Sell Your Domain Name to Real Buyers
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Sell Your Domain Name to Real Buyers

As soon as I register a domain name, I get
unsolicited marketing emails from web development shops. As soon as I register a trademark, I get emails
from legal firms soliciting for their services. As soon as I build a website, I get emails
from SEO firms telling me that my search engine rankings suck. What do all of these emails have in common? I HATE THEM. So don’t send one of these types of emails
when it comes to outbound marketing your domain name for sale. I received an email from a domain name investor
who told me he used an automated tool (probably or to generate a
list of 10,000 domains that were similar to his domain, along with the registrant’s whois
information. He said, “Surely one of those domain name
owners might want to buy my domain name. Should I email all of them?” NO. If I own, you emailing me
to try to sell or is useless. Now imagine doing that 10,000 times. It’s guaranteed to rack up some serious negative
karma points, get you on spam lists, and maybe even get you a CAN-SPAM fine. So how do you effectively build a list of
potential buyers for your outbound marketing campaign? I’m glad you asked. Here are 10 ways to find TARGETED buyers for
your domain name. #1 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES If you own a keyword domain name like,
for instance, you want to offer it to owners of inferior domain names. Go to
and do a search containing both words, eliminating certain options, and you can see the list
is whittled down to roughly 1600 results. Now you need to do the hard work of going
line by line to pick only the most relevant potential buyers. Before I go into the other 9 ways, let me
make one point clear. If you own an inferior domain name, like,
you are wasting your time and money. Nobody that owns the .com will want it. Nobody that owns a shorter version will want
it. Drop the domain and spend that $10 renewal
fee on a better domain name. #2 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES Go to (sign up for a
free account) and enter Seattle to start and home to end, and you’ll find 74 entries. If they’re parked then they likely not a business
and won’t want to pay you a fair retail price for your domain. So sort by the parked column, and visit each
of the “not likely” options to see which are real websites where might
be an upgrade. Add those to the contact list. #3 Visit the websites of inferior TLDs to,
like,,, and even new gTLDs like Seattle.home. If they’re developed, then they’re potential
buyers — so add them to your list. #4 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES Try Google search for a pattern, using an
asterisk before and after your phrase: *seattlehome*, asterisk seattle home asterisk, without any
space, as detailed on Google support page I link to below ( Then use the search inurl:seattlehome to find
the phrase in URLs of websites (not just domains), and allintitle:”seattle home” if you want
to search title tags of pages and not just domains. Find a couple more targeted leads? Add them to your contact list. #5 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES Type “Seattle home” into the Google and Bing
search engines and look at the pay per click advertisements at the top and bottom of the
first few pages of results. See who has inferior domain names. These advertisers already understand the power
of advertising and are spending money online, so they’re more likely to understand how a
better domain name can help their business grow. Add only the relevant leads to your contact
list. Not all of them are relevant. #6 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES If your domain name is brandable, get over
to and and search for startup companies where your domain is
an upgrade for them. Add them to your list. #7 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES If you own a killer single-word brand like
“fire” or “open” in .io, .co, .me, .ai and similar TLDs, get over to Github and search
for that keyword. You can sometimes find users named with that
brand that want to upgrade, or popular code bases that might want to launch a website. Click from the repository to the owner page,
look for their email address, and add them to your list. #8 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES Don’t forget about getting on social media
sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — or whatever social media network is popular
in the country where you live. You can often find operating companies with
a username matching your domain name. Just type in,
and And be sure to search Facebook and Linkedin
too as sometimes you’ll find companies without domain names (
and Add them to your contact list. #9 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES Look at hashtags like #seattlehome on Facbook,
Instragram and Twitter ( See if there are accounts using it over and
over again. They’re already pre-disposed to the phrase,
so add them to your contact list. #10 TIP TO SELL DOMAIN NAMES The last tip is for old schoolers like me. If you’re targeting a niche, then look at
printed trade magazines, listings, yellow pages, and other sources. Go to Seattle or find a friend in the area
and get some real estate magazines mailed to you if you’re selling Do you have a Bitcoin brandable domain, then
follow Bitcoin newsletters or get on the Bitcoin channel on Identify the businesses who have inferior
but relevant domain names, and add them to the list. Bonus tip to sell domain names: Now that you
have domain names of potential buyers, you can look up their whois manually one by one,
or if you want a account you can look them up in bulk at Remember, you’re not trying to boil the ocean. You’re looking for targeted, relevant potential
buyers. You only want people who could easily see
how an upgrade would benefit their business, by giving them a shorter, easier to type on
mobile phone, easier to remember, shorter email address or whatever other benefits you
can think of. Your job should be to make the smallest, most
targeted contact list possible. Then email each one of them individually,
not from an automated system. Track opens so you can see if they open the
email once and maybe deleted it or 10 times, because 10 times shows interest. 10 times shows they maybe forwarded it around
the office. But Mike this is hard work! Yes, it is. Welcome to domain name investing.


  • Stephen Stankiewicz

    Great Video Mike – Marketplace offers have fallen over the years but love flipping names when not coding and this should help rekindle the fire.

  • Michael Andreuzza

    Hej Mike,
    I Have and I am targeting some companies that could be interested. But, I just don't know how to approach them. Do you any video, blog,…anyyhing based on that???

    Thanks for your tips, have a good one.

    Michael Andreuzza

  • YourBoi D

    who are the 4 people who disliked the video and why ? I'm interested in knowing why you don't like the information in the video

  • numberplate guy

    Brilliant video

    Is there an emoji sold price index like dnjournal does but for emoji domain names

    And there still needs to be a good emoji whois website where the recognised standard emoji website address extension is assumed


    . ws


    Just like standard whois websites assume

    .com as being the recognised standard so that a person can type two keywords with a dace in the middle and no extension and the search result automatically produces the two keyword dot com result etc

  • Jenni Dudley

    Mike, I am new to this and you seem legit and everyone says so in your comments so you are the only youtuber I'm reaching out to on the subject. My question is this – CAN I LEGALLY REACH OUT VIA EMAIL OR MAIL TO A FEW PEOPLE WHO HAVE A BUSINESS NAME SIMILAR TO THE DOMAIN I WANT TO SELL AND TELL THEM IT'S FOR SALE? I have to go thru some type of site like flippa or godaddy I am assuming? I think I am missing some beginning steps – THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!

  • Jenni Dudley

    Mike this might be a question I've missed the answer to in other videos so I apologize in advance if it's under my nose – I have 3 domains that are niche and I have about 15 people who are my target market – I can email/mail to them, even call them – but I don't understand how to say hey I have this url for sale, do you want it – and know how to tell them how to get it from me. I can list it on godaddy auction and tell them it's there or should I do efty and create the landing page so I have a link to give them? I can get the sale but can't figure out how to tell someone to actually go pay for it and get it transferred – thank you Mike!

  • andrew kelly

    Ya know that one video in a thousand that offers unique and valuable content that changes your perspective? Well, this is it.

  • wamu lume

    Just watched the video for the second time… it didnt make sense the first time but NOW after registering a domain, listing it on a domain aftermarket with no success and being rejected by a brokerage…. reading a bit on lead generation it has blown my mind…
    Thanks Michael.

  • Gemsix

    Do you think it is better to sell your domain names directly through your own website and not register for all of these domain selling companies?

  • Rakesh Yadav

    I am new and confused where to sells my domain name . i'm put my 4 domain on sedo auction almost a month but still no response , i need sure platform to sell it fast ..

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