Sassy Dancer ZaZa Teaches tWitch How to Model Walk
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Sassy Dancer ZaZa Teaches tWitch How to Model Walk

All right. The last time I hosted for Ellen
we met a four-year-old dancer from Kentucky, and let’s
just say it was memorable. Take a look. Look, you’re a
dancer just like me. Now how long have
you been dancing? I’ve been, like, dancing
in a, like, a couple weeks. Couple of weeks. [LAUGHTER] Couple weeks. Yeah. Do you have a
favorite dance move? Mm-hmm. OK. What is it? You just have to pull this back. Uh-uh. And you– [LAUGHTER] OK. How would you describe
your personality? I’m bad, bougie, and cute. [LAUGHTER] You said you’re what now? I said I am bad, bougie, and
I’m acting like I’m cute. And I’m so– [TONGUE POP] [APPLAUSE] Oh, yes. Ladies and gentlemen,
brace yourselves. Please welcome, ZaZa. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, ZaZa. Hi. It’s good to see you again. It’s good to see you again. Yeah. How are you feeling? Good. What do you call that walk
did you just did out here? That was a model walk. A queen walk. A model walk. A queen walk. OK. That’s two things. That’s two things, OK. And what does one think
about when you’re doing a model walk and a queen walk? That’s like when you feel
something in your mind. I feel like I’m
being kind and nice. Like you’re being kind and nice. That’s how I feel. I love that. I would love to
feel like that too. Do you think that I can
do the model walk as well? Can you teach me how
to do the model walk? Yes. You can? Here, take me back
here and teach me how to do a model walk. [APPLAUSE] OK. So face– OK. You have to stand here. OK. Put your hands here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] That’s how you do it. Let me see you do it. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Was that good? [LAUGHTER] You did it great! You did it great. Was that OK? Yeah. You did great. Thank you very much. I felt very kind and
lovely as I did that. That was awesome. Now ZaZa, you know,
my family, we’re about to welcome a new
baby girl into our family. Do you have any advice for us? You have to get her diapers. OK. And some powder for her butt. [LAUGHTER] And some powder for her butt? OK. And then you need some diapers,
wipes, milk with some water. You have to put the
milk inside first. And then you have to shake. You have to get some water,
put it inside the bottle, shake it up. Shake it up. It seems like you kind
of did the whoa when you shook up the water part. Oh, OK. Never mind then. That’s kind of funny. Maybe you didn’t, never mind. OK. Now, ZaZa, you have
a birthday coming up. Don’t you? You’ll be turning five. What do you want
for your birthday? What do you want to
do for your birthday? I want somebody to teach
me how to drive a car. [LAUGHTER] You want somebody to teach
you how to drive a car? What kind of car? Like a small– Now when I grow up. When I’m the same age– I don’t want to grow
up and get a car. When I’m small I
want to get a car. When you’re small you
want to get a car, so you want to be
ahead of the game. You want to be the youngest
driver is what you’re saying. I don’t want to get big. I want to the same
age I want to be and I want to get my own car. Wow. But I need somebody
to give me a car. [LAUGHTER] But you need somebody
to get a car, so if anybody’s
out there, ZaZa– [LAUGHTER] Somebody here. Oh, somebody here is willing
to give four-year-old the car. [LAUGHTER] ZaZa isn’t playing. Well, you know, we might be
able to work something like that out. I don’t know. But, you know, ZaZa,
you came here to dance. All right. And will you dance
for us a little later? Yeah? You will. Yeah. Are you all excited
to see her dance? [APPLAUSE] OK. So when we come back a little
later we’ll watch ZaZa dance. We’ve waited long enough. Give it up for ZaZa. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – LIL NAS X, “RODEO”] (SINGING) Oh, here we go. Please let me know. Off we go. Don’t leave me in the cold. (RAPPING) If I took
you everywhere, well then, you wouldn’t
know how to walk. If I spoke, well then, you
wouldn’t know how to talk. If I gave you everything and
everything is what I bought. I can take it all back, never
cared about what you thought. I didn’t mean to make you mad,
I don’t like when you’re upset. I’m a call you later on,
baby girl, don’t you forget. I’m going to take
you from this party, we might go have
some [INAUDIBLE].. Or we do that later on. Now we lit like cigarettes. I thought you
would stay with me. I’m yours and
you’re mine, I envy. So what I’m gon’ do? I don’t have a clue. There ain’t no me
without out you. [APPLAUSE] ZaZa! Good job. Good job. She’s so cute. Give it up to ZaZa
one more time y’all! [APPLAUSE] Now, ZaZa, guess what? I got you an early
birthday gift. I heard you like slime. [SCREAMING] [APPLAUSE] Oh, my God! Wow! I love this. I love this color. You love that color? Sometimes I like this color. Sometimes you like that color. I think we got all the
colors you may need. I want to thank ZaZa. I want to thank my guests, Max
Greenfield, Ariel Winter, Loni Love, and, Ellen,
for letting me host. As she always says, be
kind to one another. Bye. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen, and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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