Sendy Review – A DIY Alternative To SendFox & Moosend
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Sendy Review – A DIY Alternative To SendFox & Moosend

[Music] What’s up LTD addicts, Dave Swift here. Let’s talk email marketing. Now this is a hot-button topic when it comes to you lifetime deal fans right now, no pun intended because the lifetime deal fan group is about to launch their Moosend deal, which is the second time they’ve brought back Moosend. If you’re not familiar with it that is a MailChimp competitor. Now of course there’s also another elephant in the room, well another Fox in the room – SendFox over on AppSumo has been running for about a month and a half now and I’ve got a full review of that already so people are wondering which of these two platforms should I get you know I need an email marketing tool I like lifetime deals which one should I get. Well in general I would say you don’t really want a lifetime deal for an email marketing tool and that is the same reason you don’t want a lifetime deal for a hosting plan – there are reoccurring costs involved with sending emails so it tends to be that any time a reoccurring cost type of LTD comes about there’s either a upsell down the road or the company can’t keep up and overall people are just disappointed. So I don’t want to say that either SendFox or Moosend are going to disappoint people but I would say it might not be the safest investment. So here I’m going to offer an alternative, well actually my preferable choice here would be an open-source platform like Mautic and Mautic is very very difficult to use so I don’t recommend it to the average person that’s not comfortable you know managing a little bit of Linux command line SSH that type of stuff. So if that’s not you and you still want a good deal on email marketing we’re gonna look at an option that has a one-time payment but then the caveat is you’re going to pay for the emails as you send them but don’t worry they’re cheap they’re a thousand emails for 10 cents. Alright so that way you don’t have to worry about the company going under because they can’t afford the cost of the emails and you also have a little bit more control because you’re hosting the client on your own server. Alright so let’s get into it, I’m talking about Sendy, now this will right off the bat this will not replace an automation-based tool with lots of tagging something like ActiveCampaign. For that I would definitely recommend Mautic. That is going to be your safest bet. This would be better for the type of person that’s maybe a content creator who’s only sending out maybe a weekly or biweekly newsletter and you don’t really need to do a lot of automation based on the things that people are responding to. So I think that Moosend and SendFox both kind of fall under that umbrella right now, so this might be a very good alternative for you. Let’s look at the Sendy homepage I’ve got it up here here it says send newsletters 100 times cheaper with Amazon SES and just to kind of get you thinking about what this means we’re gonna be installing send e on a web server so just like you’d install you know WordPress on a web server wouldn’t be installing the send e app on a web server then we’re gonna create an account with Amazon SES which is their simple email service and we’ll use Amazon to send out our emails through the sendee platform so let’s look at some of the features that come with Sandy of course we’ll be using Amazon SES to send our emails as I just mentioned then there are some reporting features built-in you can even set up white label accounts for your clients so if you’re an agency running this for your clients sending out newsletters on behalf of your clients you could potentially use Scindia to do that there are autoresponders built-in you can do some list segmentation so there are some minor automation type stuff we can do and there is also of course a subscriber management you can track bounces add custom fields and even integrate with things like zapier WooCommerce Magento so all of the kind of popular open-source platforms are available and then of course is a pier opens you up to about 15,000 extra applications so Sendy very powerful at a glance but we’re gonna have to install this see how easy it is to install and then see how easy it is to actually use now I’m gonna be doing this live with you I’ve never actually used Sendy so you’ll be getting my kind of gut reactions as we go through this and I’m excited let’s do it so I’ve got the get started with Sandy page open now this is what they send you after you purchase a license and there is about five steps here to get going so the first one is to open up the config dot PHP file which is in the includes folder you can see here it says config dot PHP so let me go ahead and open that right now all right so here is my download of Sandy let’s open it up inside of Sandy will find includes right here and then here is that config dot PHP you you can open this up with a text editor I’m gonna use TextEdit on the Mac but you can use whatever you like if you have a preferred text editor of choice doesn’t really matter and then the directions here say once we’ve opened it up set the app path that is the URL where you’re going to be installing sendee now a little bit of confusion it says the URL where you’ve uploaded Sendy although step two is to actually upload seni so we’ll just kind of take that with a grain of salt and right here it says app half and I’m gonna go ahead and set this up to be the URL that I am going to use which is send that client AMCOM actually we’ll make this HTTP as well all right then we are going to need to enter in some MySQL credentials now here is where it gets a little bit technical right if you’re using MailChimp or or send fox or things like that you don’t need to deal at all with things like MySQL current credentials so this does not have to be hard now I will recommend that for most people you’re gonna be happier in the long term if you get a dedicated VPS for just about everything you do so if you’re gonna start a new website it’s kind of best to just have it on its own VPS yes you could probably get away with adding this to your shared hosting plan if you already have something on SiteGround