Security Services at Hyve Managed Hosting

Here at Hyve we’re security specialists. We offer a multi-layered approach which is designed to protect your business against attacks, but also against threats and vulnerabilities. Our security services fall into three categories: People, Operations and Technology Within any organisation, people are often viewed as the weakest link within the security chain. This is why all of Hyve staff must complete and pass an enhanced DBS security check. We also ensure that all staff have a really intensive program of information security training. Here at Hyve we can’t share our customers all of our security policies and procedures, it just wouldn’t be right. But what we can show them are UCAS certified audit reports and certificates in ISO 27001 which is information security. We also have ISO 27000/17, which is specific for cloud companies. We have Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We adhere to the NIS directive. We’re also part of a body that advises the government on potential security threats. We obviously extend out internal security procedures out to our data centres. All of our data centres have a security rating of Tier 3 enhanced. This means that they’re all manned 24/7 by security teams, they have internal and external CCTV. They have alarms an intrusion detection, biometric scanners, physical man-traps. Our data centres really are using the latest physical security the industry has to offer. Give our sales team a call today to find out how Hyve can help secure your business.

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