RPC-404-J A Flashbang | object class alpha red | sensory / visual hazard
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RPC-404-J A Flashbang | object class alpha red | sensory / visual hazard

RPC-404-J A Flashbang object class alpha red Registered Phenomena Code: 404-J Object Class: Alpha-Red Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Visual hazard Containment Protocols: All Authority Personnel
are prohibited from using RPC-404-J for any pages in the Authority database, and all of
the remaining code for RPC-404-J is to be deleted. Description: RPC-404-J is the designation
of the Authority database Light Theme after the Dark Theme was made the universal standard
for Authority files. Any individual that looks at a page that uses RPC-404-J has a 100% chance
of going fucking blind from this light theme bullshit undergoing permanent vision loss.
Currently no possible reason for the occurrence of this phenomena has been discovered. Personnel that have been affected by RPC-404-J
liken it to “having 50 flashbangs inserted into [their] eyeballs.” To date, no personnel
that have witnessed RPC-404-J have regained their vision. All personnel that are caught using RPC-404-J
will be terminated for treason. ~GD-01 Addendum.1: The following is a report from
the head of Authority Cyber Security regarding the deletion of all RPC-404-J code from the
Authority database. It appears that RPC-404-J has been installed onto the page that contains its code, which
has made deleting it impossible. As every time we send someone to delete it, they go
blind. ~Vizlox, Authority Cyber Security Director Addendum.2: The following is the transcription
of an audio report given by an Authority Cyber Security Agent following an attempt to neutralize


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