Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings
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Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings

>>Following the shooting in Odessa, Texas
which claimed the lives of seven individuals and injured dozens more. The right wing is of course twisting itself
in knots in an effort to blame the shooting on anything other than lax gun laws. Now one of those individuals is a well-known
right winger. He’s not a politician, but he gets involved
in politics quite a bit, Tony Perkins. He’s the head of the conservative Family Research
Council. Take a look at what he has to say about why
mass shootings are happening so often in America.>>At some point, at some point, we have to
realize that we have a, as a nation we have a problem. And the problem is not the absence of laws,
it is an absence of morality. Really the result of decades long march through
the institutions of America, driving religion and God from the public square. Discussion of the absence of a moral core
in our culture today. I mean look, we’ve taught our kids that they
come about by chance through primordial slime. And then we’re surprised that they treat their
fellow Americans like dirt. It’s time we talk about the result of the
last systematic march through our institutions, driving religious expression from the public
square. I think we have to go back to the point where
we instill in these children. Or at least give them the opportunity to know
that they are created in the image of God. Therefore they have inherent value. And as the first President in the United States
said, don’t think that we can have morality without religion. We’ve driven religion from our public life. And we’re shocked that we no longer have morality,
and we no longer value human life.>>Yeah, I can’t stomach religion anymore. I mean, look, I haven’t I don’t agree with
it, obviously. And I think that the right wing religious
leaders in this country. And by the way to be fair all across the world. All the right wing religious leaders in Islam,
in Judaism, and Christianity and Buddhism, it doesn’t matter. They’re all right wing zealots. They all destroy any semblance of decency
in their religions. And yeah, I understand this. First of all, the main point of this story
is of course, it’s not about religion, of course about the guns. Of course, it’s about the NRA. And I agree with him that it is a lack of
morality. It’s a lack of morality in Republican politicians
who go, as long as the NRA gives me a check, you can kill anyone you like. I’ll keep passing more pro-gun laws. Yeah, that’s a deep seated lack of morality. But what I can’t stand anymore, is these right
wing pricks moralizing to us when they’re the most immoral people on the planet.>>Let’s talk about that for a second, because
I think it’s important to call out the very people who claim that this country lacks morality. When in reality, they’re the ones who lack
any type of human decency whatsoever. So let’s talk about the Family Research Council
and what it has advocated for throughout the years. Now, I remember something that they did back
in 2010. We reported it on the show. So in 2010, the Family Research Council paid
$25,000 to congressional lobbyists for what they described as resolution 1064. Ugandan resolution pro homosexual promotion
in a lobbying disclosure report. So what was that bill? Among other things, it would have imposed
either the death penalty or life imprisonment for sexual relations between persons of the
same sex. So this guy obviously, he doesn’t care about
human lives, because he’s making excuses for why people are getting killed here in the
United States. He doesn’t want to talk about gun control. He wants to talk about how it’s just going
to happen, because we supposedly lack morality, but he doesn’t care about human lives. He’s advocating for people to get murdered
in Uganda. If they have a lifestyle he disagrees with.>>This guy’s evil.>>Yes, he is.>>Evil bastard. Who’s trying to get people killed across the
world. Okay, so then he says no. Since I believe some dude 2000 years ago walked
on water and some lady had a virginal birth. And some dude was willing to murder his son
on behalf of a sky god, I’m more moral than you. What? Because you believe in nonsense mythology. No, because I know that Athena came from the
rim of Zeus, I am more moral than you. What are you talking about you, moron? No, and because you don’t believe in science,
you think you’re more moral than us? No, morality is about being decent to other
human beings. And there’s plenty of that in Christianity. There’s plenty of that in Islam, and all other
religions, but you ain’t it, okay? And all of you right wing zealots who go around
saying if you don’t believe in my mythology, then you are not at all moral. We will remove morals From the schools by
teaching them science know, we put in facts and reason and logic. And we took away your moronic support of insane
mythology, which you substituted for morality. Instead you go around trying to kill gay people
across the world. You have all these insane laws that make no
sense.>>Donald Trump, I mean, really, you’re going
to talk about morality?>>Morality. Porn stars. He’s sleeping with porn stars, Tony Perkins. I thought you hated that adulterous affairs,
one marriage after another. Hey, Tony Perkins. Have you ever read the Bible? And the Bible says you can’t get divorced. How come you’re not going off on Trump? Cuz you’re a hippocrite. The good parts of the Bible, they despise
men like you. People who use Religion for their own power.>>Yes.>>And greed. You read the Sermon on the Mount, you read
the good parts of the Bible, and they think you’re the worst of the worst. You have fate waiting for you if you believe
in that mythology. As bad as you could possibly imagine waiting
for you in hell, Tony Perkins. Jesus, you know what he did first, he threw
out the money changers. And Tony Perkins is like, where is my money? Gospel, preaching the gospel about money,
money, money. Greed is great! We should give everything to the rich. And then all right, yeah, give money the politicians. Tony Perkins If there is a hell, you’re definitely
in it, definitely!


