Ridgeview Middle School’s Mad City Money | Hosted by A+FCU
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Ridgeview Middle School’s Mad City Money | Hosted by A+FCU

[MUSIC] This is the first year of Mad City Money. It’s all of 7th grade and a couple of 8th graders that are participating in it. It’s like a real-life experience where they get to go around and do shopping. You know, they get to shop for a car, they get to shop for a house, you know, buy clothes. And get them a feel of what it is to actually be, you know, be an adult.>>I’ve done personal budget projects in our BIM class but it’s not as hands on as this one’s been. It prepares us because it makes us think about our budget and how we should be saving our money for things later in life that we might not be thinking about right this second. Yeah, I definitely- I appreciate what my parents are doing a lot more now than I used to because now that I know they pay all these other things monthly, because I had never knew they had to pay for this much stuff. When you look at something you wouldn’t really expect it to cost that much but then you actually go up to it, and then you’re actually in your parents’ shoes actually buying it, or looking at it, it’s like, whoah, that’s way more than expensive. Cause you actually have a limit and you know the exact limit to your money. But when you’re shopping with your parents it’s a lot different because you’re used to sometimes using their money.
>>When I grew up, there was no such thing as, you know, teaching a class where you learn how to be an adult and that’s what we want. I wish we had this experience where you can go in and see how much, how you can spend your money and see how the sells people actually go and try and tell you to spend more money than you actually should. And that’s what this thing really teaches them.>>So this type of event is great for the District and Career and Technical Education in general. One of the things that we really focus on is real-world for our kids. And we want them to have some experiences that really prepare them for what life’s like afterwords. So this is a great event in the sense that it’s just like you and I have to pay our bills and unexpected things come. Sometimes they’re good. Sometimes they’re not. And the students are having include that in their budget. It really relates well to our big overall goal in that we want our students to be ready for the real world. We also want them to be ready for, in this case, the finances of that world. Whether that be their personal finance, a business, what-have-you, and so it helps them practice those skills.

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