• Dannette Cox

    #EarBiscuits First of all, what does a particular view on the age of the earth have to do with the fact that, 1. The Universe did have a beginning. And 2. If the Universe (Nature: Time, Space and Matter) did have a beginning, the the cause of that beginning had to therefore, be timeless, spaceless and immaterial? Rhett, which of these 2 point do you disagree with, and why? Do you believe that the universe brought itself into existence? If so, is it therefore your belief that the universe existed before it existed?

  • Dannette Cox

    #Earbiscuits Rhett, I do not believe you are being deliberately deceptive either. In considering the possibility of abiogenesis (life arising for non-living matter), as you know, a 'simple' cell contains at least 100 functioning proteins and proteins are built from a chain of amino acids (of course you know this). Now each of these amino acids must be linked together by a peptide bond, and not one of the many other possible bonds that can link amino acids. The probability building a chain of 100 amino acids all linked by peptide bonds is roughly 1 chance in 10 to the 30th power. Next, as you know, every amino acid has a mirror image of itself (left hand and right hand forms) and functioning proteins can only use the left-handed forms – yet they both occur in nature in roughly equal frequency. Now, the probability of forming a chain of only left-handed amino acids 100 links long all bonded by a peptide bond is again roughly 1 in 10 to the 30th power. But that is not all. The 100 left-handed amino acids must also bond in exactly the right sequence to form a single functioning protein (and a 'simple' cell has at least 100 such functioning proteins). Here's the kicker: there are 20 different amino acids used in proteins. Given the fact that each position in this sequence can be held by any 20 of these amino acids, the probability of the formation of this single functioning protein is now roughly 1 chance in 10 to the 65th power. That's right, 1 chance in 10 followed by 65 zeroes. For the chance formation of just one single functioning protein. Rhett, you and Link are trained engineers. You know what it takes to make complex things. You know that chance is not an option. Come on guys!!!

  • Dannette Cox

    #EarBiscuits Rhett, I am afraid that you have become so committed to you new belief system, that you have perhaps become impervious to the information that I have provided here. So please tell me where I am wrong and why I am unreasonable for believing the scientific reality that the universe (nature: time, space and matter) had a beginning, and for believing that the source of time, space and matter had to itself be timeless, spaceless and immaterial? And please explain to us how, given the fact that every single information code known to man (without exception) is preceded by a prior intelligence, that DNA (the most complex information code known to man) is somehow the magical exception. Can't you see how unreasonable this is? Perhaps you would like to share with us a single example of an information code that isn't preceded by prior intelligence. My purpose in writing each of these entries is twofold: 1. To see if you have thought about these things deeply enough and if you therefore, have an answer. And 2. To demonstrate to anyone who might be reading my entries that a belief in God is, by far, the most reasonable position.

  • Katie von Gremp

    I have a question for Rhett and Link. What happened to the sideways painting of Lionel Ritchie that was on an old set. The set was painted green, and the painting was of a man with a blue and white striped shirt. He looks like Lionel Ritchie from the 70s and eighties.

  • A B

    The admirable bottom line of this video: A considerable amount of introspection and the painful, if not excruciating, recalibration of the moral compass of a man endowed with a substantial dose of intellect and integrity. R. E. S. P. E. C. T. !

  • Sherlock

    Hey Rhett, I am a fan of y’alls show and I would love it if you could check out this video related to the topic you were discussing.
    I will be praying for you.

  • Susanne Lee

    Coming from this same childhood…having these similar thoughts and more…ty for this. I already looked up to you guys for being amazing humans but now this made me appreciate you even more.

  • Cha'lie Joy

    Rhett: I'm not gonna think abut it. So you stop thinking about it!
    Me: Rhett… Your hair situation is the sole reason I clicked on this video… So I'm thinking about it.

  • KappaHunter

    If you could prove that the truth is the truth without a doubt, than you would have no choice but to believe it. And that negates the purpose of free will. If love isn't a choice then its not love. And God wants us to love him, just like he loves us.

