Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’
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Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’

We just got back from the
Middle East, from Abu Dhabi. So she’s naturally
a little jet-lagged. I bet. So is she good on a plane? She’s pretty good. You know, I mean– That’s a long flight. I carry a blow dart, so
[SPITS] you know, she’s– [SPITS] You know, and then I just
inhale one for myself. And then I’m out. But no, she’s
actually pretty good. You know, she’s into her books
and her little, you know, stuff. And yeah, it’s nice. Very nice. We try to keep it
kind of of analog. It’s good. Yeah. Yeah, because she’s four. And then you had another
one with Blake recently. How is old that child? That happened from sex. And we– yes, we had– just FYI. She’s two. Uh-huh. Yeah, so she just turned two. So you’ve only
had sex the twice? Just the two times, yeah. Yeah. It’s a mercenary job. You know, so you, you know. It’s just clinical. Yeah. Hoping for a third soon. They say you need to do
10,000 hours of anything you want to be an
expert at, so– That’s true. That was in the
Agassi book, right? Yeah, I think that was
the Malcolm Gladwell one. Oh, that’s right. You’re right. All right, so what were
you doing in Abu Dhabi? I was shooting a movie. I was shooting a movie
called “6 Underground”. How long were you there? I was there for– well, we’re all over the world. But the Abu Dhabi portion
was about six weeks. And it was a lot of fun. You know, it was interesting. It was cool to bring my kids
to this entirely new culture. What did you do there? Well we had Thanksgiving there,
which was, you know, probably– I don’t know if that was the
Mayflower’s first choice. But we had Thanksgiving there. So it was kind of interesting
to have Thanksgiving in a completely different
country in a place where they don’t celebrate it. But they we got around
and looked around, and absorbed as much of
the place as we could. I mean, both of our
kids were there. So we wanted them to
see as much as possible. But I liked it. I actually really
quite liked it. I had a bit of time off and
got to kind of cruise around. At the end, I screwed up a
little bit, because I went to– the last portion
of the movie I’m wearing a hat the whole time. So I decided just get a haircut. But I went to like a barber
in, like, a strip mall there. Which– and you’ve done movies. You’re not supposed to actually
cut your hair without them actually supervising it. Yes, there’s
continuity and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And it was just amazing. It looked like somebody had
cut my hair with a loofah. Like they just sort of,
like, rubbed it off. Why did you do that? Or maybe used a hammer. I don’t know. I– Wasn’t there someone on the
set that could do your hair? There was, but I had
almost week off before. And it was like,
well I’m going home. I have an hour and a half for
the whole rest of the movie. I may as well just get her
just a dreadful haircut. And I did. It was a lot of fun. I wanted to bring a photo, but
I left it on my laptop at home. I think my phone just
automatically deleted it just to protect me. So was there not a
mirror in front of you? There was. And at the time, it was, like,
all happening in slow motion. I was like, this isn’t– I’m going to be fine. There’s no way it
looks this bad. The mirrors worked. But no, it was really horrible. It was sort of fun. You know, I liked sort of
having it for a minute. My daughter was upset. I bet. Yeah, it was great. And Blake, I’m sure? Oh, yes. Yeah. Because she just married you
for your looks, I’m sure. 100%. 100%. So if you lose that,
you’ve got nothing. Yeah, she didn’t marry me
for my Stanislavski method. I’ll tell you that much. So I heard that your
neighbors with Martha Stewart. That’s right? Yeah, we are. Yeah. OK. So for Christmas,
how do you compete with something like that? Because she must
decorate– do you decorate? No, I don’t at all. I would never even
try to do that. If I decorated, the whole
house would just be like, I don’t know. Like, old spit or something. Like there’s no– I have none of that sensibility. But my wife, Blake– You certainly don’t know how
to decorate if you’d use spit. Clearly. She’s amazing at it. And I hope to
someday create, like, a competition at some
point where we’re kind of– You should. So Christmas must be really fun
for you because you have kids, and that’s like a
really great time. Yeah, it’s pretty great. I love it. And you seem to– I mean, you brought your
daughter by herself here. So you love being a dad. I love it. It’s really kind of made
me a better person I think. You know? I sort of miss being horrible. Yeah. It’s hard. Like, you know, everybody
has– it’s always a challenge. Two kids, it’s like, you know. I think of, like, blinking now
as, like, tiny little breaks all day. But you know, it’s the dream. You know, it’s the best. They’re, like, my buddies. I love it. So Once Upon a
Deadpool, tell us– they did something
special with this, right? Yeah. You know, I get a lot of parents
who come up to me and say, you know, are they ever going to
do a PG-13 version of Deadpool? Because parents
and adults, myself included, want content that
they can watch with their kids. You know, so it’s also
entertaining for you. And that’s what this version
of Deadpool really is. I mean, I’ve seen Frozen with
my daughters so, so many times. People don’t know this. A lot of parents
don’t know this. If you play Frozen
backwards, it’s actually a shot for shot
remake of The Exorcist. So that would obviously
enrage a lot of parents. That’s why I was really excited
about the Deadpool 2 PG-13 cut. Because not only is it an
incredibly entertaining movie, but it’s a super great cause. We’re associating
with Fudge Cancer. We’re calling it
Fudge Cancer now. Even though it’s
actually called– Something else. Fudge Cancer. So yeah, And you can also check
it out at letsfcancer.com, I believe it is. So a portion of every ticket
sold is going to this. Is going to that. So that’s fantastic. Yeah. Good.


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