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  • krazyknva78

    Those motherfuckers need to shove their religious bullshit up their asses; atheists seem more moral & ethical than these bible thumping nutjobs.

  • DetroitLives313

    It would take years if ever to change public morals. People are being shot and killed NOW. This guy Perkins is an asshole.

  • Ellen C

    Is this a joke?…it's a lack of a moral core that's to blame? …yet these are the people who ignore that Trump had three wives, five children and cheated on all his wives (can't imagine if that had been Obama what the outcry would have been);. overlooked the fact that he bragged he could sexually assault women because he was famous; paid hush money to a porn star and playmate; Has lied over 12,000 times. If we are all children of God…why do they tolerate his mocking of women, disabled, Veterans, Mexicans, Muslims, American Indians; who is so cruel to take mothers from their children, and treat immigrants so inhumanely; was going to deport in the next couple of weeks dying children, who would have literally died if sent back to their home countries (but reversed it yesterday due to public pressure). Yes, the moral core of this society has gone done, but that's all the more reason we need to have a President who exemplifies what our values should be, not steps on them.

  • Capng123

    The mistake TYT is making here is assuming that when he says "morality" he means "right and wrong". He doesn't. It's important that everyone on the left understand this before engaging these cretins: when the religious right says "morality" what they mean is "tradition", ie what was "right" in the past is still "right" now because our big book of jewish fairy tales says so. This is how the Bible was used to defend slavery, it's how it's still used today to justify atrocious behaviour of all kinds. If you ask these zealots whether or not it's ok to NOT be religious and just be a good person they will flatly say NO. You MUST follow DOGMA and DOCTRINE otherwise you're not a moral person, period.

    So don't waste your time. You might as well argue with a wall… made of very stupid bricks.

  • Tom Price

    So it's a lack of religion that leads to mass shootings?
    OK, the countries with the most atheists are:
    1) China  
    2) Japan
    3) Czech Republic 
    4) France 
    5) Australia.  
    6) Iceland
    Why aren't these countries having mass shootings every day?

  • Cristian Ramirez

    Their cult beliefs is about to fall, I believe that someone did create this worls but I don't believe others words about God. Sooner, the crazy right wing cult beliefs will be their down fall. Don't mess with the majority of the people. It will backfire

  • drkpaladin777

    Which is a factual statement and not opinion
    1. People have lost their morals since the good old days.
    2. More firearms are in circulation today than ever before.

  • Michael Brown

    They know religion is BS! The Vatican's hiding the truth. Anyone can google "ancient Kemet", to find where Christianity was stolen and midified from. It's 2019. The Jesus gig is up. They're Jesuits!

  • swisshakilla™

    He definitely has a point, weak people need religion to help prevent them from entertaining certain thoughts.

    This is the logical conclusion to the collective lack of morality the left has systematically promoted.

    Now no one is safe, because we are only a collection of cells that spawned from primordial dust.

    Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted 🙃

  • Rodatam Le

    Who killed millions of people during the centuries that passed???? Religion in the name of God. They keep brain washing people and people are still if not more stupid than our ancestors were.

  • Sonny Tuft

    “Blaming it on everything but relaxed gun laws”? You guys always blame the shootings on an object.
    Cenk loses it over Christianity probably because it offends his religious cult of Islam. Hey guys, Ilhan Omar praises and publicly supports terrorist fanacier, Al-Shabaab. Keep fighting those Sunday School Worshipers.

  • Lifeisoverated

    Oh hell no ! I'm an anti-theist and spend ALOT of time listening to and debunking arguments from christian apologists like this fool. If anyone now adays used the bible as a moral guide they'd be thrown in prison. The bible literally condones salvery, rape, and genocide. I don't need an ancient book of fairy tales to tell me what's right and wrong. Also, don't try to blame the education system for this just because you're butt hurt that they won't teach your creation myth.

  • Vincent M

    You see this is why in a few years the republicans are going to find they will sink into obsolescence. Young people dont fall for this horseshit and the country is getting browner. We will always have corruption in politics but these fools are making their corruption and hypocrisy so transparent and their greed so blatant for a fast buck that its going to seriously hurt them. Its going to be so funny when Trump is out of office how they all will be on their hands and knees begging the voters for forgiveness. In fact a few are starting to do that now like the republican running against Trump.