  • Crystal Thomas

    Rhett, thank you for sharing your story. One of the reasons my husband asked me to marry him is so that I could continue teaching Sunday School since we were sleeping together. I soon stopped teaching that class afterwards. So I know where you are coming from and I know the heartache and dilemma you have faced.

  • Melody Lustig

    Im really interested to hear Link's story because he never really talks about philosophical stuff. That's always been Rhett's thing

  • Madison Bouse

    Haven’t heard anything so relatable in a good long while. Thank you for your transparency, Rhett. I think there are a whole lot more of us in the same boat out here than you may realize.

  • Jeff Pelletier

    Thanks guys, for sharing this and opening up and stepping out in courage (which as we teach our kids doing hard things with fear at the tip of your sword). I myself SO get this. I am still on my roughly 2 year journey of deconstruction. Working in ministry for 12 years certainly sheltered me from cracking open the real questions that had been lingering for so long. Once I was open to ask the questions, my world opened up. You guys are doing good work. When you figure it all out, give us wanderers the answers 😉

    Here's to all the True Scotman who are now sailing the open seas.

  • dan west

    Rhett, we are similar in the sense that I also want everyone to like me. We can't please everyone! That's not socially possible with all the different, funky humans out there. It's not easy saying you don't believe what your family does. Been there – done that. Good for you, brother. Follow the truth – follow your heart!

  • Mama Of5

    Patterns of Evidence (a documentary) does a great job showing evidence of a great group of people near Egypt but it’s never said that the artifacts are evidence of the Israelites because of when archaeologists have decided how to date everything.

  • Alan Howell

    Best episode ever! Considering that 30% of the country is completely non-religious…and that now only 49% of the country is Protestant, this episode is really important. It speaks to many that have realized, (or will eventually realize), that truth and empathy are more important than ideology. And Rhett, thank you for being Openly Secular. It's very brave, especially when you are in a close family and social structure….been there myself many years ago. Over the years I have found multitudes of people who were basically living in the closet. They had set aside unsubstantiated, outdated myths, and finally set aside the faith of their childhood. Once they came out it was freeing in a way that faith always promised, but could never deliver. Well done brother! Looking forward to hearing Link's story as well.

  • Josiah Bradbury

    It's almost midnight and I've been listening for over an hour… I'm crying… this is my story. the same basic steps, the same heartache when you're just waiting for anything to respond…

    Thank you…

  • Lots 'A' Cluckin' Farm

    This is the most beautiful podcast I have ever listen to. The pureness being poured out of your heart is truly inspiring. Thank you Rhett for telling your story.

  • Jayden Harris

    I’m very interested in your story and have been for a long time and I thank you for being so brave and comfortable discussing this hard and complex topic!

  • Re - View

    Rhett, thanks for sharing.
    Very interesting new book You should check out is Joshua Seamidass’s “The Genealogical Adam and Eve”

  • Tyler Wolsten

    I never comment on stuff, but Rhett your story is close to mine. You sharing this has opened up a lot for me to deal with, and decide to “come clean” to my still very religious family. Thank you for your bravery to share this and the impact your example is having for me and my life.

  • Mark Jongebloed

    Question: in the Episode where you guys ate the Carolina reaper during a time lapse there is a moment when it looks like u (Rhett) is praying. This was like 5 years ago. Rhett u said uve been a “hopeful agnostic” for about 7 years now. So what happened there? Did u “relapse” Due to the heat? 😅😅

    I’m just curious

  • Darcy Cornish 2.0

    So much fuxkong respect Rhett , you have no idea.
    There’s a very big difference comparing yourself to god and another human being

  • Michael Foster

    Strictly been just a video watcher in the past, but after listening to Rhett's story I couldn't wait a week to watch Link's so I listened to the audio version. I just wanted to say that this series of episodes might be the most engrossed I've ever been listening to a podcast. The both of you are so eloquent and your stories are so enjoyable to listen to. I couldn't relate never having a deep faith myself, but your great storytelling had me enraptured from start to finish. When you eventually do your q/a video the one question I am really interested in is the impact your loss
    of faith had on your relationships outside of your immediate family.


