Sarah Huckabee Sanders RIPS Mike Bloomberg
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders RIPS Mike Bloomberg

>>Sarah Sanders had some things to say about
Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s chances against Trump in the 2020 presidential race. Unfortunately, those claims she made were
ridiculous given the record of the man she worked for. Take a look.>>Bloomberg, if he continues to rise, is
gonna have serious problems with women, with African Americans, his record, his language
is offensive and atrocious. That again, maybe he can buy the DNC just
like Hillary didn’t steal it from Bernie like they did in 2016. Either way, I think this is another great
night for President Trump.>>So there’s some logic for you. What do you think?>>A billionaire from New York that has crude
language might be racist and sexist. Mm-hm, what is that remind you of? Now unfortunately, the it’s big portions of
that are true for both men. But I love when Republicans feign concern
for the Democratic Party. And I’m really worried about the Democratic
Party. I mean, they might be rigging things, and
I’m worried about the democratic voters. Are you, Sarah Huckabee Sanders? We really appreciate your concern. So I mean her former boss, so-called billionaire
from New York. He’s not, but pretending to be. Who said that he grabs women by their genitalia
without asking their permission. I believe that’s called sexual assault brags
about it, has been charged dozens of times by women of sexual harassment, assault, etc. And in said the Central Park five should be
executed. Turns out they were innocent five minority
kids, when they found out he was they were innocent. Donald Trump said, well, they probably did
something. They were in Central Park, weren’t they? I mean, they were in the park while being
black and Latino. So why shouldn’t we execute them? And Bloomberg to be fair said yesterday we
showed it on the program for you guys, said, yeah, of course, we go in and target only
blacks and Latinos young males. We don’t target whites and that’s because
the blacks and Latinos do all the crime, and he said if we don’t find a gun on them, that
just means they have it at home. Cuz they gotta be guilty. I mean, they’re black or Latino there. I mean, if they don’t have a contraband, they’re
obviously being clever and honey, and I told you yesterday, turns out on stop and frisk
when they did the numbers, guess who had more guns, white folks, but stats don’t matter
if you do decisions based on race. So they both do it.>>Yo, this is exhausting. It is exhausting, but I guess the matter,
Sarah Sanders, so at this point I’m now starting to think is this mass hysteria? A lack of consciousness? Or downright evil? I’m starting to, now, I’m really because,
and I don’t wanna compare it to the Holocaust, the Holocaust was horrible. But when you think about how people can do
horrible things, and not be fazed by it, do they suspend their consciousness because this
woman she has no shame. She has no shame.>>Yeah.>>She just described Donald Trump from top
to bottom when she was talking about Bloomberg. As if that’s not okay when he does it. But-
>>Yeah, it’s totally fine, to say that the straight faced part of it drives me crazy.>>Yeah.>>I mean it’s just as like what’s going on
in her head when this is happening, is she saying this, does she have some self-awareness
of the hypocrisy? Absolutely she has to. But the reason that she got the job and the
reason why so many people get jobs like the one they have and end up still in Trump’s
inner circle is cause they have no shame.>>That’s right.>>It doesn’t register. It might register as something they feel bad
about, but they don’t change their behavior whatsoever either because of ambition. Or I guess I can’t come up with any other
reason than ambition.>>What makes me laugh is that, first and
foremost no disrespect to the Jewish people. Let’s just be clear about that.>>None taken.>>Thank you for speaking on behalf of all
of you.>>Yeah, all of them.>>The funny thing is you just said, the fake
concern for the Democratic Party. But not the black and brown people that they’re
talking about. There’s no concern for the actual people which
continues to prove the point that they’re just pawns in the game. They don’t care about the black and brown
people. They just care about winning the argument
about who cares about them the most, but without caring about them at all. And that is where Pete, black, and brown people
get bamboozled, gaveled into these conversations in these arguments and they don’t realize
nobody gives a crap about you. They’re just saying, hey guys, I’m concerned
about these people voting for you because you guys are playing them. But nobody’s really talking about the stuff
that’s happening to these people.>>Because it’s just a messaging game. As far as what registers for me is Sarah Sanders