  • Alejandro Cisneros

    Saudi Arabian Government labels atheists as terrorists – think about that! They then decapitate them in public.

    (Yahweh/Allah/God) must all be ostracized for their dangerous tomfoolery!

    That is, if they have existed, in our life! Most likely they don’t… so let’s ostracize these ideas & the people who uphold these ideas!

  • Sound Judgement

    As a Christian myself, seeing Tony Perkins use this in the gun control debate and argue that no one can see value in other people without their specific brand of right-wing conservative Christian makes me furious. Very few things truly make me angry, but this is one of them. I hope anyone reading this know there are more people like me out there that believes using God as a shield for your inadequacies to act and as an excuse to not do what is obviously best to protect the vulnerable is despicable. I hope one day everyone who believes like I do can live and think this way too.

  • Miranda Hall

    Man, how is Cenk able to rant and rave like that without severely cursing on air? The kind of humbug coming from this right-wing zealot would make ANYBODY furious potty-mouths. Props to you, Cenk.

  • xadam2dudex

    The lack of a moral core ? This from a man who ignores the major tenet of Christianity which is charity …if we lived in a moral society there would be no rich people like him and the other republicans that seek to rule the world…it is easier for a camel to pass though the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into heaven…the rich use religion to do everything true religion is against.. Perkins is an abomination

  • Glen

    Yes, we should tell our children that God brought them down from heaven and put them in their momma's tummy, that will absolutely stop gun violence. It's just like telling our children to stop having sex before they're married will stop abortions.

  • eatmorenachos

    Right wing "Christians" give Christianity a bad name. There are plenty of developed nations, especially in Europe, where they have far less religion but also a lot fewer guns and mass shootings are rare. It's not a lack of religion that's the problem here, it's too many damn guns.

  • morgana marvel

    "Drive god from the public square.". Isn't that the idea? Isn't church for godness?

    A camel has a better chance of going through the eye of a needle, than this
    jerk having anything to say worth hearing. 👋 Needs a snack in the mug.

    Love you Cenk!😘

  • eyeoftheshydragon shine

    does this Alt-right know that the US is a SECULAR COUNTRY????? meaning we don`t put religion in the country THAT`S WHY the founded fathers wanted the US to be a secular country then a religious country like Britain and other countries like European and others around the world then the US and "i think" China do this alt-right wipe their ass or feet with the US Constitution or they don`t even READ it because that isn`t what the Founded fathers want for the US AND FYI "IN God We Trust and Under God" we BOTH put into the pledge Allegiance AND the US Dollar in the 1950s DURING THE COLD WAR because we didn`t know if the U.S.S.R and the US world start a Nuclear war etc. that`s why the Government put "god" on the money and Pledge of Allegiance it WASN`T on During and after we got our Independence from British Crown we put it on During the Cold War 😒😒😒

  • ashley

    the further we drive "god" and religion out of this country the better it will become. the irony in this piece of shit's words is unreal

  • ashley

    atheists/secular humanists are the only truly decent people in the world. (if) they do not harm others it is because they choose to do so with no incentivized sky paradise or to please some man floating up there. they are decent because they want to be treated with decency themselves. morality and religion have never coexisted. men like this are part of the last few that cling to some bullshit theology and I relish that my children may grow up in a world more secular than the one we have now. keep talking morons, it will be the nail in your already constructed coffins.

  • will Bedford

    Yeah they are shooting people because they couldn't read the bible in school. When I was a christian I was racist, didn't care about women and was just an overall asshole.

  • Maddox Tolliver

    1:22/ "the first president of the united states" probably said that after "MORALLY" whipping the piss out of one of his slaves.

  • Matt H

    Oh, Christ, I can't even listen to this rubbish.

    Even dispensing with religious considerations a moment — if God is SO angry with us for teaching "the theory of evolution," then why is it taught without "controversy" in countries where the gun violence rate is much lower?

  • Citizen 72521

    The lack of morality is due to the inability of religion to convey morality or ethics & the rejection of emperical reality on purpose to manipulate the gullible into supporting the false concept of evil in order to divide humans. Keep pushing the illusion of scarcity and the notion it's ok to take more for the sake of self and to support family within corporate fascist systems.

  • Matthew Madruga

    I cant even comprehend in a religious point of view where that would make sense. 'They treat people like dirt' but they came out of the dirt kinda with you, and that shows a group mentality that you should be with those people. Church is literally saying lies that dont even make sense, and then getting people to pay them.