  • WhyLime008

    Hahahaha LINK. Imagine, as a Mythical Beast being almost run over and then looking into the car to realize that it's Rhett and Link. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sally VonHum

    I feel like the ones that watch this series of Ear Biscuits are going to know you both so much better than all the ones refusing to watch. You open up and lay yourself bare and I am so proud of both of you. I've come from a super religious background where even now I can't tell anyone all I think about and believe. It's been through people who are honest and open like Rhett and Link, Stephen Fry and a few others that I've gain my validation for always searching for truth and not just tradition. I thank you, Rhett sooooooo much for having the balls to share so much with us. If for no one else, I have gained so much from watching this. TY #earbiscuits

  • WhyLime008

    Rhett it would be so easy to just hide what you believe. So I think it's wonderful that you guys are so open. Even if that has repercussions. I feel closer to you guys and as a regular viewer I appreciate it.

  • Taylor W. C.


    This is a video from Dr. Braxton Hunter from Trinity Radio. I’m just posting the link to hopefully increase the chance of Rhett seeing it…and others as well. It’s a respectful response with no ill will. I respect Rhett’s honesty. A lot of us go through this.

  • All The Artsy

    As someone born in a deeply Catholic country, but has been agnostic since 12, and a cosmic nihilist since 16, welcome to the light, Rhett.

  • Alla P

    Rhett, thank you for what you’ve done. It is huge. Thank you from those who have similar stories and are now at that sea, not knowing where to go and what to hold on to. It was so meaningful and helpful – knowing that I’m not the only one going through the same stuff. I’ve been asking myself why I’ve been following you guys for so many years. Now I know the answer

  • Emmy Stevens

    I can't tell you how much these last few podcasts have meant to me. I was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household, I went to Catholic school for 9 years, and have struggled with faith for a long time. Thank you for sharing your story, I am looking forward to Link's story as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • J Calvao

    Thank you so much for giving us all this insight for how deeply religious folk follow their own path, which sometimes leads towards the real truth.

  • bernsber

    Almost an exact representation of what I went through five years ago. Including the wife crying and us moving. I have no god belief anymore, with only one creed: “Are you kind and loving, or are you a jerk?”

  • mchschrm

    I'm reformed and a missionary. I'm grateful for your willingness to share your story. I feel like you have helped me to get better at loving the "Rhetts" in my life.

    Rhett, given that you were raised Calvinist and that you read so voraciously, I was wondering if you have ever read Calvin's Institutes. He has a quote that is sort of connected to what you shared: “Surely, while we teach that faith ought to be certain and assured, we cannot imagine any certainty that is not tinged with doubt, or any assurance that is not assailed by some anxiety.” -Calvin III.ii.17

  • Pietro Del Franco

    Aaaand, as always, it always comes back to the problem of evil… Rhett is very wrong about the historicity of the Resurrection. He should have read Gary Habermaas

  • Patricia McNeil

    I have a minimum two hour commute each way each day… I am so happy to have found you guys… The volume of old content will keep me busy for ages… And this one??? Fascinating and very well done.

  • Luke Hardy

    Thank you so so much for putting these stories out for us to hear.

    My story has been so incredibly similar and I'm in the middle of the shift.

    I wish I could hear more about how you've navigated that with your wives and kids because that's the hardest part for me right now.

    I hope I can hear more.

  • Kayla McMe

    So sad to hear people fall away like this. I appreciate your honesty, I hope that someday you can see God coming back into your life❤️

  • Tom Spa

    In today's world you have to be very careful with "birds" taking the seed away. And you know that the seed gives life.
    Rheet man, you are here becose there are many ways … U are searching , what to cover all bases. U should stick with truth search. Don't cement every scientific research you hear.

