• LX Forde

    This cinches it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if) all this is 100% bona fide<<>> AND! i really do!! think it is<<>> then BRING IT!! Potus Trump! <<>> there will be trials of the UNTOUCHABLEs &&&<<>> EXECUTIONs for HIGH TREASON<< && it cd. not happen to NASTIER people!! I see HRC// OH bummer// the Big Dick Cheney// & RUMSFELd SHOT!!! at dawn at GITMo!! maybe the pedos like the Modesta/PODESTAs// J. Alefantis will be put in General Population// let JUSTICe take care of them………….MAGA one TRAITORs execution at a time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Mills

    That narrative doesn't have internal validity. In plain language, it doesn't pass the smell test. It strives for believability, but it presumes to offer a seamless narrative with no gaps. It should have gaps. It should have doubts. It should have evidence for at least one of the assertions, but it offers no evidence for any of them.

  • Charles Malchow

    Wow! I have been listening to many media outlets like yours… Hearing a voice makes you top of my list… What you have shared, puts every piece together however this goes to the elite of the elite…
    Green Gitmo buses coming for thousands…
    Gitmo Green Mile will be full of soon to be hung…
    Burial at sea with no fanfare or markings on location…
    Thanks again for your time and help with the puzzle pieces…
    Have a great day and enjoy your New year…

  • 70 Roadrunner

    They have been saying "We have the Server" on the Q threads.. Millions of us are ready for the hardship that is coming and I hope you are ready too..

  • tred abyte

    Within our lifetime, we will see all the worlds lakes, oceans, rivers, and waterways restored to purity, as well as soil and farmland. We will cease using toxic chemicals on our food, pharmaceutical companies will be dismantled, holistic healing practices will be the norm, governments will be eradicated and the people will govern themselves. Clean free energy will be distributed. Big changes are coming and the manipulators of humanity are terrified of this inevitable reality.Happy New Year everyone! 🙂 You are amazing the universe is on your side love to you and yours.

  • Patrick Leeroy Farrington

    Q already said this is bigger than we would know. And Trump himself said we wouldn't want to know what he knows.. I believe all we find out. It is the worst you could think.. pray for the children……the children being harmed is the worse victim you didn't mention once. This is the reason for God moving on this through Trump. He has been chosen, like Nebachanezer… #kimclement #prophesised #2020 #2terms #CANTstopGOD

  • AD G

    Why are you reading this on the video, is that because the Democrats can't read. you think I listened to this video. I read this page on the website it came from. You need to blow your nose. Sounds like it is full of snot.

  • AD G

    I have known about their corruptness for years. CLinton body count is over 100 now. You left out the OBAMA-Clinton pediphile ring supported by the clintionfoundation. The news reporter was killed because she found out it was tied into the clintons.

  • AD G

    spread this around before YOUTUBE Takes this down. Anything against Hillary gets removed, like the clinton body count videos. GOOGLE/youtube is owned by Russian Communist. He may have been born here, but he is Russian and created google and hillary is tied in with Russia and that is why this RUSSIAN Running GOOGLE communiust takes down all OBAMA and HILLARY stuff in all the searches.

  • bionet 4

    "Killing Hillary wouldn't stop these crimes." Leaving her alive to continue them, what is this? The Gold Standard? Killing the killers seems to work othewise…

  • Ken Call

    This story is to detailed to be bullshit,
    Its bigger than I had ever thought.
    Gitmo is going to be a very busy Prison.
    I suggest the rice ,beans , white stale bread be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Storage would be simple, wheel borrow from storage silos to the kitchen.
    Save tax dollar's.
    Also just one more thing her,how can these greedy P.o.s sleep at night and look into the mirror in the morning? My mind can not process this ..

  • Ronald Novigrod

    Pelosi Maxine SCHUMER Schiff and All the Nasty Democrats have been OPENLY SEDITIOUSLY fighting AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE and Our President Trump. Tooth And Nail because OBAMA!!! Hillary!! Under ORDERS FROM THE CABAL LEADERS ALL BILDERBERGERS!!! GLOBALUST LEFTIST SATANISTS… With the HELP of Huma Weiner Podestas Wasserman and Brennan And Clapper Mueller and Rosenstein and ALL THE BAD ACTORS in the FBI.. Lynch Comey Rice Preistap. Also, Horowitz Weistein Blumenthal and so many more are ALL INVOLVED! Totally CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT FOR DECADES BACK TO POPPY BUSH And Up to OBAMA worst President EVER only to be SURPASSED BY THE WITCH FROM H ELL HITLERY.
    BY far, she will go down as the Most Despicable Criminal of the modern era.