  • Reba Henderson

    Where was all yout morality during slavery and genocide of Native Americans? Hypocrites. Where is your morality when donating to the NRA? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING ALL YOUR CHURCHS. You have used religion to divid and conquer. They support a demon from hell like trump and these treasonous Republicans. We do not respect your lies of morality when you support a racist sexist non Bible reading criminal thug who is caging children and lying about everu Black person he can. We are done with all your pompous evangelical crap. You supporting trump tells us all we need to know about your belief in GOD. If, you did believe in GOD you would see trump is destroying our country and harming our world with his hateful rhetoric.

  • Leigh Hewit

    I bet money that Tony Perkins is so far in the closet that he's having adventures in Narnia.
    He supported and tried to help the cover up of sexual assault charges against Wes Goodman too.

  • Kathy Sexton

    I can understand teaching us we have inherent value but that is not what religion is saying…we are born of original sin? According to them we come out of the gate flawed….And we know how many bad seeds come from "Religious" institutions.

  • Bill Steinback

    When daddy (the state) solves his problems with violence and mommy (religion) enables daddy, how will the children behave????

  • Eric Burton

    Religion is evil, God is not moral and we live in an amoral world. Our ugly history proves that over and over. Commit evil acts for a greater good is the history of all society’s in the world.

  • David

    If its religion that keeps people from committing mass murder then why is it always a Christian Republican trumptard that goes on these massive killing sprees? But snuggle up real nice on tight and get real comfortable in your cognitive dissonance absent from reality.

  • Opinunate ted

    Cenk. Athena did NOT come from the rib of Zeus. She came from His forehead.
    It was Eve that came from the rib of Adam.
    Keep it straight.

  • Norm Haletty

    Cenk says he cannot stomach religion anymore and he is pro-science yet he sells and wears sweatshirts with the faces of people dressed in Islamic religious garb on them that represent a religious ideology invented nearly 1500 years ago. How scientific is that, and totally ignores the fact that science has proven that gender” is (not) just a social construct.

  • J. Hurt

    Those right wingers are meat heads. No intelligence in those men. I guesz you don't need any intelligence to become a senator, just money.

  • One World

    Wow….. what a fresh new idea. Religion and morality…….. like the greatest genius ever of social commentary--Frank Zappa– said in an excerpt from "Dumb All Over" (album: You Are What You Is):

    You can't run a country by a book of religion! Not by a heap or lump or a smidgeon
    Of foolish rules of ancient date designed to make you all feel great
    while you fold, spindle, and mutilate those un-believers from a neighboring state

    To arms! To arms! Hooray that's great, two legs ain't bad

    unless there's a crate they ship the parts to Mama in
    for souvenirs…… two ears? Not his, not hers, but what the hey
    The Good Book says it's gotta be that way…..

    but their book says "Revenge the Crusades"……..
    with whips and chains and hand grenades!!

    To arms? To arms? Have another and another, our god says there ain't no other
    our god says it's all okay, our god says "THIS IS THE WAY!!!"
    it says in the book "BURN AND DESTROY"

    And repent and redeem and revenge and deploy
    and rumble thee forth to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
    cuz they don't go for what's in the book and that makes them BAD!!!!

    So verily we must choppeth them up and stompeth them down
    or rent a nice French bomb……. to POOF them out of existence!!!

    If ya don't get it and ya don't like it, Frank was accurate when he said those who don't like his lyrics and music are the very people the song's ABOUT. Evangelists and fanatics quickly go into spontaneous combustion mode at such practical INSIGHT.

  • StuntpilootStef

    Even christians get morality from the same place as atheists do (reason and empathy), they're just not aware of it. Most oppose slavery, so the source is definitely not their bible.

  • StuntpilootStef

    Treating people like dirt? You mean like the GOP is doing by taking away their healthcare, marginalizing their votes, letting their water be poisoned and putting children in cages? WTF is wrong with this guy?

  • megan Shott

    The absence of God and it's the left's fault. Ummm did he forget they are backing a Godless president. One who thinks he is a God? Jeez!!!

  • Hebrew Gad

    The white man has a 400 yr history of being immoral. Whites are the same now as they were then. White people this is who you are be honest and own it. Whether whites believe in GOD or not they obviously love evil more.

  • Private Private

    Religion is root of all bullshit. The religious are the ones that condemn people. Once they condemn people they devalue people and disregard their life.

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Simple way to shut down your religious nuts…

    Healthcare … Jesus would without a shadow of a doubt would have been advocating an NHS.

    In addition, he would definitely have a complete ban on guns and world have none of these multi-millionaire preachers poncing about in private jets.

  • Valli Weidemann

    Just waiting for one of them to come out and say "if you don't want to die in a mass shooting, kill yourself before you leave the house."

  • Mikey Thrussell

    You can't have an absence o something that doesn't exist, that is a god. Ban all gun ownership. I expect lots of hate from the gun lobby, let it be.

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