  • Philip Gardner

    Really powerful stuff and probably nearly impossible for you to come out and publicly discuss. But I thank you for doing it

    Very insightful

  • Wil Staley

    Interesting that Rhett says he tried to have faith in the midst of doubt. James 1 says that if anyone lacks wisdom, that he should ask God who gives generously to all… BUT, the man who doubts should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. (See James 1:5-8)

  • Luke Stevens

    Well boys, it's great to hear about your past and how you got to where you are. Thanks! Rhett you're my homie keep doing you 😉

  • Anthony Carrai Jr

    Don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment Rhett, but I’m praying for you and love you! https://youtu.be/JC9fHrLHBfM

  • karla malcolm

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Rhett for sharing this poignant story of your life. It was so clear listening that it was a torturous journey… Anyone who has experienced a crisis of faith would totally relate and be grateful that you could so clearly articulate it! Jumping not to another boat but into the water and pulling your family in- that is the perfect analogy. It took courage to jump and find freedom. Freedom to be uncertain means being open to all possibilities… there is so much out there to explore. Stay open and curious, live this life. We love your so much!!! Thanks again. You make a difference.

  • karla malcolm

    It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks about your internal journey, just be honest and stand in your truth. In the end that’s really all you can do. Hang in there, you guys rock.

  • Caleb Gosselin

    ur reasoning and logic is very in line with my reasoning and logic and sometimes i feel scared to voice my opinion on this topic because its very touchy and its refreshing to hear that you. also share this goal for pursuing the real truth in things

  • Cody Gabel

    I don't often comment on YouTube videos, but I felt compelled to today. I feel like Rhett's brutal honesty was refreshing and brave, even though I don't have the same belief system as him. Thank you for sharing your struggle and talking about the things that I have never heard anyone talk about, and starting a conversation that we can all be a part of.

  • DomCagney

    Dont listen to idiots on twitter, this is my favorite ear biscuit. Its the most riveting of all and Ive watched it multiple times, including the other ones. And I can't wait for Link's

  • Northern Light

    Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share. I think this was an important show. I underwent a similar journey. Changing ones mind according to your concience and evidence should be celebrated.

  • Very Vennie

    As someone who never had belief I cant imagine how hard it was for you. As a child I consumed copious amounts of media and I had the perspectives of people from around the world. I think I've just always came to terms with the fact that we only live once, and if theres more out there then great. In the mean time I want to make a mark on the world, make others who are going through something happy, even for a fleeting moment, then I'll be able to die happy. I made this realization as a child while going to church and not listening to the sermon and thinking about all of these fantasy worlds from the media that I consumed and all the reasons these protagonists continue on in the face of grim circumstances.

    This coupled with the fact that church seemed like a waste of time when I could be just living and enjoying my life and focusing on bettering my skills and goals while I can.

    Thank you for sharing Rhett my heart goes out to you and you and your family will only grow from this experience and become stronger than ever before.

    Side note: this is my first ever earbiscut because I've been on a podcast spree and i realized I never listened to this one. It's gonna be a hard one to follow up haha

  • Kristen R

    I understand having doubts. I do think, though, that someone who believes and finds themselves having doubts should consider that a tiny human mind is not going to be able to grasp the enormity of what God is. I don’t think we’re meant to understand everything. That’s just my personal belief, if you believe differently, that’s okay too.

  • kyle stubey

    I love this episode. I went down a VERY similar road when it came to my decision to step away from the religion I grew up with. I really appreciate you telling your story publicly. 🤙🤙

  • JessicaL

    thankyou for sharing this story Rhett, I know it's not easy, but hearing this actually opens a lot of way of thinking to me, so thankyou!