or in motion or something like that but I always like to use dedicated apps so I’ve actually gone ahead already and created a VPS over on cloud waste let me get that open alright so here I am inside a cloud ways and I just went ahead and created a new application that uses PHP so not a WordPress installation they just call a custom PSP installation over on cloud waves and then once you open that up it’ll actually give you the database name and user name that you need to complete your sendy setup now if you are doing this on a shared hosting platform don’t worry because the sendee has some directions here in fact they even have an easy-to-follow video tutorial they say or a step-by-step guide on cpanel but because we’re not using cpanel i’m not going to cover that in this video and like i said i highly recommends let me just elaborate a little bit why I recommend using a VPS you don’t necessarily have to use cloud ways although I think it’s really straightforward these easy to use but the reason is that once you have a VPS to manage your email server know especially if you’re running this for and you have say tens of thousands of contacts that are stored and maybe even hundreds of thousands of contacts you’re gonna want to be able to scale that with ease to make the server more powerful so that you know using the application and sending the emails out is done in a time efficient way so setting this up from the beginning on a VPS is future proofing yourself essentially so that you don’t have to try to migrate later it just makes me nervous to migrate an email type of client it’s you know you’ll have some down time you could have sign up so I get lost things like that so in general I would just you know advise people if you’re thinking big if you’re thinking about stacking save fifty thousand contacts of send fox maybe you consider just starting up a VPS with either modoch or Sendy and go from there so back over to the sendee set up they’re gonna want to have the host name the username password as well as the database name and we’ve got easy access to that right over here on cloud waste so let’s go ahead and just copy this database name now in cloud ways I just double click that and I’m able to copy it I’m gonna open up my text editor again here and I will go ahead and put that in right here and then my password right here and then where it says host we’ll just type in localhost alright I went ahead and save that file alright so step two is all about getting Sendy’s Program Files onto your server now there’s a couple ways you can approach this if you’re using a cPanel based host something like you know site grounder it’s something like that you could use their file manager if you’re not you can always use an FTP client so I’m actually going to do that I’ve already got FileZilla installed on my computer I’ll show you what that looks like you can find FileZilla at FileZilla – project org download it it works on Linux Windows and Mac so every platform should be covered and then what you’re going to do is if you’re using cloud ways you’ll go over to your application and you’ll have to set up some application credentials over here you just copy this public IP it paste it into FileZilla I’ll show you that in a second then you want to add a username and password and just hit add right here alright I’ve already got FileZilla open in fact I’ve connected to my server you can see up here that I’m connected over here at port you’ll want to enter in 22 there and then just hit connect you’ll be good to go it’ll look just like this what we’re gonna do is actually open up the public H tml folder and then on your desktop just go ahead and grab all of the files that are inside of seni do a select all and we’re just gonna dump that over into into FileZilla and actually just upload it right to that public HTML folder now this might take a little bit cuz it’s gotta even though the files aren’t very big it’s got a go file by file right it’s got to do it one at a time so you know don’t get a grab coffee or a water cup of tea whatever your preference is come back and the upload it should be done alright my upload has completed and in the background I logged into my DNS provider now that’s probably for you gonna be something like GoDaddy or Namecheap and then I just directed my domain over to my server there are probably instructions on how to do that if you’re using something like psych-out or if you’re using cloud ways I can show you quickly all you’re gonna do is create an a record towards this IP address that you find on your dash we’re obviously don’t use mine because then you won’t get anywhere alright so once that is set up and you’ve got your files uploaded via FileZilla what you’re gonna do the next step is just to click on this uploads folder right click on it actually and go down to the bottom where it says file permissions then you need to change this numeric entry here from seven seven five to seven seven seven now we’re not playing slot machines this is just gonna make it so that people can actually upload the files to the uploads folder which obviously makes sense now we’ve actually completed two steps on the getting started area here it says upload Sundy we did that and then step three is actually to set the permissions which we just did a moment ago now in step four it says to install cindino it does give you a little URL here to go to but I found that because we install this right to the root file we don’t need to go here instead we just type in that root directory so I’m gonna go send client app comm and we get the installation interface so this of course if you’re using this on a server where maybe you’re already running a different application you wouldn’t install this right to the public HTML folder you’d want to create a Sindhi folder or just upload that whole folder so that things are partitioned off alright so I’ve got a little server compatibility checklist here looks like I have one interesting notification it says mod rewrite may not be detected and then it talks about being a shared server it says it’s okay to continue installing but if I run into a four for to go to their forum to get some help alright so let me fill out this form over here and I’ll complete my