  • Michael Laverty

    Dear Don Dear and dear kind Neocon Mr Prager the DOJ has reviewed and then RE reviewed all the so called evidence surrounding the Benghazi server deal everything and while they did say her choice wasn't very prudent and was so limited as to the " as to the size & scope of the "Official" & NON Official email's that they would really have to stretch it "Far" to get them anywhere near worthy of any further investigation and was closed .. period end of story to say nothing of the fact we are going back a few year's there is really no victim of anything …But what this ploy does do is draw the small mind's of the Trump supporter's down the they can't see much of anything else path ..and take's them out of the line of fire for those who want them to read the stack of charges against the Trumpster's …

  • Soto SantaCruz

    I believe the original OP changed their screen name and I am trying to remember it. Heard about this sometime last week. It’s been rumored that embassy was what this post says, a gun and nuke shop for the corrupt American officials. Nothing changes..

  • Soto SantaCruz

    I am certain many aspects are true. Trump is delaying any movement until that idiot Mueller releases his report. 90% of Congress is treasonous scum. Any informed citizen knows this.

  • ShaeShae

    try our whole federal corrupt corporation govt is involved in as well as every single other govts including the queen and vatican as well as all Jesuits knights templar they are all connected to scull-n-bones💀

  • ShaeShae

    these ppl are feeding yall bullshit we need to take out our corrupt govt when are the Army Navy Marines military the Green Berets when are they going to get tired of the American government not taking care of them when they come back from War when do you turn on your government when they don't help you when you have helped them gain billions of dollars but meanwhile you're homeless on the street with post-traumatic stress disorder because of these motherfuckers can't fight their own fucking Wars

  • Lee Wilson

    Bill Clinton was in charge of all the donations to Haiti and they didn't seem to know where all of the money went. Clinton Foundation?

  • Isiah 6:8

    I was reading about a subject that was a somewhat unknown subject. When I started reading it was just a weird subject with no initial links to anyone known in big circle. The staff subject are a faith leader school in Fairfield, Iowa, just north of the city and west of the airport. It’s a strange looking complex. They are a monk type of people. Most have heard of Maharishi, but I never knew anything about them. So I’m reading this article about 100+ suicide of these Maharishi monk type leader-ambassadors at the school and at least have hundreds of young girls missing from the area which may be related to the interstate highway. This school, Maharishi Vedic City, students prepare for this life from a young age. After reading further I can’t believe what names pop up. I am thinking, my God, how can these people affect so much crap all over the country. It’s amazing; 2 names;
    Bill Clinton
    Maria Abromovich
    It blew my mind. How are s it possible, Epstein Island (a freaking island), Arkansas, Upstate New York, DC, South Florida, California.
    So many links, NXIVM, Comet PingPong, Behnghazi, Mena Airport Cox Traffic with poss relations to the Sandanistas and Col O North, Uranium 1, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Wiener, Maria Abromvich, former Speaker Dennis Hastert (widely accept pedo), Podesta (linked to S Freud’s grandson), Richard Branson, Bushes, Soros, Saul Alinsky, German CDU parliament Ursula Von der Leyen.
    I’ve got to stop.

    Have they infected NASA, Mayo Clinic, Rhodes Scholars, Russian Spetznas, French Foreign Legion, Japan’s Yakuza, US KKK, Mauri Warriors, US MIT?
    Why hasn’t Chelsea been addressed as a criminal? Seriously? Her husband is somehow related to G Soros. She is the perfect storm of criminality. She could be the next Josef Mengela, or Stalin, she must be investigated. Yeah she has a child. Ok? If we think Kurually Rodham Clinton is bad, Chelsea will be a superstar of evil like “bloody” Countess Bathory of Hungary Or Queen Mary I of England. . She’s linked to a lot in the CF evil misdeeds. People sit in jail for 6 month bc of Driving While Suspended.

  • Ann M.

    According to good sources, Hillary and obama were selling weapons to Al Quada. Also they were work really hard to get Chris into that Embassy for that certain day. After they killed him and Kadafi notice how the terrorists took over Libya?

  • Ann M.

