Scientists Claim They Made Time Go Backwards…But Did They?
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Scientists Claim They Made Time Go Backwards…But Did They?

Time travel to the past is basically impossible
without breaking some laws of physics and acquiring plutonium from some Libyans. But time travel to the future is easy, we’re
all doing it right now. So why does time go forward and not back? The idea that time only flows in one direction
is called the Arrow of Time. But odd as it sounds, there’s nothing in
the equations that describes the laws of physics that says it has to be this way. The equations CAN tell you what will happen
in the future or what took place in the past based on what’s going on in the present,
but they don’t explicitly state that time must go from past to present to future. The math works just as well going in either
direction. The one thing that seems to keep driving this
time bus to futuretown is the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy
must always increase. Things must go from order to chaos; heat must
disperse from hot bodies to colder ones. It’s this increase in entropy that keeps
the ordered past behind us and the increasingly messy future ahead. But there seems to be a loophole in the second
law of thermodynamics, and scientists recently exploited it to turn entropy on its ear. Apparently the law doesn’t apply to correlated
particles, which are like entangled particles with less strong of a connection. When researchers observed a hot hydrogen nucleus
that was next to a cooler carbon nucleus inside a trichloromethane molecule, the nuclei behaved
as expected and heat flowed from the HOT hydrogen to the COOL carbon. But when they tried the same thing with correlated
hydrogen and carbon nuclei, the opposite happened. The hydrogen got even hotter while the carbon
chilled even more. The scientists went on to make the bold claim
that this experiment shows the reversal of the Arrow of Time, but even if that’s indeed
what’s happening it looks like it only applies under very specific circumstances on an atomic
scale. So, not that I’m a physicist or anything,
but did you? Does that mean time is suddenly running backwards
or is there something else at play here? Needed is research more. I wouldn’t predict a future where broken
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at its maximum, there will be no arrow of time because nothing will be able to change. Thanks a lot for watching seeker!


  • Albert Einstein

    see first we can prove parallel universe but still need to confirm states of string theory but if humans engage for more we might now go to some other universe but first we are testing Mars as a homework to see what if we colonize and terraform Mars in upcoming years. So it might possible science can too help us to explore the truth in order of survival of humanity in earth the intelligent life ever grown or evolve in any part of universe and so we are like gems for our mother Earth

  • Aaron Lowe

    Reduction of entropy also occurs on a chemical scale. Chemically speaking, an increase of disorder in the body is represented by age. Yet a mother (with more entropy) is able to give birth to a baby (with less entropy). This breaks the second law of thermodynamics.

  • TIlak Sevak

    Good thought!! If maths works in backwards the same, why not time?? It could have numerous previous steps in that scenario!! 🤔🤨

  • John Wang

    We don't travel to the future. When you travel from City A to city B, you are no longer at City A when you arrive at City B. We don't travel to the future because we still existed in the past when we arrive in the future. We simply exist in time.

  • justin valdez

    Bro pressing the rewind button on your blue ray is not time travel!!!

    We see the past every second of every day of our lives.

  • Nick R

    Its worrying that so called scientists would think this From just a simple experiment. Without triple checking the results are even anything to with time. Which it's not, even if entraphy went 'backwards' it's still not an indication if time going backwards.
    Rhodes guys need to go back to school let alone UNI

  • Fatal Heart Rhythm

    I travel in time every time I hit the back button on my browser

    Basically, I am a Time Lord. Who wants to touch me?

  • Carla Campbell

    You can’t travel back in time without being in the same location of earth during that period of time. Few know this but earth doesn’t just orbit the sun it is really moves in a spiral as our solar system is moving through space as the universe expands. So to go back in time you need to find that physical location in space time continuum. Good luck scientists.

  • TheCaptainLulz

    Thanks for continuing the stupid on entropy. Entropy only applies IN A CLOSED SYSTEM. If energy can enter the equation, entropy is no longer a factor because that energy can be used to order the system.

  • Dadson worldwide

    Just imagine (now) present couldnt be here if it was infinite. It would be infinity before present, therefore if it was infinite then time could exist. Lol 😂 mind fart

  • tony webster

    Will make me forget the hideous elmer fudd lookalike kevin rudd, mr mediocre michael devoren, and his favorite Pakistani agent paul murley? If so, bring it on. And don't forget the singing beaver, that is country and western singer that resembles a sinfing beaver.

