RH Films Host Movie Show in Mumbai
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RH Films Host Movie Show in Mumbai

This is Hemang Somaiya. He works with RH Films as a VFX and 3D editor. He is too good! He is Rajesh Kulkarni. He was incharge of 3D ideas and the story. They have a team as well. My question to you is, what made you show your movies? Hearing movies are progressing so well. Deaf individuals fail to lip read and they don’t understand dialouges. If a Deaf individuals acts and Signs, then Deaf people understand and become happy. It is very useful and beneficial. Great! This is very important! Our Deaf friends create movies in Sign language and show it to the world. It is very important. It was very exciting. You all know Helicopters right? Wow! I thought they paid for the helicopter! But no! How did they do this? Let’s ask him. I am a 3D editor. We didn’t hire a helicopter as during retakes there were chances of it getting damaged. This is why we did it in 3D. We worked for 3 weeks. All of us are Deaf and it was very difficult. We worked very hard to present it to everyone. There were a lot of computer problems but we still worked hard so that everyone can see. I am impressed! 3D is the first step. I hope in the future, the entire movie is 3D and is completely recorded indoors The last few days I was suprised because RH Films had announced their show for 11th August. But 3 months prior to this, the tickets were completely full. The tickets were full right? How exciting that so many people came. Now that the tickets are full, what are you planning next. The August tickets were full and people kept asking for more tickets. So we decided to move the show to September so people can book tickets. So that people in Mumbai can watch for the second time. Are you happy? Just because tickets are full you will not miss anything. You can watch the movies again! Get in touch with them and learn how to book tickets. There is a small girl who acted in the film. Her parents are Deaf as well. She acted in the movie. She is the actress! I was very excited to see myself act in the movie. Are you planning to act in the future? Yes I do! This is Santosh Amuge. He works at Being Human. He styled the clothes very well. My question is, what do you feel about the stories? It was very beautiful! When I saw the film I had goosebumps! It was very positive. I laughed a lot. In the 8th movie, the way they were signing, their acting and the way the couple ran away, it was very similar to Hearing South Indian films. I never understand those stories as dialouges are all in the spoken language. The Signs, gestures, etc. really made me laugh. I clearly understood and enjoyed.

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    Wow.. The Film ? deaf language sign movie good.. Deaf work film grow "New movies deaf language sign" like… I am watching Story Deaf film like very good…Smile.. My you same Deaf Heart smile..

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