    The government account was a problem because she was never was not secretive and she was letting emails go out that came in on that.

  • thevoiceofresonn

    The brutish parlement just read something from George Soros…claiming 243 members of. Parlement owe him favors and are in his pocket. The globalist allover the world. The same in France and Germany and Sweden.

  • thevoiceofresonn

    Time to vote out ALl the long term politians.NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. STOP SENDING THESE CROOKS MONEY. WE'VE KNOWN FOR YEARS THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT WAS CORRUPT. REAGAN Warned us All . Clintonsold China satelite technology sotheycould launch nukes at America.

  • moremoney2

    This channel has some crazy followers/posters. Too much speculative reaction and disinformation in the comments. I came back after viewing this a few days ago to revisit and analyze the story better. With proper editing, it would make good spy novel content, or maybe an FBI 302 report, but doesn't pass my truth meter. Not enough verifiable facts.

  • Steven Henson

    Please let me tell you that what you read it's true all yes and a lot of people know it's true and if it was as her she would probably be in prison right now in a federal prison or whatever some little cushy place but she would be doing a lot of years there a lot of yours maybe the rest of her life probably she can actually be put to death for that to actually that's treason the highest level that's yeah but how she is and everything and her husband went up and had a little meeting with you-know-who at the tarmac and he must have threatened her and they got rid of a lot of people that got in their way of their evil deeds and so still there's a chance that they might eventually somehow lock her up but they don't want to really and the reason why is because she has stuff on people high places she has stuff on people that would be part of locking her up those people and she has stuff on people that are high up on other than them so it's a it's a 50-50

  • Steven Henson

    I wanted to say one more thing no do not believe what's on the TV in fact take your TV and find the nearest dumpster I don't care what size it is and throw the TV or set the TV in the dumpster don't watch TV that's not where you should get any of your information of the world and dancing with the stars and all that that's what they want you to do they want you to be brainwashed they want you to be hypnotized watching that TV and off in the merry merry land they don't want you to know what's really going on in life I got rid of my TV years ago literally I'm a 57 year old man and I got rid of my TV years ago because the Twin Towers went down and I knew that there was a problem with that so I self taught myself music computer bought my first laptop and started studying and finding out who knocked the towers down all the wars we were in the reason oh my God I got so depressed it was so so bad yes everything here in this video right here is true study up on your own learn on your own this is the time we all need to be awake not asleep watching Dancing with the Stars America's top model are all that crap it's time to wake up it's time to smell the coffee and it's time to grow up to I don't care why you age you are it's time to grow up it's time to get on with business you might find that you might have to defend yourself I in more ways than one things might take a turn for the worse and if they do you want to be ready and secure you want to have yourself together and your faculties together and maybe a little something else with you who knows be careful I don't know who's reading this but you might want to take heed to what I'm saying

  • ce1 sept75

    The Clinton's are not even being investigated by any government officials, Tom Fitton from judicial watch is the only one looking into it and that's right from his lips!

  • david williams

    Fox News needs to quit cow-towing to the Democrats and their RINO's by regurgitating their treacherous fake news. The fact that Fox would even respond to the query of whether or not Comey's firing was justified is an insult to our Commander in Chief. As head of the executive branch he can fire anyone he damn well pleases! Whether its justified or not is irrelevant. Bill Clinton fired over two hundred people when he became President. Many of whom had, up until that point served honorably, faithfully with loyalty to him as POTUS. (Not the case with Comey who stole classified information from our government to leak to the press) The Democrats, RINO's and their "Fake News" media are self evident traitors to our President and our People. Just look at their voting records! They obstruct and stonewall our President's reinforcement of the sovereign borders of our nation because they care more about political power and their own "globalist pandering self-interests." Treasonously, they disregard the American people dying from the insanity of their un-Constitutional open border policies and ludicrous immigration laws that the rest of the world laughs at. They refuse 5 billion for the border wall, while outlandishly spending 278 billion a year on illegal immigration.and another 238 billion on opiate addiction supplied through our unsecured border. Illegals and Drug cartel criminals flow steadily across our porous, unsecured, southern perimeter into illegal-un-Constitutional sanctuary cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco where people are murdering each other and defecating in the streets. Time to shut it down! Marshall law may be needed, but its time to take back control of our borders, time to take back control from the corrupt infiltrators in our government and expunge the satanic pedophiles and other "Deep State" traitors.Time to Demand Voter I.D. so the Democrat's unauthorized voter base will no longer be able to illegally influence the outcome of our elections. We need to Stop Voter Fraud Now! "Most of All," We need to Support and pray for our President! He is fighting courageously for our future, our sovereignty, and the security of our people! Let's Help President Trump drain the swamp and "Make America Great Again!"