  • Jack Pullen

    Time symmetric quantum mechanics says we can, well at least the math does. Our brains do it all the time according to some theorists…

  • zztop3000

    The title is completely wrong. It's still entropy, carbon got colder to get hydrogen warmer. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

  • Malik Rashid Ahmad

    Dear fellows, Time is really great illusion. And why time of arrow is in one direction, because there is no future. Future and Past is loopback system. What ever we see, listen and feel in daily life routine is from past, not from future. We see, listen and feel everything that is already happened before sometime ago, and it has been coming to us from past, but if no event occur anywhere else we can notse, listen or feel. So there is only past or present observed moment. No event triggers means no future. Yes already we are always looking in past in our lifes.

  • Unforgiving, Unforeseen

    This basically explains nothing… Can you guys please make some detailed series on physics-related problems like you did with our brain on sex and orgasm? Potential topics are String and LQG, what happened before the big bang and Ads cft etcm

  • White Night

    I believe you don't need to move faster than anything.Time itself Is Already Moving for you.Time is it's Own Dimension Independent of only need Tap into It.everything is gravity so we'd have to pay for Electricity !

  • Jim M

    people talk about time travel in the past like they would sit there and watch entropy in reverse. I would think it would be more like going directly back to a previous state in it's entropy. like boiling water and wouldnt sit and watch the steam reconstitute itself into water, you would just go back to when the water hasn't boiled off yet…

  • ZoreX

    if you were to spin a billion times a second (much like a black hole) but your consciousness was observing just one spin, everything around you would look like it had frozen basically time would look like it stopped

  • LiveOnDeviantArt

    Time going backwards… is it possible?
    People can dreams about real future events…! (That is real live time travel but only as spectators… And even so when we see future we can get usefully info)!
    Can people dream about past events the same way they dream about future events?

    Time travel is possible only in dreams because our brains have brain waves that can surf on gravity waves of space and time.
    How can we allow our full body to travel in time and return the same ways our brains does?
    I think one of the alternatives is using sound frequency safe enough to levitate the person in plane air, and then use Gravitational waves.

  • TheLonePantheist

    What the experiment showed was the second law of thermodynamics is not nearly as absolute as we previously thought. This also reopens the door for cyclical models of the universe.

  • genome616

    The flaw in this concept using this entropy example is that the actual event happened while the time line was moving forward under specific conditions, left to its own natural physical environment we would see what we expect happen IE as expressed before – the hot body cooling down and the colder body warming until equal.
    I would also add here that time itself is a man-made concept to allow our limited brains to make sense of nature, time itself does not exist as such at the quantum level in the sense we apply it to the atomic and macro world, also the way we apply gives it only one direction only to say the maths does allow for it to go backwards is incorrectly applying maths to make your case it is thus possible, any event that seems to defy forward direction of time is merely an illusion created while time itself still moves forward.

  • John Gabris

    see its going back to events, not so much the clock going forward or backwards doesn't change anything, its the events we wish to see in our unique past or future which we don't know yet will be.

  • Meh

    2019's answer:

  • Thomas Southern

    For the system being processed, the arrow will always move forward. So, it may be possible for a system moving forward in by its reference to appear to be moving backward but to the system, the arrow only moves forward. This implies that is any events seem to happen out of time, they will only support the overall timeline. This experiment actually implies that time is too flexible to be the victim of any paradox.

  • Monte Taylor

    Yes, they did. What's important to understand is that it's basically the same concept. Kinda like how sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing sense the same thing but they each pickup on different aspects of that same thing; going backwards and breaking the laws of physics should be the point.

  • Marion Pettersson

    But it must be a difference between time reversal (not necessarely time travelling.) and time alternation/time displacement (definitly time travelling!)

  • jdfj dfsdf

    Time does flow backwards, but because you are not God you cannot become aware of this. God is the only being outside time and thus is the only one who can notice the change in time. SO even if God moved the clock backwards you would not know.

  • cinegraphics

    And they can also cool stuff by using lasers. So, by adding energy, they remove energy. Does it also mean that time has gone backwards? Of course not. There's always a simple explanation for such stuff, which never includes time-reversal. We don't have administrative access to change the algorithms that drive our universe. Only the top sysadmin could make the time go backwards. But I doubt anyone of us inside this universe can actually change those formulas. And restart the universe. We don't have the proper authorization code.

  • Wildboy789789

    time isnt real, its a measurment of decay… so can you decay slower or faster? yes… can u engineer a world like 1950 by bringing back the places and people, maybe… can u actually make people move in reverse like a VHS tape? not without painful electrodes lol… u cant go back in time or end time because time doesnt exist, its a measurment, its like asking can u make a gallon of water go back to before it was a gallon, yes you can but you cant reverse exactly what happened, u can only physically force a recreation of what once happened

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