installation by hitting install now and then I’ll see you in a second alright so I’ve got all of my information entered except at the end they want to know my AWS access key and AWS secret access key now you probably don’t have these things or if you do you can blow right past this part of the video now this is actually the cool part of sendi because we’re going to be implementing sendee with Amazon AWS so you do need to create an AWS account now we’re going to be using one of the services on AWS called simple email service which is SES you might see that throughout sandy SES simple email service so go ahead and just open up an account you can go to Amazon to and go ahead and open an account it’s free to do so there’s no reason to you know worry about getting set up they actually have a quite generous free tier I think your first hundred thousand emails or so are on the house so don’t quote me on that but it is pretty generous so you won’t expect to see any charges for some time and then after that it’s only ten cents per thousand email so once you go ahead and get your own AWS account and you log in you’re gonna see something that looks like this this is the AWS management console now under find services you’re just gonna type in SES and you’ll see it right here it’s the second on a list which is kind of suspect to me I don’t know why they don’t put that first but there we go we pull it open now we have three tasks to do we’re gonna have to validate our domain fairly simple you click on domains hit a new domain up here at the top type in your send you domain I’ll go ahead and enter this and it can also generate some DK DK I’m settings which I do recommend doing we’ll go ahead and verify this domain and then we’re given a list of settings that we actually need to copy and paste in our domain name settings this is where you know we set up the registrar earlier to point at our server same place you’ll go in and just copy and paste there’s a text record as well as three cname records and then one MX record so go ahead and do that on your platform right now and then I’ll see you in a second I’m actually gonna pause this and do it myself all right I just entered in all of the DNS settings let’s go ahead and refresh this and see if my domain is verified I’ll refresh right there and it looks like that the verification is complete although DK I am status is still pending now I did enter everything incorrectly and fairly certain of that sometimes it just takes a little bit longer for the domain to verify excuse me it takes a little bit longer for the dkm to verify it than it does it a domain I’ll actually refresh it here and see if we get it right away there we go so sometimes it just takes a second so if it doesn’t work right away don’t panic all right that’s all set now we need to actually add in the email address that you’re gonna be sending from so just click over here where it says email addresses and then same procedure just go ahead and hit new email address now here we don’t actually need to validate anything you’ll just enter email address they will email you and you confirm it and you’ll be good to go I’ve actually already got the desired email address verified so I don’t need to complete this but why don’t you go ahead and do that right now pause the video all right once you’ve got your email verified the next step is actually to head back out and we’re gonna go ahead and look up another service here what we need is this I am setting and this is where we’re gonna get that secret key and our login credentials essentially right here so I’m gonna type in I am and then we need to create a new user here so to do this you’re gonna go ahead and go under users and hit add user then you’ll give that user a name I’ll say call this one CA send e alright great and then we’ll go ahead and check this box right here that says programmatic access and just get permissions over here and in the next screen here we actually have to add our user to a group now if you don’t have a group you can go ahead and create a new one just hit create group you see I have one here already called SES so I will check that box and then go to the next screen here and the screen here you can add tags to users now that is optional I’m going to actually skip that for this video and I’ll go to the next screen here where it says review check everything here is configured as you like and go ahead and hit create user right now I have my access key and my secret access key all set up I’m actually just going to copy and paste that over into the sendee installation however I’m not going to do that on screen because I actually want to use these credentials so I’ll see you in a second alright so I’ve got everything answered and I’m ready to actually install Sendy I’ll go ahead and hit this Install Now button you got to be kidding me and so I had a little air there but I fixed it and let me tell you what I did so when I uploaded Sendy from the beginning the problem that I had is that I wasn’t showing the hidden files inside of the sendee folder so I’m on a Mac so if you’re doing this on a Windows machine just Google how to show hidden files I’m sure you can probably figure it out if you’ve never done it before but basically on a Mac all I did is I’m going to open up this Sandy folder and show you so you can see here now I’ve got this kind of grayed out file now that is the HD sshole file very important for Sendy to work correctly so what I did was actually press shift command period and now it’s hidden right so if I press shift command period again that shows those hidden files so if you’re having this problem just go ahead and find that htaccess file and add it back to you through your FTP server so I’m sorry I missed this in the setup to begin with but back to the regular programming I’ve got my login information here let me go ahead and get logged into Sendy alright so here we are inside of Sendy you can see your Amazon SES information right over here it shows that I connected properly now there is a daily quota with Amazon SES they are pretty flexible in terms of increasing that so if I think to start out it gives you 10,000 emails per day if you find that you need more you can just email them and they’ll increase that