SEO Factor 9  Domain is  COM
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SEO Factor 9 Domain is COM

In this lecture we are going to see what is the percentage of dot-com domains in Google search results this lecture is a kind of information lecture because Generally the top-level domains whether it is dot-com or dot orgy or dotnet Doesn’t have any influence on search engine ranking factors But still it’s good to know the percentage of dot-com domains in top 30 top 10 and in overall Google search results in 2016 there has been a large increase in the presence of dot-com pages in the top 20 of Google’s rankings Since the correlation factor is exactly zero This SEO factor has zero influence on search engine ranking But still ages with dot-com domains are continuing their dominance amongst high ranking web pages but apart from search engine ranking factor, I Recommend you to keep domains Because people tend to use ctrl + Enter or command + Enter while going into a website for example instead of searching for Newegg in google or typing If I press ctrl + Enter Keys together, it will directly go to Www.hsn If you have a dot-com domain Then you have a slight competitive advantage in case of your customers or visitors or bloggers and webmasters in the next lecture, let’s see the usage of Flash content in your web pages and How it affects your ranking in Google search engine

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