  • Mark E L L I N S

    Things like the clintons and George Soros and the Obamas hate this country I hope that it's wrong but I don't think it is I know the key factor is Soros has got to get out of this country he has to be removed from the United States of America and never never never the allowed in it or around it any man that would sell his own people to the Germans for-profit admitted by him is not a good man and I think his son is traveling down the same path that he is our Lord God look over us

  • Juan Garcia

    I have more respect for any crawling insect, for any beast created,it is doing what suppose to do.but for this Evil doers, according to the Almighty Supreme law.anyquilation, exterminate, will be like slap in the hand.my faith is the most High God, The SELF-SUFFICIENT.

  • Tuff OleBird

    The dems in the house and senate are lying! Over 80 % of citizens want the wall and security! Fess up demonrats!!!AMERICANS 1ST🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸BUILD OR CLOSE THE GOV.
    GO TRUMO 2020!!!

  • Tuff OleBird

    Corruption breeds corruption! So many are involved in arms dealing and pure greed that they sell other things of this country.Gov info,land,children,weapons,etc..inside trading, illegal real estate transactions. Shummer keeps talking about what the people want and dont want.That fool has no clue!!! I want to know about his history.Follow the money.
    Romney is also not loyal to the people.He called the
    President disloyal after Trump said he would support him. What a pos! Romney has NEVER been for the people.We dont want another Papa Bush,Clinton,Obama crime family. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT!!! MR PRESIDENT DONT SUPPORT THAT CROOK.
    AMERICA 1ST!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • mytube tube

    Wow…all of this makes sense. Thank God for president Trump!!! The deep state want Trump out for a reason, remember he is an outsider.

  • Tuff OleBird

    About her server….ea email can be traced back to who sent it and where it is going. The AI guy that installed it and or set them up was sent to take them. This was reported in the beginning. He went to china supposedly. The wht and blk hat computer geniuses (hacks) discovered ,long ago, know what is in the emails.They could be running scared. Could have been paid off. Who knows. This is only my OPINION. The cell phone texes could and can be traced as well.

  • LV RV

    All these servers were hacked because they were business transactions, and the whitehats knew this for a few years.
    Trump was briefed long before he was elected, why do you think he ran for POTUS.

  • Nora See

    I don’t believe Hillary and Obama hate each other. I have seen too many pictures of them cozying up to each other and smiling and looking into each other’s eyes with love. Why do I keep hearing they hate each other? Is this being spoon fed to us as being the norm now? Obama had money tied up in the Clinton foundation and also was part of Benghazi.

  • Patsy Faulkner

    Here I figure previous post about two days ago she was sentence for 25 years/ as sample she sold some of property tell where it is — The property were not supposed to be sell but she did anyway. This is national security stuff (Big Deal), Obama sold some very high classified weapon to foreign I can' say where /when I don't have on hand. I don't have my notes with me. There are several things she done is big deal. She deeply troubled on her Clinton Foundation.
    Everything is said on. this 100% correctly.

  • lori ewing

    I would not waist one more minute of time before I would show the World Obama’s trial and hang him high. Not one of them should get a pass. Kill them before one more person dies from their miss deeds. OMG !!!! What in God’s name are you waiting for? If Trump has had this intel for as long as this suggests, what more dose he need?

  • Yourname Here

    I just saw and ad for genital herpes medication.
    Google is just getting too smart for it's own good.
    Time to cover up my web cam…..
    and get some of the meds.

  • Reper1483

    Perhaps killing Hillary will or will not fix the situation this is irrelevant Hillary has to pay for her crimes once and for all.