allotment so right now I have 50,000 emails that I could send per day all right so the first thing I need to do it looks like is create a brand so let’s go ahead and add my first brand right here and I’m gonna call that of course that Ltd life and we’ll do from name is dave swift enter in my email address there that I validated earlier now it looks like it wants us to upload a logo so let me go ahead and grab that alright so in the next step you can also set up a custom domain for each one of your brands so this is important if you’re doing this for clients and you have multiple companies that were going to be logging in to send out their newsletters well you could set up a custom domain for each one of them so they’re not being redirected through your brand now that might not be a big deal if they only logged in through your brand but also the tracking links will have your domain attached to it so maybe a good practice do you go ahead and set up a custom domain for each one of your clients now there is an additional charge for that and you know we haven’t really talked about how much sandy cost so there’s is probably a good opportunity to do that let me go back over to the sendee homepage and you can see that Sendy is a good pass all their testimonials here $59 one-time fee so this is not a reoccurring cost now you do get updates until the next major version comes out so they say here I’m not sure exactly says the updates are free until the next major version version 5 to version 6 etc so really this is how software always was up until you know the wave of software as a service companies started coming out used to buy a version of say you know to really date myself say Windows 95 and you could use Windows 95 until windows 98 came out and then once windows 98 was obsolete then they moved on to the next version whatever that was xp I think so you know this is just kind of how software used to be so Sendy has that type of business model 59 bucks very very reasonable for what it can do if you want to add those custom domains it’s just $12 per license I think you get a little bit of a break here so if you buy five at a time and it’s 50 bucks so for this video I am NOT gonna set up a custom domain so we’ll move along to in the next section right here which is the gdpr features obviously this is related to privacy for European based countries so there are some options here that you can configure this is to show you the options so if you don’t care at all you could probably just turn this off there is a safe switch to only send campaigns to subscribers that have opted in and then you can also only send autoresponders to people with that tag so you know good to see those options are built right in because I know a lot of people always ask when you see tools like this is what about compliance gdpr compliance is a big thing we can set up reCAPTCHA with Google so that is also very important so you don’t get a lot of BOTS trying to log into your platform down here we can see some SMTP settings now you can use Sendy if you don’t want to use Amazon SES you can actually do it through SMTP I don’t recommend it I highly recommend using a transactional email service in this case Sendy is compatible Amazon SES it’s also the best platform so you know there’s really no reason to do anything else we have some miscellaneous settings right here I’m just gonna I don’t really know what these are honestly so I’m not going to touch them if they’re under miscellaneous they’re probably not super important all right so that brand is just about set up let me go head over here and I’ve got some login credentials looks like they gave me a password and everything there are client privileges that I can set so I can say whether at my client can access the campaign’s the templates the lists the subscribers and the reports so that’s really cool the sense of notifications if I want to send a notification to the log in of course that’s going to be what I set over here so even though this is my main login for Sendy if this were a client account I could have them get notifications as well I campaign these settings now this is cool if you want to charge your clients based on your how many emails you send you can absolutely do that you can do a delivery fee that’ll be the overall sending of the email and then the cost per recipient maybe a digital price for you know delivering it to 10,000 people versus just five so if you’re here you cool that that is built right in and you can actually set this up to pay you via PayPal so right over here this is where you’d go ahead and enter in those PayPal credentials I’ll hit settings right here and you go down to your PayPal account here and you can enter that in so that’s how you’ll get the money and the sending limits are right here you can set a limit for your client to not be able to say use all of your SES quota in one day if you like right now we’re just gonna leave it as is and go ahead and hit save so while we’re in the settings screen let’s just go through them here you can see all the information that we entered and set up of course we have our credentials for Amazon SES for Amazon Web Services the region that we’re in are sending rate so we could you know change this to send out email slower if we wanted to pace ourselves a little bit the point of doing that would be that your deliverability it might be lower if you’re sending on a faster speed so it says lowering your center rate may yelled better sending speed instability so actually cranking things down can get you there faster but it’s by default it was set to the maximum which is a 14 a male’s per second again there’s the paypal information and then we have some more miscellaneous which is just basically as we’re on that brands screen we can see how many brands at one time so right now it’s set to ten brands over time and that’s just fine for me over on this screen right here we’ve got the zapier integrations so you can see that this can link get alerts you can have it email you when you get a new subscriber you can have it connect to Gmail some wordpress options you can have a tweet of a sandy campaign so if you publish a newsletter you can also have it go off to Twitter you can send emails to create draft campaigns