  • Heidi Sutherland

    I appreciate the open, respectful dialogue about journeys of faith! My question for the Q and A: I’ve always felt that if I were to leave my faith, I would miss having God to pray to, especially in times of crisis. Do you feel an emptiness or loneliness not having this relationship with a higher power that was so central in your life for so long? It seems like there could be some grief, like losing a beloved parent. Do you miss God from a relationship standpoint? #earbiscuits

  • Ricky Moore

    Hey Rhett I don't know if you see this but if you do please checkout
    Digital Hammurabi about hermeneutics and Aron Ra on evolution

  • James Leandre

    This is the first time I sat through a whole episode of EB and it's truly fascinating… Proud of you opening up about this Rhett #BYMB

  • Shareena Wilkins

    Wow Rhett. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it beautifully crafted and well spoken. I found myself relating to it on many levels and you put into words many thoughts I have not yet been able to articulate. Looking forward to hearing more about your faith now and hearing Links journey next week. 👏

  • Keith Mccullough

    Thank you two for doing this. There are so many people that are probably going through the same things and having the same doubts and questions and the more people they see voice those issues they will feel comfortable about having these conversations and not feel awful about themselves or "broken" . Thank you again! Cheers

  • The Lone Ranger

    As someone going through a very similar story to Rhett with a very similar thought process, I'd honestly love to hear more in depth of what points, facts, and arguments convinced you on each point along the way

  • Flick

    I'm not religious and never have been, so I find these types of personal journeys both incredible and tragic. I'm not done with the video, but 1:02:00 was so powerful that I felt it was worth commenting on. I wish more people could break away from the brainwashing and ask these questions. I hope your video helps some others who are struggling with faith find their own way out of the darkness.

  • Nichole Sanfilippo

    Thanks for your bravery. It's funny; sometimes I pretend that if we knew each other, we would be friends. These past few biscuits have re-enforced my pretend state. Good for you, follow your truth.

  • TheGomeRyan

    I know he tried, but there's no way to say that you have come to understand the "truth" and that the things you've come to believe are the only plausible explanations without sounding arrogant and condescending. It was surprising coming from someone who is usually so self deprecating. Obviously, we are all coming from our own bias, but what I heard was, "I can't believe in a God who doesn't do things the way I think they should be done."

  • Danny Campbell

    Maybe I live in a hole but for some reason, I've never heard of you – not until THIS story started appearing in my secular circles. Thank you so much for sharing this. Seriously, there are untold millions of people out there wrestling with issues of faith and to have your, dare I say, "testimony," is invaluable. I look forward to seeing where this conversation leads and how your story will impact the lives of others.

  • Wade Tisthammer

    31:20 to 31:27. Commendable.
    31:28 to 32:40. The dangers of bad apologetics and bad scholarship. 1:13:03.
    1:02:45. I don't believe those either.

  • Jessica Arnold

    I have a very similar spiritual journey as I’m sure many do. Grew up in church as a preachers daughter and began to question things until finally letting go of the constant inner battles. This was amazing and thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. That’s why we love you guys!

  • Ava Hunziker

    I'm only 17yo but strangely enough, I relate a lot to what Rhett said and it helped me to process my thoughts. I'm naturally very curious and I always question things and it can be a real burden. For example, sometimes at school I start wondering "What is the purpose of my existence?" "Is there some kind of transcendance?" and then I just look around and I keep thinking that people of my age don't ask themselves such existential questions. And as a teenager, I don't want to be apart or left out, I don't want to be freaking out about ideas/concepts that most people I know don't care that much about, but too often it feels like some of us become mature faster than others. So going through my journey to build/find my own beliefs, Rhett's words (especially from 1:17:18 to 1:18:02 ) resonated greatly with me. Implying that maybe it's okay not to know everything because there is a middle ground between faith and atheism, being an "hopeful agnostic", is a beautiful way of approaching life and I find it very inspiring.

  • Milk

    I loved this episode ! I didn't think I'd want you to talk about your religion because I had assumptions (you grew up in the south) and I wanted to keep relating to you. Turns out you are an incredibly relatable, normal human being.

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