ?? Personally tipping is a privilege not a right..

  • Madeline Lofrano

    That is why I always say I have an allergy because if you just say dose it have peanuts they won’t always check

  • Saoirse

    That’s really scary because my brother is allergic to eggs which is really hard and would go into anaphylactic shock which means his throat will close up and he can’t breath so please just ask if there is ehh or gluten or whatever and u will get a good tip

  • Emilee W

    This video is old and just got recommended to me but this is actually more of a light-hearted story to kind of cheer some people up that not all servers think one specific way. My friend and I were at Dick’s Last Resort it’s basically a restaurant where they’re purposefully rude to you as a joke and my friend has celiac disease so she told our waitress about it and the waitress sat down next to us and explained how she takes that stuff very seriously because her nephew also has celiac disease. Long story short, not all servers respond poorly to different food allergies or intolerances! ?

  • Brooke Anne

    the guy who purposely messed up the order for the lady with the allergies is very disrespectful. yes, i understand she was at a pizza place but these could be serious life threatening things and you think it’s funny to keep her sending the meal back because she worried she could have a allergic reaction.

  • La'Cori Netter

    he doesn't need to be working in a restaurant if he's purposely messing up people's orders and they could potentially have a deadly allergy.

  • coco Este

    The gluten question is genuinely frightening… my brother has celiac disease so he is unable to consume gluten so eating out is a lot harder. Me and my family are fully aware of what gluten is and what it can do to somone who has an allergy, intolerance etc. If we do go out to eat we have to be assured that the food we are buying is gluten free! It does not matter if somone dose not know what gluten is if they are told that they are told that they can not consume it it means THEY CAN NOT BE GIVEN IT BECAUSE THEY CAN GET VERY SICK!!!

  • Mimiru Doll

    I cook for my girlfriends that are allergic to gluten. Servers who dare give you crap for celiac disease shouldn't work where they are or at least should be educated about the food they're serving. I worked in the food industry for years as a cook and server. I take people's allergies priority over everything. I would never want to make anyone sick.

  • S MC

    I don't know why a lot of people in the comment section are so upset about giving a bad service (whatever that means) because of the tip… Think of it in this way. A waiter/waitress is given a certain amount of costumers with which he/she has to distribute the very limited time of service, for example, lunchtime 1.30 – 3.00pm. So, how do I distribute efficiently my time and effort so I get the maximum profit? By binding the information provided from the customer. The way they dress, the mood they carry, foreigner or local, with friends or family/couple, next street worker or just wanna have a good meal and spend a good time, a new or regular customer (if regular, remember past experiences), old/middle-aged or young… you just have to pick the hints properly. Obviously, some times you're going to be wrong but trial and error will sharpen you for sure.

    First time I started serving I was naive and fool so I treated all costumers with the nicest attitude and maximum attention. But that's just going to BURN YOU OUT. Literally giving your 100% on every table is not a good strategy.

  • Sydney Snyder

    The answers to the gluten question really upset me. There are so many foods that restaurants add gluten to to change texture and flavor. I hate living with celiac disease and having to be that person that has to ask all the questions and be careful what I eat 24/7. It angers me that some servers can’t spend 5 minutes double checking ingredients to make sure when I spend my whole life doing it. It’s there job. If they are that frustrated with it than they should pick a different job.

    Ugh I’m really upset. I can’t trust anyone and I have to live like this my entire life. It’s so scary to trust someone with your body. My hair breaks off and falls out and I get extremely sick if I eat gluten.

  • Ariana Medrano

    As a server i hate when customers assume i know their allergies like if they have a seafood allergy or gluten allergy. And they yell at me because they didnt tell me they had an allergy. I also hate when older people assume i know their diet is gluten free and yell at me. Like please i know they didnt have gluten free breads and stuff when they were growing up like eating a piece of lettuce that touched a bread will kill you. But I've learned to be more cautious and ask questions because people will definitely assume you know their allergies if they are not real. Because if they are real more people are sure to say that its an allergy.

  • Abby Prow

    The guy in the white t-shirt talking about how he on purposes messed up a gluten allergy order makes me mad bc my sister has celiac and if that happened to her she’d end up in the hospital

  • mariluz ozuna

    alright as a server, i would personally never lie to anyone about what is in the food they are ordering and i try my best to give the best service regardless of whether i think someone will tip or not, and well if a customer is rude my boss has always told me to kill em with kindness and let me tell you, seeing the rudest customers get even madder when im nothing but nice towards them is hilarious lmao. respect your servers though, believe it or not they're human too and have much more going on in their lives besides serving you

  • IcyKookie MinYoongi

    My mother has a dairy and gluten allergy, she gets really sick to her stomach and can even give her an asthma attack (she has really bad asthma too, bubble child)

    She asks all the time for people not to put butter on things or cheese and they dont listen.
    I hope more servers will realize they have to look out for illnesses and allergies like that

  • James Karanu

    Why would they assume the customer is not gonna tip them well? if they give a bad service, they pretty much guarantee that they won't get tip…?