and unsubscribe contacts when they’re added to another list so kind of some automation type of stuff there it looks like it happens through zapier which is interesting you know I would like some of those things to happen automatically like you know built into the app not automatically but I would rather see you know the ability to move someone between lists not rely on zapier but the fact that it’s there at all I mean that’s something we talked about in the sandbox automations they hadn’t quite built that feature out as of the time that I had recorded the video by now maybe they have I haven’t checked recently so that’s good to know let’s go back to the main dashboard here and look at actually creating a newsletter here is the brand screen this is just the main dashboard so if I click on this logo up here this is the screen that I see now if I had many clients I’d be able to see you know up to 10 per page based on that setting I said previously if your clients logged in directly they wouldn’t see any of the other clients they just log right into your interface or their interface and be able to create newsletters without you know kind of being siloed off without seeing any of your other clients let’s go ahead and open this up and you have one option here and that is you create and send a new campaign so I can also click on new campaign over here we can see there’s some options here for lists and go in a list and add a new list maybe I’ll call this Ltd updates something that people opt-in on my websites you get updates for Ltd’s you can go over to that Ltd that life and get signed up so in the next page you’re able to import contacts you already have from another email application so you can see we import via CSV now there is an example of what the CSV file should look like or if you’re doing this in something like Google sheets you’d want to have just two columns with a name and an email and then export that as a CSV file really important to make sure that you get this formatting right or it just it won’t do anything I won’t really give you an error so just go ahead and do that and then you’re gonna drag and drop it to right here where it says choose file I’ve actually got this already all queued up so I’m go ahead and drop it in now do we have the option to apply the gdpr tag so that’s as import contacts they are automatically approved to be contacted so we’ll go ahead and do that and I’ll hit import here I mean see it just grabbed all of my list and brought it right in and basically no time flat over in the Housekeeping tab I’m able to check for bounced emails or people who subscribe but never opted in if you do a double often things like that so definitely keep an eye on the housekeeping to see if there’s any chores that you need to participate in you could also see inactive subscribers now this is kind of nice sometimes you’ll have to set up an automation by default to kind of check that oh it’s really good to remove inactive subscribers that people aren’t checking your emails or clicking on your links they’re not positively impacting your deliverability all of that stuff is actually tracked by email clients like Gmail or Yahoo they’re gonna check to see if your emails get read or not and if they don’t they’re gonna end up being in that promotional bin or even worse going to spam so definitely keep an eye on your inactive subscribers and remove them as they come in I think would be a great practice you can of course also blacklist subscribers here if you would like to do so after getting some spammers signing up or you know just some issues with your list you could definitely remove people right here let’s go ahead and check out this template section over here now by default we don’t get any templates with Sandy however there are many resources to acquire templates we had over I’ve got a little link that I can add in the description here we can it’s basically a link from the Sandy forum with many resources to acquire templates we have some premium templates over here on theme forest you can see that there is a bunch of different bundles that you can purchase you could also get this send the email builder which is a drag-and-drop template editor factors there are several tools down here to be able to do a drag-and-drop style editor now the reason that this is possible if we go back to Sendy and i create a new campaign is that we have an HTML editor so that is something that was desperately missing from the send fox deal and so i’m really happy to see that Sendy has a HTML editor that’s gonna allow you to design your email in another application and then just paste it in and you could also bring it in as a template and then you wouldn’t have to do as much work the next time because it would be saved as one of your templates so that’s really good as you know we can just kind of check out the rest of the editor here it’s pretty much what you see you have a subject line a from name a from email address or apply to email address a some plain text if you want to do a plain text version of your email of course opens can’t be tracked with plain text which you do have the option to enable or disable down here you can include a attachment right above that and then over here it’s just the kind of standard HTML editor that you might expect to see you can either do it in this visual mode or you can switch over to the HTML editor right here and then you’ll see the actual rock code so let’s go back to the the WYSIWYG editor and you know you make this full screen kind of very much like the WordPress a standard WordPress editor we’ve got all the normal tools that you’d expect to see down below here we do have some personalization tags that you can easily copy and paste in this is very similar to what sent foxes I mean it’s in fact it’s pretty crazy how similar a lot of this this really is so you’ll be able to just copy and paste these tags and if you wanted to say include someone’s name or someone’s email address right in the email that’d be simple to do now I want to create an email with you know as I mentioned the beginning of this video I’m learning Sendy as we go so let’s try to find a template and work with that I’m gonna go back over to that resource on the Sendy forum and I’ll