Review: Tatau Blockchain-Based AI Computing Platform – Powerful GPU Computing
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Review: Tatau Blockchain-Based AI Computing Platform – Powerful GPU Computing

Review: Tatau Blockchain-Based AI Computing Platform – Powerful GPU Computing hi everybody and welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell I want to tell you about this one company that I’m super excited about and I want you to check it out and I’m going to show you a couple of articles that I read that are really fascinating it’s about computing power a lot of companies just are not keeping up with the demands of computing power some companies are still using old-fashioned CPU based power what we need now is GPU based power it’s much more robust and it’s even better if you can put it on the blockchain and there’s one company that’s doing that and doing it great right now it is called – Tao and well let’s check out this article that I found I think you’ll like it a lot I’m gonna put all these links are gonna be in the description below this video so you can read it for yourself to tell launches first AI that’s artificial intelligence ready decentralized supercomputing platform I love this because they’re combining first of all computing power yes but it’s decentralized and so you’ve got that blockchain technology there and it’s AI ready artificial intelligence this is a game-changer so according to this article to tell a technology company delivering cost-effective and efficient computing outcomes to the AI artificial intelligence industry announced the launch of its blockchain based supercomputing platform if you’re into computing and you like your computing to be super powerful and robust like I do you’re gonna love this – Tao is the first commercially viable decentralized supercomputer pre-configured to perform deep learning and other advanced AI operations – Taos compute pricing is substantially more cost effective than traditional suppliers now furthermore – Tao utilizes a function as a service model to deliver computing outcomes as opposed to computer instances and so – Tao is essentially unlocking non-traditional sources of computation it’s really disruptive in a good way they’re increasing the supply reducing prices cost-effective introducing outcome based computing and opening up these much more robust than the traditional sources as we can see so I’m going to put a link in the description below this video you can read this whole article for yourself here’s another one and this one says it’s a beginner’s guide to two Tao blockchain based AI computing platform once again – Tao a distributed computing platform with a focus on enterprises the platform is based on the blockchain and uses artificial intelligence to tap into the underutilized GPU as opposed to CPU resources around the world and this is important because what problem is to Tao solving the team behind it out feels that the current data centers that are cpu-based have not evolved enough as innovative technologies arise specific advances that have been overlooked include video video rendering streaming out a little it exhibition intelligence of course to resolve that issue – Tao provides a distributed computing platform that focuses on providing computing resources to enterprises under taking complex computations in the artificial intelligence vertical the platform offers blockchain based processing services that’s key here it’s on the blockchain and you know me you’ve seen my videos you know I like just about anything that uses the blockchain effectively into Tao is doing that I want you to visit their website to tau dot IO and the link again click on that link tap on that link in the description below the video to go there it’s a blockchain based AI computing platform tapping into underutilized GPU not CPU computing resources worldwide and you can log in and sign up right here with that button and you can read the white paper let’s take a look at the right at the white paper really quickly we’re not going to read the whole thing because it is long and very detailed but it’s really fascinating lots of information here in the white paper and so you want to go past the table of contents and go to the background it says right here today artificial intelligence powers so many things phones computers household thermostats voice-activated virtual assistants on purchases it’s just the beginning of the transformative impact that artificial intelligence will have on society it’s huge if you’re not aware of artificial intelligence if you’re not adapting to it your jobs could be in trouble and your business could be in trouble so you want to look at GPU as opposed to CPU this is right here in the white paper and that recent interest in GPU comes from the unique benefits that the GPU offers when applied to artificial intelligence and graphics rendering GPUs can process hundreds of times more threads than the current CPUs and you can see that right here in the graphic right here compare the CPU multiple cores it’s got a few GPU thousands of course what a difference much more robust and so once again we look at the problem building more traditional CPUs based based data centers is not going to be enough to meet the rising growth in AI that’s the problem the CPUs in these centers are inadequate to cope with the exponential