Rita Ora Talks Hosting & Performing at the MTV EMAs | Weekdays at 3:30pm | #TRL
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Rita Ora Talks Hosting & Performing at the MTV EMAs | Weekdays at 3:30pm | #TRL

-Rita, you’re hosting
this year’s EMAs. -I am. -November 12th.
-Yes! -You guys, give it up.
-That’s real. TAMARA:
So, they just… -Congrats, baby. -I mean,
I’m trying to get like you guys. -Absolutely. Yeah.
-I’m so excited. -I feel like…
-You’re clearly a natural. it’s gonna be in my hometown of London;
we’re doing it at Wembley, which is, like, a really kind of
famous venue back there. And, like, it’s going to be,
like, a really big deal. Because we’re gonna
have performances, I’m gonna be performing. I haven’t really,
we haven’t announced exactly who else is performing. We got some great nominees
like Taylor Swift, -Shawn Mendes,
Kendrick Lamar, me. -Yeah. Ed Sheeran.
It’s gonna be fun. All right. What can we expect
in your performance? -Is there gonna be a surprise
you can… -Well, I’m actually, it is, it’s actually something
brand-new that I’m gonna -actually, um, give EMAs.
-DC YOUNG FLY: Uh-oh. -(cheering)
-Uh-oh. -Well, then we have to watch
November 12th. -Uh-oh! -Nice.
-November 12th. -You guys better be there.
-I’m… you got to let me know! -I know.
-All you got to do is call me. DC wants to be your date.
He’s gonna be on the red carpet, -like, “Yo…” -You’re also
nominated for Best Dressed. -I am. -So we can expect you
to be turnin’ out there, right? -Well, you know!
-(cheering) Stunt, girl, stunt. You know you got to just kind of -give it to them
sometimes like, bam! -Bam! -How you got to give it to ’em?
-Like this. Bam! Bam! (laughs)
I’m in love. All right, you’ve obviously had
really dope collaborations with everyone from Iggy Azalea
to Ed Sheeran to J. Cole, but we obviously want to know who is the most fun
to party with? Oh, man, without a doubt,
Ed is just, like, so fun. -I’ve heard stories about Ed.
-Really? -Ed likes to get down.
-I mean… -Ed lit. Ed lit.
-Ed is just fun. You know what it is, it’s
’cause it’s, like, you just go, you have a drink and it’s just
like everything is so chill. There’s no pressure. It’s like going down
to, like, a bar or a pub just with your mates, and you
just, like, have a good time with no, like, cameras
all in your face. -It’s just, like, good vibes.
-Yeah. He seems…
he’s such a down dude. -We had him on our premiere.
-Yeah, it’s fun. -I know. It looked so much fun.
-Yeah. So, so, y-you just said that you was gonna be performing
the EMAs. -I am. -Like, how do you feel
about performing? -Uh… -‘Cause I know,
I know it feel good. Well, it’s gonna feel good
’cause we’re gonna be at home. I’m gonna be at home in London,
so that’s gonna be great. I’ll have the whole family
coming out and all that. But you know what, I think
it’s gonna be fun ’cause… DC YOUNG FLY:
I-I’m coming. I’m coming. -MATT: That’s what
I’m talking about. -Yeah. -Let’s go.
-I think it’s gonna be fun because at this moment in time
in the world that we live in, I think it’s so important
for unity and for everybody
to come together. So, really, the underline
of this award show is really about everybody
just celebrating each other’s goodness and grace
and happiness. Love. That’s spreading the love. -TAMARA: Thank you, Rita.

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