click on this second link down it says Anne thwart and I’ll click on that looks like a github link so I can download some templates from github let’s see this one says single column now I generally prefer to not have a lot of formatting I like text to be pretty much the bulk of the emails that we send for marketing purposes I think they tend to do better so let’s go ahead and see if we can download one of these templates all right so here is the code I bet I can just copy this code and paste it right into the editor and then from the description it looks like this is a 120 dpi fix header and it says add disable date linking for iOS 7 so let’s see what this looks like it could look terrible it could look amazing so we’ll find out I’ll paste that in back to the WYSIWYG editor there we go we kind of have a standard single column email like type of notification you might get it actually looks fairly good and now that I’m in the WYSIWYG editor I can go ahead and type in anything I want so you know that seedy life I can change the font let’s go ahead and see what we’ve got for fonts here now not a lot of fonts off to see if it’s possible to upload your own let’s see I’ll just change this to Arial and let’s change the color there we go I made it black so you can see that this is fairly simple to to maneuver and edit I could put in my my copy here I could drag and drop images by just entering a URL right there I could probably also upload sure enough yep right there we can upload it to the server and then I be able to link it so you can either grab one that’s already on your website or you can upload so overall the editor looks fairly standard we definitely have to send an email and see what it looks like as we receive it but you know it looks fairly good alright go ahead and move to the next section I just edited the headline here to say this is a test let’s go save and next or so on the next page it gives me a preview of the newsletter over here on the right and then I can also send a test email right here on the left hand column so let’s go ahead and send this out and see what it looks like I says the test email has been sent there we go there’s my email looks pretty good doesn’t you know what’s a Sindhi or anything anywhere it’s not crazy branded or have any you know animal logos anywhere and we’d have to pay anything extra to get that removed so looking pretty good now we’ve got come a long way to get to the point where actually sending this email so you know just you have to think about this whether you’re willing to suffer through the installation process and then once you get that configured you kind of have a powerhouse of an email tool to be able to send out newsletters again it’s kind of limited to that point of view you’re not gonna be doing a lot of crazy automations tracking actions on websites and things like that through sendee I should note down here it’s telling me that I need to set up a cron again this is more of this I’m managing the platform myself I need to handle these tasks so setting up a cron is fairly easy to do on most platforms tells you exactly what to set up right here now this is telling you to run the cron every minute of every day of every hour of every month so this is another reason why you might want to have a dedicated VPS for your sendee application if you’re on a shared server they might actually block you from running a cron this often now if you’re not familiar with what a cron is it’s just it’s running in action so in this case we need a cron setup to be able to send out the emails essentially sending an email could take a long time right we’re sending 14 per second was our maximum so if we have a list of 10,000 people you can see that’s gonna take a little bit of time it’s not gonna go all in one push so the cron keeps the job going if things stop the server times out the cron will kick it back into action for us so setting this up in something like cloud ways is fairly simple all I need to do is copy and paste this right into the the cron management inside of cloud ways if you’re doing this in cPanel there’s also a cron manager it’ll be very very similar there so I’m just gonna go ahead and set this up and I’ll be right back I’m backing cloud rays right now I’m under the application under cron job management I just copied and pasted that crown in and you know I misspoke I said I was gonna run every minute it’s actually running every 5 minutes that I missed that slash 5 in the timing right here so the waitrons work is this is the actual command that is running every 5 minutes and these stars there’s a kind of an elaborate naming convention we won’t get into in this video but this talks about how often the cron is running so here is just saying it’s gonna run every 5 minutes that’s all you really need to know I’ll go ahead and hit Save Changes here you can see that the cron has successfully been updated by the way I’m over in the Advanced tab now if you’re in cPanel you’ll look something like this you’ll just be entering in the cron just copying and pasting it over actually quite nice that Sendy is able to give you the very specific you know the path and everything it’s nice that they generate that for you makes things a little bit easier all right great so we’ve got the cron set up now I do have to wait about 5 minutes and then I can reload this page to make sure that the cron is set up correctly so I’m gonna go ahead and pause the video and I’ll see you in the magic of video just a moment it’ll be five minutes my time all right I’m back you can see the Kuran message has gone away now the next thing I would do is to choose what list I want to send my message to obviously I’m not gonna actually send this message but I would click right here and then I could go ahead and send out that newsletter now there’s no scheduling so this newsletter couldn’t be scheduled in advance it appears that’s a little bit disappointing oh I take that back right down here schedule this campaign perfect alright so you can schedule things in advance that definitely makes this more valuable so I could set it out to go out you know every two weeks and I could going maybe one time and set up a whole years worth of newsletters to go out every two weeks that would