Sendy Review – Self Hosted Autoresponder, Affordable Alternative
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Sendy Review – Self Hosted Autoresponder, Affordable Alternative

I got to say that I hate monthly fees for
services I hate I don’t like rents I don’t like credit card bills I don’t like utility
bills I don’t like anything monthly I don’t like software is his purpose I don’t like
that stuff and I will choose the one time payment over software as a service any day
now of course if it comes to your business and is a tool that will make you money then
I’m not as opposed to software as a service but one thing that’s a little odd to me is
all the auto responder services there’s Aweber get response the list goes on and on and on
of all these autoresponder services for sending newsletters and things like that and I think
the reason there such high monthly fees is there’s this simplicity to just filling out
a form and now you’re using the service but I’ve never used any of those services for
sending emails I’ve always had a self hosted solution which is the alternative now a minute
I recently switched self hosted solutions I was using one called arpreach but I wanted
a new self hosted solution that would integrate better with the actual service I use this
send my emails out in that Amazon I use Amazon if you didn’t know Amazon will let you send
emails through their service and it’s very affordable it’s about $.10 per thousand emails
you send so if you send 10,000 emails a day it’s gonna cost you a dollar a day if you
send out 10,000 emails a month this can cost you a dollar a month so it’s super super inexpensive
and cheap to use and their deliverability rate is very high is massive in there I saved
any better than an Aweber or a get response or any of those companies and their it’s been
working great for me for the past arriving using Amazon to send my emails for the past
three years or so and do anyway so I found a a self hosted solution and what I mean by
some posted is you buy for a one-time fee in you just install it on your web host so
if you’re using any of the web post I provide you can easily use stall this not provide
suggest you can easily install this their nurse just no monthly fees and the best part
about this self hosted solution I found was that it’s it’s very affordable it’s always
a one-time fee of $59 you just can’t beat that now of course you have to install it
they also have an installation service so it’s even better so let’s take a look at it
right now the name of the app is called Sendy I’m I like that name actually a mother website
right now in duck says right here their main selling a proposition to send newsletters
100 times cheaper oh something else to note about this if you have multiple brands or
maybe your agent seeing used out send emails on behalf of multiple companies is this set
up for that you could actually if you have customers that you have 10 clients and they
all papers and email services with you you can give them all their own separate logins
and they can actually manage their own accounts it’s pretty awesome in that regard in his
unbelievably affordable for the power that has so anyways this is the city got a website
but this is what the city � 40 get graphs on your deliverability-full auto responder
that you can set up in there that’s where someone subscribes in you can have it say
send an email tomorrow another one in five days another one in 30 days you can set up
auto responders and it of course it generates an autoresponder perform that you can embed
on your website but you can also take the code gives you and use it in lots of WordPress
plug-ins like for instance you can use it in thrive leads which I personally use item
and it integrates perfectly with that so anyways this is what the dashboard looks like in its
and here’s their little comparison I love this email service cost per 10,000 emails
sent Mel Chip $200 ascendant dowsing emails campaign Monitor hundred and five dollars
Amazon one dollar so when you when you factor in the cost it’s a killer deal to pay $59
to have it in you haven’t it’s there it’s not so anyways you can multiple subscriber
lists you get report seeing grass you connect custom fields you can see who subscribe to
his unsubscribe if a there is it also sounds handling that means it if you send if you
send bulk email out to an email address and then it bounces back like there’s a problem
with the email addresses about email address it’ll process those balances for you and automatically
remove them from your list or you and then this is cool if you did have clients you could
give them access there’s tons of other people here for that of written their tweets praising
sending and what I like about it is they constantly keep it updated and are adding features and
their typing the security it separately rocksolid now there’s a online demo right here that
I’ll show you in a second but the biggest drawback is you have to install it yourself
now a little on the technical side so for me that’s no big deal I mean I can send I
can install this thing in about five or 10 minutes it’s it’s really that easy and right
here you have instructions on doing it socially just eight steps and they give you links to
everything so there’s a link that’ll take you right over to Amazon to sign up for Amazon’s
email service there’s links to everything in there it’s it’s really step-by-step the
instructions if you follow along you shouldn’t have a problem installing it and a heavy user
form or you could ask questions so to someone that isn’t technical I could see the insult
taking about 20 minutes for someone technical take 5 to 10 minutes up a check this out you
can pay $79 in addition to the 59 GB for 5090 another 79 and they’ll just install it for
you a however you can probably find someone on fiber to install it for you for five or
$10 or just go with them for the $79 anyway so here it is when you login you could create
brands and that would be unique separate lists in and logins and identity so for me I want
to websites and I always put an opt in form on all my websites so what I do here for brands
as I list each website brand so I’ve got my personal websites I’ve got wp crafter I got
online course creators in got several others and I just list them all here so I can keep
things separate so you can click on a brand that will push you into it but see human click
on login okay so here I am I’ve logged into this brand here this is their demo called
mock vault and here’s different campaigns that are set up right here you can click on
view all lists in create different email opt in lists you can click into a list and see
information on itself I clicked on this you get your graphing you can see the amount of
options over time you can see the most recent things that have happened on your list is
for subscriptions and of subscriptions and bounces and all that you can customize what
one thing I like you can customize the unsubscribe page it somehow go to so for instance you
send an email within a unsubscribe link which you have to do someone clicks on it you can
have taken to a page where your pleading with them to not opt out maybe your offering them
something this they subscribe to or whatever you’re doing to persuade them to not opt out
a lot of these autoresponder services they don’t give you that option that flexibility
so someone’s that’s it on opting out they opt out there’s no persuasion to keep them
it so that’s one of the things I like and was really nice an important to bring up his
templates there’s a really slick modern looking email templates with a what you see is what
you get editor so it’s really easy to put together pretty looking email email century
to send out so let’s see here’s a template that thing where I actually haven’t seen this
also appeared as so there is a email template that’s in there it is all what you see is
what you get for editing the text so see how you can change text was I smoked as you can
easily go in have someone design you are professionally design you a custom email template that’s
just for you in you just go in here and Duchess change your text around are links so that’s
nice as well on their cycling there some templates built that lets you create a new templates
other symbols back and let me it has a real modern sleek template that you see on all
the current autoresponder services where it’s kind of got a gray side but you don’t even
have to have an HTML tech template can be a plaintext most of my emails that I send
out our plaintext so anyways this is Sendy super easy to set up they’ve got a service
that will set it up for you but the point is year in the drivers seat with your email
list with something like this you’re saving money with something like this as well so
you can really scale your list as big as you want it in your not paying unless you’re sending
emails and what you pay to send those emails is so low also Emily said Sunday I got it
installed on my domain yard if you sign up to any of my email lists you’re getting an
email that I sent to you through 70 and I got it fully implemented now so from this
point forward all the emails that go out bargaining the Sendy you might see little city link at
the bottom of probably leave it there to remind you to go here and pick it up for yourself
so anyways if you have any experiences with Sendy go ahead and leave a comment below if
you’re on YouTube or go to my website leave a comment any questions about it and how it’s
working out for me you feel free to ask me so anyways thanks for watching this video