doesn’t really think she has a chance with getting that voting block. But what is she gonna do? Give up? Not try. She’s not trying very hard. All she needs to do, is say those words with
a straight face, over and over again. And other people, who are about to go on TV
on that same network, Sarah Sanders said so must be the Trump administration’s line. So I’m gonna say that, again and again. And then they have enough people saying, well,
who knows, maybe we do get those, maybe we don’t. But then, later on, somebody else picks up
the coverage and says, well, she says that she should get the black vote, and Bloomberg
says he should get the black vote. Which billionaire are you choosing from? And that’s your choice. And then it just slowly works the media discussion
until it doesn’t even reflect reality anymore.>>So those are two choices to racist billionaires. Okay, it’s really refreshing to find out. And into your point about what happened to
the actual minority.>>Yeah.>>So well, Donald Trump tweeted about how
racist Bloomberg was as soon as this happened.>>We have it.>>You have it?>>Here’s the tweet. Wow, Bloomberg is a total racist, and he re-tweeted
the video itself. So if you wonder whether there is any self-awareness. The answer is, probably not, but there is
at least two or three people here who are like hey maybe you should take it down. So he actually did delete it which is a tacit
admission that he realizes his own record on stop and frisk at least.>>Yeah, so he puts out I got him, he’s a
total racist for doing stop and frisk. Probably somebody walks in the room, man,
Mr. President you’re on the record of supporting stop and frisk, like five times.>>We have it, we have a video during his
presidential run in 2016, let’s take a look.>>There’s a lot of violence in the black
community. I wanna know what would you do to help stop
that violence? You know, black on black crime.>>Right, well, one of the things that do
record it was I would do stop and frisk. I think you have to. We did it in New York, it worked incredibly
well. And you have to be proactive. You really help people sort of change their
mind automatically. You understand? You have to have in my opinion, I see what’s
going on here. I see what’s going on in Chicago. I think stop and frisk in New York City, it
was so incredible the way it worked.>>Something that Edwin pointed out is in
the bottom corner of that screen. It says Trump’s minority outreach, as it points
out, please reach out as I’m gonna stop and frisk you.>>I love that the people clapped. I would love to see the people clapping. They’re like, yeah, stop being freaks.>>Yeah, I think the clapping is like, I know
the democrats, I hate this, so I’m gonna clap for you right now.>>No, the funny thing is when white people
that are racist say that the other white people are being racist, like this time it’s not
us>>It’s not ike they’re doing the racist stuff,
it’s like yo, this time, it was not us, it was them.>>But yeah, so there was that. And then as you brought up the Central Park
Five thing, we have video of him with the Central Park Five messaging disaster that
even after the facts came out, he’s still clinging to.>>Mr. President, will you apologize to the
Central Park Five? They’ve been exonerated. There have been videos and movies shown. Known about the case and you came out with
a full-page ad saying that they should die, that they should have the death penalty.>>Why do you bring that question up now? It’s an interesting time to bring it up.>>You have people on both sides of that,
they admitted their guilt. If you look at Linda Fairstein and if you
look at some of the prosecutors they think that the city should never have settled that
case. So we’ll leave it at that.>>The person who actually did it confessed,
okay? You say hey, there’s wrong confessions. They was wrong professionals in earlier case. They found his DNA on the victim. And there’s absolutely no question. The Central Park Five were released and then
given a settlement for all the years and decades, they were wrongly imprisoned. There are not two people on both sides of
that. So it’s interesting. So these guys, Donald Trump called for their
execution. Turns out they were innocent. They were young kids, they were totally railroaded. We know for a fact that it wasn’t them. This is what they’re people on both sides
of that. And then people go out and chant. The Jews will not replace us. And then they run over someone and kill someone. It goes well, they were fine people on both
sides. Or he could always find someone on both sides. Somebody says, you’re innocent and we totally
screwed you over because of race. Go.>>And there’s always people on both sides
when it comes to defending his point. Not because there aren’t both good people
on both sides when it comes to the opposing point of view, right? So it’s only when it comes to what he’s saying.