be really really nice to do get your work all set up for you all right great so that campaign is basically ready to go so back over in the all campaign section I want to point out that there is a duplicate and delete button so I’m obviously not going to be keeping this particular campaign around but if you were sending out a regular newsletter you wouldn’t have to go through the process that you know I just went through every time you could simply duplicate it update the content to be appropriate to that week’s campaign or that week’s newsletter and you’d be ready to go so really handy little button right here but for now I’m gonna go ahead and delete this so we just got a few more things I want to cover in this video first of all is how do you create autoresponders which is a really important part of any email application and then the second part would be how do we get people on this list I mean do we just have to import people through CSV obviously that’s not going to be very practical so we’ll be looking at that in a second so let’s start off with those autoresponders now to actually create an autoresponder we’re gonna go over here where it says view all lists and then we’ll click on the list that we want and from this screen there is an autoresponder option right over here it’s kind of hidden like they really snuck that in there so let’s grab this oh it looks like I have to actually add a cron to do the autoresponder so why don’t I copy and paste this instance I still have the cron field open right now alright I got that cron job at it it does say I have to wait one minute for Sendy to check that the cron job is functioning correctly and then I’ll be able to use the autoresponders as this modal window won’t appear any longer so let’s go ahead and refresh the page and I’ll go ahead and hit Auto responders and sure enough there we go we can create a drip campaign all right I’ll call this one test go ahead and hit save and next and here we got our typical email editor that we saw a moment ago and right now this is set to go immediately after someone subscribes but I could also set it to be minutes days hours weeks or months so you know you could set out that sales campaign or something to drip out let’s see how do we add an additional email to this let’s find that all right so what I actually want to do is after I’ve completed my emailing see just put in some filler copy right here I call this number one I actually want to click on this back to autoresponder email and then I can go ahead and add a second email from right here that did take me a second to kind of notice where that button was so I mean I said maybe they called attention here these buttons kind of had my eye so I’ll save save and exit none of those things sound like make a new email but I went back to the list here and then you could add as many emails as you like so this one might come immediately and I could create a new email that comes say a day later or something like that say send the email one day later alright so that’s how you can create audio responders now there is not a great way to track the interactions from the autoresponders but if you’re just trying to send out that drip sequence you’d probably tie in as a pure integration so that say if you’re trying to sell a product and this was a sales sequence you could have them removed from the list through zapier but I’ll have to check that out alright so how do we actually get subscribers onto our list well there are a few ways that we’re gonna talk about the most simple way is to just head over to your all list screen I want to remind you we’re inside of the VAT Ltd life brand so I’m looking at all this for that Ltd life so right now I’ve set up a main list but I could have something like buyers and non buyers or you know subscribers you know you could segment users however you see appropriate for your particular company or brand that you’re managing so right here I’m gonna go into my main list and if I want people to subscribe to this particular list I’ll go over here to where it says subscribe form now I’ve got two options that pop up one is a ready-to-use link that I can just literally copy and paste let’s go ahead and see what this looks like there we go this is what the ready-to-use link looks like it’s got the sendee kind of trademark look at the top so there is that that that’s a negative alright then we also have an HTML form right here now this is really great because many many applications that might not natively integrate with Sendy will accept HTML forms one that comes to mind is response wheat which is a survey plug-in that’s currently on AppSumo it takes HTML forms I actually don’t know it might integrate with Sandy I could look that up in a bit but if you have this form you could put it into response suite and it will be smart enough to grab at the custom fields that you got set up and to tie it right into response to eat so let’s go ahead and actually embed this right on do that Ltd life website I’ve got a test page ready to go here I’ll just paste that in we’ll go ahead and hit publish and let’s view this page there we go took on the look of the website it’s got the same font and button style as the rest of the website so looking pretty cool that was fairly simple as easy as the Sun Fox integration was honestly nothing really different there and if you count the ready-made form I mean the Sun Fox landing pages were definitely a little bit nicer than this but at least there’s there’s something there to work with right alright so let’s talk about other integrations convert pro is one of the more popular type of pop-up builders for WordPress and they do have a direct integration with Sandy on their website so that is good to know I also found this plugin called send II elements which allows you to use send e with Elementor prose form so if you’re an elementary user you’d be able to connect directly up to send E and then earlier in the video I had mentioned unsubscribing from lists when people were subscribed to other lists and you definitely would use zapier to do that that is one way that you can accomplish it and they give you step-by-step directions over here on how to do it that was actually the recommended way although you can do