  • Ashish K Nimje

    we planing to deploy email service.With single sandy licence we can give a login to client and allow them to send a bulk from there login.

  • Ashish K Nimje

    Hi Adam,
    Once customer get sendy login is it possible for them to upload their excel file consist of email address to send a bulk mail.

  • Starblazer27

    Hi, great video. I'm have a Digital Agency in the B2B sphere. I can use sendy to send email blast to my business clients cheaply.. but I'd like to know if I can use sendy to create accounts/backends for my B2B clients so they have their admin back-ends to process their own campaigns whilst I remain the superadmin. Somewhat like a whitelabel system that I manage various clients with their email lists. Any advice is coveted. Thanks

  • Warren McDonald

    Hi Adam, thanks producing this video. Very interesting points you brought up. I had been wondering if there was a way around aweber, mail chimp and the like. Many of the internet marketing experts seem to always recommend aweber, not sure if it's for the affiliate commission or analytics. I was not very interested in paying aweber endlessly month after month. I already use Amazon SES for my own personal email since its so blazing fast and reliable. Thanks again for the awesome video! I will be looking into SENDY for sure. Do SENDY users have to renew their license every year in order to keep receiving updates and support, like the way many wordpress plugin developers require? -Warren

  • Stefano Melis

    Thanks for the vid, any personal insight on how well it performs especially with gmail recipients? I obviously trust SES but coming from mailchimp I can't quite picture how much the sendy host client reputation is factored in filtering in this setup.

  • Hmm Hemi

    Thanks so much for making this video. It's very kind of you.
    Do you know if it works with WIX hosted websites?
    Also, is there a way that I can have a popup or a "name, email, other field" input to be placed on another website so that I can collect emails from multiple websites?

  • QuickBooks Mauritius

    Well done Adam. Nice subject

    can you explain a bit on the unsubcribed list. Have some difficulty in making sense of Amazon SNS, what htlm code to put in the newletters. Some insights on handling bounced emails would help also, thks

  • Harold Dalley

    Can you help me install this on my computer. I already purchased but having issues and their customer service is not getting back to me. Any help is appreciated

  • JordansMoves

    Hey Adam, great vid. Newbie question. You mentioned one of the cons is that Sendy doesn't allow tagging. For a moment I thought tagging was the same as adding new fields, but I am wrong. What is tagging and why doesn't Sendy support it?

  • Clearli Fabulouz

    Excellent! Thanks so much for the advice. I'm totally going to switch to Sendy. Do you know if you can import your old list? That would be awesome if you could.

  • Karim Fahmi

    There is one thing that I struggle which adding HTML code in the fields, they don't seem to upload correctly. Would you have any ideas on can I import fields which contains html code?

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