  • JosephJamesScott

    "A billionaire from New York that has crude language, that might racist and sexist. Hmmmm, who does that remind you of?" Not sure Cenk, it's certainly not Trump because we know he is racist and sexist, and there's some doubt as to if he's actually a billionaire.

  • David Axelord

    It doesn't matter if Trump is a hypocrite on stop and frisk or Bloomberg's other racist shit, it will muddy the waters and depress the democratic base. Bloomberg would lose against Trump.

  • 12227UserName

    President Trump has done more good for minorities than under Obama. Illegal immigrants negatively effect the black communities and the whole of the United States in general. But you guys support illegal immigration while at least under President Trump he's been allowing ICE to crack down on it. This lessens crime. Lessens illegals flowing into the black neiborhoods.
    Under Trump he's been giving incentives for small businesses to start up in poorer areas.
    He's effectively passed the First Step Act, which allows the release of people doing long prison sentences for non-violent crimes. As well as giving them job opportunities.
    Under President Trump, low unemployment rates among blacks, Hispanics, Latinos and Asians.
    But sure, keep on btching and falsely claiming that President Trump is a so-called racist. All TYT does is race bait. And btw, Stop and Frisk was for the better. It significantly decreased crime. And by doing so, it saved the lives of potential innocent minorities. When cops ignore black neiborhoods, it's supposedly racist. When cops do more policing in black neiborhoods, it's supposedly racist. Make up your mind, "progressives."
    On one last note, stop clumping immigrants who have citizenship in the US with illegal immigrants. You might find this surprising, but there are plenty of legal immigrants in the US who worked their asses off to become United States citizens, who share our values, who are against illegal immigration. Who would have figured?

  • Fig Newton

    Where are stats stating that more guns were found on whites? Just curious and it would take from the Bloomberg talking point.

  • bob roberts

    these soulless pieces o' shite who happily – daily – kiss donny's bleached o-ring know xactly what they are doing; worse, they invoke the jesus to side with their demonic perspectives and behavior. sarah sanders IS her father's daughter – they are both cut from the same unholy cloth…

  • mediadrone01

    The Central Park 5 are guilty. Just because someone raped that woman after they beat the shit out of her doesn't make them innocent.

  • Matthew Scott

    A racist New York Billionaire will never win the presidency on the democratic ticket.

    Democrats need minority voters. Republicans don't.

  • Alex Jensen

    I don't understand white peoples obsession with black race. Liberal or conservative, every news outlet commentators and journalists. Look the entire democratic debate or the so called Republicans don't use us as a pawn, don't outrage in the name of black people wtf, we can talk when we want, we can vote who we want… the biggest excuse might be "ohh but we are ally" yes when it suits your agenda

  • mike lomez

    Why is it that Trump and his supporters have absolutely no sense of self?? I guess it's because Trump is the worst when it comes to that kind of thing. He's actually attacked another politician for having an extramarital affair 😂

  • Kim Dash

    One of the other reasons that Trump took that post down was because he didn't want to appear as if he was condemning racist when he knows that a lot of his supporters are actually racist.

  • Nino Almighty

    Progressives are so stupid.
    You can't see she's trying to get Bernie into the general cause he's the most beatable. If he doesn't get to the general. Then Bernie supporters should feel wrong and vote for Trump. Guess what? It's gonna work! Progressives are so stupid.

  • Adam Henrick

    USA is over , you have no allies that trust you anymore , you have a
    fool running your country and breaking laws at will, you have allowed
    this, the DEMs are to busy fighting each other to win in November, so
    RIP USA what once was the greatest nation on the plant now is a pile
    of dog feces and good luck cleaning Dump off your shoes.

  • Phillup Brinkman

    The race is not even wide open! Burnie is in fact running away with the lead. Bloomberg doesn’t even make the list for NH delegates. Last I have seen Burnie was at 35 percent! This false media narrative of making third, forth, fifth know body’s into some body’s is a sad joke! Makes me think the supper delegates are going to try throwing another Clinton fascist on we the people, and hand over the election 🗳 to Trump for a second term! 😢
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  • R S

    I could be mistaken (I watched the video some time ago and my recollection is a bit foggy), but I think you are misrepresenting one of Bloomberg's statements. When he said that they would leave their weapons at home I believe he was arguing that stop and frisk is useful as a deterrent, because people that own guns would not carry those guns with them for fear of getting frisked. He wasn't (to my knowledge) arguing that if they don't have a gun on them they probably have one at home, as you are asserting here.
    Not really arguing with your underlying point (that Bloomberg pushed racist policies and is fundamentally just a rich old white guy trying to buy power), but I think you are mischaracterizing that statement and I go to TYT for honest journalism.

