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When it comes to service, Dewaweb support team is very helpful, always available 24 hours a day, and provide the best service. Dewaweb Ninja Support is always stand-by 24/7, totally superb service. I had another site hosted elsewhere, but its page load time was always slow compared to my website hosted on Dewaweb, the page load time is very fast , maybe because of the SSD drive technology that makes it faster and more responsive. At first I wanted to migrate my other site, but the hosting company didn’t provide access to the backup, so I had to develop it from scratch. But even so Dewaweb Ninja Support helped me a lot. They are also very kind and friendly. Dewaweb is definitely faster, less expensive, and has promotions occasionally. Dewaweb service includes cloud servers, cloud hosting, firewall security, LiteSpeed webserver and Time Machine Backup. The feature that I like most from Dewaweb is the HTTP/2 support, different from other hosting providers. I like its cloud technology too. As a developer, I haven’t had any complain at all. So far so good and I highly recommend Dewaweb for all of you to try it out. We don’t recommend Dewaweb just to our friends, but also to our clients to host their sites on it. So far we have been extremely satisfied with the service and performance of Dewaweb. What is special from Dewaweb is its customer service, very helpful and faster than others. When we ask questions or need help, they will reply and resolve the problem quickly. Rest assured that you will be comfortable with Dewaweb, highly recommended to you my friend!

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