it through the API so if you’re using an application that has that built in you might be able to to finagle it another way I did want to point out that there’s also this Sendy for WooCommerce plugin over on Envato that is 15 bucks I think it looks like it’s normally 20 and this will basically allow you to add customers to a list when they purchase something so very simple but it’ll connect right in through commerce so I haven’t actually tested this but it says it’s simple anyway so I just wanted to point out that it exists alright a couple more powerful features I want to mention that are built right into Sendy they do have custom fields available so if you need to capture more than just their name and email address when they sign up you do have the option to add either a text or date field to the signup form so that is good to note and then if we head back over to the segment’s tab right here you can actually create a segment of users so let’s go ahead and I’ll show you a new segment might look like so we could create a condition like the day they signed up or maybe the country that they were located in when they signed up so that way if you’re maybe you’re a musician and you’re traveling you want to message everybody that’s in a certain country hey I’m gonna be here you know you get the idea there’s a lot of ways that you could really target your users based on the segmentation that you could create with inside of a list and then finally over here we have the list settings and this is where we’re gonna be able to choose between a single opt-in and a double opt-in list I used to be commonplace that every list would be double opt-in but I think over the last few years that practice has slowly changed drastically to almost always using a single opt-in list so that’s probably what I would recommend for most people you can have a success page so after people fill out your form and be redirected to a particular page we can have a confirmation page an already subscribed page so obviously these are just different circumstances based on what the status of the subscriber is the gdpr consent page can be listed here so if you have custom pages for all that you can do that we also set up a custom thank-you email for thanking someone when they sign up through a subscribe form or the API it says and then down here we have the confirmation email this to be for the double opt-in so you opt into a form on my page I send you an email say are you sure you want it opt-in you say yes and then you’re actually on the page I guess that prevents people from you know using fake email email addresses to sign up we also have the option for a goodbye email this would be after someone unsubscribes personally I don’t like this when I unsubscribe and then I get another email it immediately perks me right away so maybe leave that one off or at least consider you know what you’re doing when you when you turn that on personal opinion I suppose alright it’s time for my final thoughts and I’ll say right out of the gate said I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from Sandy and it kind of overachieved I was expecting it to be a very basic newsletter sending application I didn’t expect to find segmentation I didn’t expect to find the ability to create pretty elaborate autoresponders now the drawback in my mind is not having those automations built in and having to use zapier to say unsubscribe some from a list after they take an action it’s kind of cool that that’s even there because I didn’t expect to find it but that was the one thing going in that was kind of holding me back from being ridiculously excited about Sendy I’ll say that I’m much more optimistic about it now I’ve having used it then I was going in so I think this is a real viable option for people that are content creators and just need to send out newsletters or even you know businesses that are trying to send out newsletters for events or you know local things that are going on Sendy is a really great option and for a one-time fee of fifty nine bucks man you know it’s really hard to beat the economics of it even if you’re stacking three or four send Fox codes you know you’re looking at two hundred two hundred fifty dollars it’s gonna be a lot of emails through Amazonas yes before you hit that price point but you got a deal with amazoness yes you got to learn how to set that up you got to install things to a server you got to pay for a server I haven’t mentioned that I’m using a VPS it’s gonna cost me eleven dollars a month so there are other fees associated with that I don’t want to you know look past those other drawbacks is nice to have someone else manage the tool but on the other end it’s nice to have the keys to the building so it just depends on the type of person you are in the type of business that you are running so that is gonna be the conclusion of my video I’m gonna go ahead and give Sendy a 7.9 I think this is a very strong tool I’d love to see it develop just a little bit more get those automations built in kind of a tag based system so that we could use something as powerful as maybe a WP fusion alongside of Sendy it could be a modoch replacement I guess at that point for a lot of businesses that don’t need the enterprise type power that modoch has available to it so that’s gonna do it for this video if you like this video make sure you click that button if you want to join the that Ltd life community head over to Facebook and go ahead and join our group I’ll put the link down in the description if you want to go ahead and grab Sendy my link is down below go ahead and click that it doesn’t cost you anything extra but it kicks us back a little bit of funds over here at the channel when you use our referral links thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next review


  • andrew mckim

    I'm not sure I'd categorize Moosend as "risky" or that it doesn't have a lot of automations. They've been around a long time and have great reviews.

  • Josh Tesolin

    Fantastic. But you should really consider an in-depth Mautic review/tutorial. I understand there's not much affiliate opportunity – but so many would appreciate it. Its really lacking on YouTube.

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