  • R Cote

    Why do you keep putting this idiot on? She's as full of shit as anyone ever born to any country and easily recognizable by the darkness that occurs when she opens her lying mouth.

  • len thomas

    Hi didle didle the cat played the Fiddle

    And the Cow Jumped over the Moon

    We all laughed to see such fun

    While then the dog ran away with Spoon

    A lie gets halfway around the world before Truth gets out of

  • Atari Dad

    It still boggles my mind that Cenk thinks that proving that a person was present at what was reported to be a gang rape somehow means that the other individuals accused were not present. Explain to me how exactly that works, Cenk? Trisha Meili had injuries on her consistent with those sustained during gang rapes, including hand prints on her of differing sizes. Reyes could not have possibly committed this rape on his own. In fact, if you look at the police report, none of the five were even suspected of the rape until one of them admitted that a scratch he had sustained above his eye was from Meili, at which point he named five other individuals (only four of whom were convicted, the sixth guy refused to cooperate and was let go), the five of them were not just randomly picked up out of Central Park and made to be scapegoats. Watch the interrogation videos, not a single one of their confessions looks coerced or given under duress.

  • Tasha Kelly

    Wth…would that rabid cow go away! And the mad cow can take Putin's orangutan in chief and the ignorant imp with her! Keep sleeping on BERNIE fools!! I don't give a shit about his age or looks nor personality it's his policies that interest me and their far better than that evil self proclaimed retarded ass messiah bitter orange man with his creepy ass toupee. And his family will cost me far less than messiah of the bankruptcy's in chief family. Also farless of my tax coins I can imagine being spent on him than agent bone spurs in chief!!! And when they ask you who paying for the shit Bernie you tell em RUSSHER for all that whacky hacky all up in America's business because their miserable and starving thanks to their supreme garden gnome leader Putin! If he can make Mexico a non adversary never terrorized the USA why can't we say RUSSHER pay. This cow's mug fucks up my day…please no more of the mad cow!

  • Brian Kitchen

    The mouth has spoken, shame nobody could understand her strange utterances/trolling – maybe a translator would help a lot. It's sort of time she was elevated to "the Gob" because she keeps putting her foot in it, perhaps "the Gob" should keep it closed for once. No one listened when you were the official "Gob" why should they start now.

  • Niko Luciano

    Problem is it works for trumpo since he ran as a republican but bloomberg is trying to court dems who are for the most part against the thing bloomberg has done and who he is. Bloomberg is a bad candidate full stop

  • Bruno

    Let's be honest: she's just stupid. A smart person would've put it differently, at least the crude language part. They don't even deny that part, they call it authenticity. But she's dumb, so there's that.

  • Bill olu Compton

    Hahaha maybe it’s a sign Bloomberg should actually be the nominee Cos seems trumps and the whole lot are scared of him but for some reason they want Bernie to be the nominee Hmnn, is it Cos they know they can pin him with the socialist/communist label

  • Eric Williams

    We don't care about the past we want somebody to whoop on Trump's ass. Money running shit in politics. Trump started alll. Let's go Houston for Bloomberg

  • Pak De

    This is the Bernie or bust network. Just like 2016 they don't care if Trump wins as long as Bernie is the candidate and they will do it again this year…not show up on election day. These are very selfish people pretending to be altruistic. I know because I was one also in 2016…I stayed home in protest of Hillary getting the nomination. Not again!

  • R.A. Francis

    Deja Vu, can you remember Boris Yeltsin, the demolition of the Soviet Union, this one will be remember for the demolition of our democracy!

  • Davey Houston

    I am so sick of the bullying of Sarah Sander's she doesn't work for Trump anymore and she didn't mention Trump because it is a given plus she is right about Bloomberg. Gimme a break this is lazy

  • George STEWART

    But Sarah is a christian, what? Just ask her dad who is a preacher, what? They would not lie, What?Thank you Sarah for showing us how christians act.

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