• N. S.

    Hey man, I like all your videos. One of the best React channels! Subscribed. Keep up the good work and hope your channel will grow more! 🙂

  • Tyler McGinnis

    React v16.3 came out with plans to deprecate componentWillReceiveProps. With that said, there's only one very small part where we use that and it's at 49:11. Instead of componentWillReceiveProps, you'll use componentDidUpdate. You can see the change here – https://github.com/tylermcginnis/rrssr/commit/fb10942d736cf28ea99899af00c914a26782e5c6

  • Elissaios Kon

    hello, thanks for the nice video. i have one question.i made pagination. At first request data are server side rendered. At click on second page i make an http request on componend did mount and all works nice.But the data are not server side rendered. Is there a way to have server side rendering on every time i fetch data both from client and server?thanks

  • Aaron Shier

    Great tutorial, very helpful during this complicated learning curve. Question, how do I deploy this?

    Edit: duh… 'npm i forever -g' then 'forever start server.js' from the root folder

  • Austin Jess

    When I run npm start, it says Cannot Find Module '…/ssr-react/index.js' and then [nodemon] app crashed – waiting for file changes before starting.

    Anyone else ran into this?

  • Apolo Du

    Example at 18:49 is awesome !!
    Finally I understand how react cooperate on client side with markups pre-rendered in real DOM.
    BTW this is the third tutorial for React SSR I've finished, I should've watched this one first !


    Hey, thank you so much for this tutorial Tyler. I've been using a setup based on your tutorial since early May. I've noticed some issues with webpack not compiling after a while, I thought this was due to using port 80 and using sudo to run the app for long periods of time but it still has been happening with port 8000 for the last couple of months. Any thoughts or suggestions on that?

  • Eric Ellison

    14:45 what if we had built javascript chunks ???? we are just passing bundle .js here but what if we had something like setting.bundle.js or many more chunks ????
    also how can i implement dynamic import with this ????? nice tut dude , many thanks ….

  • Daniel Rodriguez del Villar Trimarchi

    was going to pay for the course, but then I realized it does not use webpack 4x :'(

    EDIT: Created a PR on your repo with updated dependencies 😉

    How would I add TypeScript (awesome-typescript-loader) to this setup?

  • Lajos György Mészáros

    Here is a gist, which contains an isomorphicConnect function for all redux fans. This should be a drop in replacement for react-redux's connect function. On the backend it assumes, that all the initial data is available through the staticContext, where else on the client side it assumes, that it has been passed as the redux store's default state.

  • Gabe Christiansen

    Great video. Very helpful! The question I now have is how do we handle nested routes with SSR? especially with a single route config file? Thanks

  • Max M W

    I really appreciated the quick pace and thorough details. Can you recommend any reading on why I'd opt for server side rendering?
    For me the gains seems small in relation to the whole, as the API calls (at least in this example) are still made from the client.

  • Satheesh Thangavel

    Thank you so much. Really helpful to understand SSR. I tried reading different articles ended up confusing myself and almost give up 😉

  • Z V

    Hi there! I'm really new to React, but wondered why you didn't just use the 'npx create-react-app' to build out all the json, webpack etc? I'm sure you have a great reason, I'm just trying to learn

  • Zain Syed

    Great tutorial thanks :). Heads up – if anyone cant access the window._INITDATA_ make sure you put the script tag before the bundle in the server-rendered html so it's available when the bundle.js is loaded e.g
    <script>window._INITDATA_ = ${serialize(initData)}</script>
    <script src="bundle.js"></script>

  • Gjergj Kadriu

    I feel like nitpicking but why this.setState(() => ({repos})) when this.setState({repos}) is the same? 46:45

  • Tyler McGinnis

    🚀 Try our new 2019 React Course – https://tylermcginnis.com/courses/react/?s=youtube-server-rendering-with-react

  • chethan np

    Hello Tyler, Thank you very much for this great video, I need your help I am stuck at a situation where I do not know on how to add a favicon and apple touch icon. Adding the link tag inside res.send“ is not helping as the images are inside assets folder under src.. Can you please help me!! Thanks in advance.

  • Bunni Ielts

    Hello @Tyler McGinnis, Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation. However, Can we use Redux in this approach?

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