  • Amy nakakitty

    I wanna just say that I used to be a server for about 5 years, working at Four Seasons Resort, and a manager of a restaurant for 1 year, I've also been a bartender and have fallen in love with being a barista, but… I do my damn research… My job is to SELL you an item off my menu and present it to you in a way for you to enjoy an experience of "dining out"… It's called product knowledge! I studied my menus so that when someone came at me with difficult but sincere questions, I was able to provide an answer. Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, etc. are not to be taken lightly at all!! I have a "Spiel" for every item I sell at starbucks and you can bet that I know EXACTLY what goes in there because I make it, hell if the order is very specific and I know the person on bar will get confused, I'll make it myself just to make sure that person leaves happy… I can't believe this! These people have no work ethic from what I hear and I definitely would not want to work with them at all.

  • Saul Marin

    They dropped the food and still serve it …. bro wtf uk how dirty those fuckin floors are with those type of fuckin mops and what if there’s fuckin cockroaches and rats???these guys are gon get karma fr fr

  • C D

    I have celiac disease. So the thing about gluten pissed me off a bit. But then again, you need to be very persistent in getting answers to all of your questions about cross contamination and whatnot. If they can’t answer my questions or they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about, “is there gluten in rice?” I just don’t order anything. Better safe than sorry ?‍♀️

  • Sarah Schmidt

    The gluten-free thing is just a fad. They made it this far in life eating gluten, and they're fine. He's right – the customer should know. It's their diet.

  • H G

    If you give bad service because you don't think they'll tip well, you don't deserve the tip. That's why you're always right. I've gone into a restaurant wearing my most work weary clothes and gotten terrible service from the wait staff. Service so bad that I was ignored. Never got a refill and was never checked on all while the tables around me were getting great service from the same person. So, my solution was to pay for my $20 meal with a $100. They brought the change I left a 10% tip with a note stating what they would have gotten if they didn't judge customers on appearance. I always tip. I don't think its right to go out to eat if you aren't planning to tip. Great service will get you a tip over 20%. Good service is 20%. Bad service is 10%. Some times any tip is more than what the service was worth, but I always try to account for not knowing if that person could be going through.

  • Brittney Benavidez

    this one time I was chilies and with my mom grandma and grandpa and uncle and the server was flirting with him and he was married

  • Sophia Miller

    Alright. I work in a cafe, and we aren't that big, so it is easy to know what goes into our food. Whenever a customer asks if something is gluten free, whether it is an intolerance or cileacs, I always double check to make sure. That could make someone sick! Like, come on!!

  • Jamie Hensley

    I always give great service, but when I see a table that I know will stiff me 8/10 times I’m right. I give them the shadow of doubt, and do my best, but I’ll give it to other servers it doesn’t make much difference.

  • Don't Judge Me!

    I’m glad the girl in the green started being more wary about ingredients and allergens, but at the same time, she put something she’d dropped on the floor on a plate and served it. You do that if it’s going in YOUR mouth, no one else’s.

  • Ashley Cook

    Got to be careful with gluten allergies lovelies. Some people exaggerate but some with silliac really need to avoid gluten. Just be honest and say "I can double check for you I'm not sure and I want it to be safe for you." The customer will really appreciate the effort and concern and you can avoid killing someone. ?

  • bandit

    Life pro tip: if you have serious allergies and are planning on going out, call a restaurant about 30 minutes before they open and ask to speak to a manager or senior waitstaff to see what your options are.

  • Jaeniah Eggleston

    Kind of never going to another restaurant again? the part where they admitted to dropping food on the floor and still serving it disgusted tf out of me?

  • Your Dad

    My mom was a waiter, and she once told me she had a hella rude customer and she spat in his food

    So just don’t be rude guys ?

  • Joshua Baratheon

    I've worked in food most of my life and I've never eaten customer's leftover. I've never dropped something on the floor and still served it. And I've definitely most definitely split in someome's food. The worse thing I've ever done was when I worked at Hardee's I burnt someone's burger and still served it.

  • Lucas P

    As a waiter i can relate to this except the allergy thing it can backfire so hard if you dont take them serious. But tbh many people make them up drinking everything lactosefree but in the end ordering some fckin icecream. Same for gluten many customers are such liars

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