  • CJ

    TRUTHIFICATION: qanon began posting in 2015. he said they had the server from benghazi. the fire in benghazi was about destroying the server. but the info was already gathered by the NSA. watch for more info to come out about benghazi connected to the clinton foundation connected to the panama papers connected to funding for congressional and senator seats. the server is all about money laundering of: child trafficking, weapons sales to our enemies, sales of classified info to our enemies, etc….! Benghazi is the hub of where info was stored. so watch for any info on benghazi, the foundation and the panama papers. The big picture is being unfolded. All the people leaving congress? recipients and supporters and partakers of the money laundering through the clinton foundation and the info was captured from the server in benghazi. The Clinton Foundation: careers made and now broken! All roads will lead back to the Benghazi and the server! Flynn? Oh he was NSA…WHAT DO YOU THINK HE KNOWS? Everything! Pence? Was he a Clinton Foundation Recipient? Was Pence told to bring Flynn down? Why? Was Flynn a sacrificial lamb? BENGHAZI the fall!!!! Ryan Owens why was he in yemen? Who had him killed? Ps. chelsea received the top secret info. chelsea was the head of the clinton foundation during the time of benghazi. chelsea is in this up to her eyeballs!

  • shadowbrother thirdeyeoftheshadow

    thank you for explaining all this clearly.. and yes, it all adds up. I just think it's hard to accept it all.. we know it's true, maybe we've always known there was something wrong with our government. but still, it's hard to believe how corrupt.

  • Victor

    Sick hearing the same things over and over . Hillary Clinton is going to jail ….
    Comey’s going to jail , Maxine Waters is going to jail , nutty Nancy is going to jail , Peter Strozk is going to jail , McCabe is going to jail , etc etc etc for The LAST TWO YEARS..And not one CHARGED , none even arrested. Give it up folks , NOBODY is going to do a damm thing .. Beginning to think (some) of these Republicans are in the SWAMP with the rest of them …Two bloody years listening to all this …DRAIN THE SWAMP…..LOCK HER UP….BUILD THE WALL…..The Democrats and their cohorts in the FBI and the MEDIA have been running rings round the Republicans for the last two years ….Not one person charged not even one arrested .And the MONEY for the WALL , it keeps getting smaller every day . 25 billion, 5 billion, 1.5 billion it will soon be a 100 bucks . The Democrats are having a good laugh…sorry lost all interest….EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON , BUT (NOBODY) IS DOING (ANYTHING) ABOUT IT….TALK TALK TALK.

  • Gary Herbeck

    Just hopeing this is true,you talk to the average american,they know benghazi was such a disgrace,without any dought,most people saw wat the goverment did to those poor people in katrina,they were people dying by the minute,by the black gangs,no help,makes me sick to my stamach,then took peoples weapons by force,marshel law my fucking ass,anybody think that marchel law is good for the citizens,dont know crap,seen it in action,you have absolutely no rights,they will forcebley take you weapons,facts,dont get mad at me,but thats true shit,believe wat you want

  • gporter.seadog

    This is an apology the Trump/The Alliance hasn't done anything. I want action through indictments, not video apologists.

  • rebel Lebel

    Aloha !
    This is read like a Tom Clancy novel and he had many truths in it. Now when you listen, remember the movie WAG THE DOG (robert deniro)
    Thanks for the vid

  • Robert Burns

    Very interesting and it makes a lot of sense Please lord let this be true and drain that cesspool hang the traitors and jail the rest big pension savings as well as asset forfeiture

  • Atahulpa

    The deep state and the one world order are both very connected to George Soros ~ As long as this international traitor to humanity is allowed to operated through world banks this situations will go on ~ He must be arrested on one the many crimes he and his son have commited ~ And all of hearings to be done by a military tribunal and immediate death by hanging or firing squad ~ God Bless America and President Trump ~ … /

  • Delmar Reed

    Lock Palosi up p right now! That traitorous witch needs to be in GITMO! That old hag has Alzheimers disease real bad! She's really embarrassing the Dems so bad that 2020 is in jeopardy!

  • Teri Badeau

    This is why our POTUS has GITMO up & running! And the Military Tribunals!! When the guilty are tried, found guilty, and Will swiftly put to death! There will be no pardons!!

    Our POTUS is a true Genius!! He has done what needed to get done! These things had to get done, before this bomb could blow!!!
    We all need to pray hard for President Trump!! Pray each day for him 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

    Thank Q & you, Deb!!

  • Tonya Stinson

    Area 17 last night released a Neon Revolt release of the Silent Ones that "Q " mentioned only one time. I believe post 91. The Silent Ones are Eye Pyramid Italian high level secret service type. They are the ones that hacked Clinton emails and released them to Wiki Leaks. 6 have resigned. Check into Italian news no one has reported on this in US.

  • John Larouche


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