growth of artificial intelligence video rendering and predictive analytics these data centers are some of the most energy intensive building types they’re consuming a lot of air a lot of energy 10 to 50 times the energy per floor space of a typical commercial office building so that’s not good it’s very wasteful the old fashioned model so how are they solving this the issue of growing demand for computational power by artificial intelligence can be effectively met by creating a solution that utilizes both GPU based computing for increased speed and less energy consumption less waste and distributed processing use using available computers in a sustainable manner that reduces the environmental footprint caused by increased computing and which company is doing that I only see one right now it’s 2 tau a system that offers a solution to a is ever increasing demand for computational capacity it’s a blockchain based platform we talked about that it offers an advanced eco-friendly cloud service specifically designed for processing artificial intelligence and video rendering utilizing not CPUs gpus and it is on the blockchain built on a theory amp to Tao enables anyone to buy and sell computing capacity on its decentralized marketplace and that’s what you can sign up for when you go to the website so most their funding most of it is going to come from private investors that’s the latest update that I have on that but you can still get involved you can sign up for their computing power once again it is less wasteful less consuming of energy cost effective and much more robust much more powerful than the old fashioned CPU model they have a technical overview here how it works so you’re submitting the computational computational request to to Taos API and we’re not going to go through the whole thing but you know you can read about it on your own and see how it works it’s built on as we mentioned aetherium to leverage a pre-vetted code base of smart contracts and uses the IP FS as an off chain storage it’s it’s really amazing so they’re utilizing the blockchain and artificial intelligence in a very intelligent way and you can read all the stats all the specifics about the computational requests how it works it’s really fascinating so and they have all the specs here all the partnerships who are they partnering with some really amazing well-known companies blockchain labs tech a me blockchain at Berkeley these are partnerships and you can read about the release schedule of the software and meet the team all the founders I like it when you can learn about the highly highly qualified team app to Tao so let’s look at the website once again the problem existing CPU based data centers old-fashioned not effectively evolving with the rise of AI video rendering and streaming analytics they’re solving it with a distributed computing platform focused on artificial intelligence tapping into underutilized computing resources worldwide blockchain based data processing services on the t-tau platform they’re compliant combining GPU computing and artificial intelligence with processing power greater number of cores remember we showed you that graphic more cores as opposed to much less with the old-fashioned CPU model this allows for faster calculations in it and analytical models greater memory capabilities more memory bandwidth allowing for the GPUs to process data much faster and much more efficient ten times more efficient as we mentioned GPUs can be up to 10 times more efficient than the old CPUs allowing firms to save over power consumption if you want better power more power get involved with it in the t-tau ecosystem first to provide proof of work computation for artificial intelligence and rendering tasks focused on global distributed computing the requester only pays for compute the computing tasks that are done it’s not wasteful parallelization of tasks and offers function as a service it’s huge they’ve got a vision they’ve got a great team you can meet the team they’re partnering they’ve got the board there they’re the partners we talked about before and the roadmap I like it when they have a roadmap I love that you can see where they’re going what their vision is and they’re making it happen if you want to experience the speed and ease of commoditized artificial intelligence computing log in sign up right here you can also contact them info at 2 tau dot IO you can read their blog I encourage you to read the white paper because that’s where you get so much great information it’s unique its visionary it’s on the blockchain and it’s utilizing the latest and artificial intelligence technology for their computing platform the best one out there that I see much more robust less weight less wasteful and since it’s on the blockchain that’s a huge advantage for me because if you’re on the blockchain I probably like it a lot better and I like this a whole lot I want you to check it out to tau dot I I’ll click on the link in the description below the video or just go right there in your browser type it in your phone type it in your computer ta tau dot IO check it out and check out those articles as well I’ll put those links in the description below this video I’m bringing you all kinds of opportunities this is an opportunity if you are an individual or a firm and you need or just want better more robust cleaner friendlier more eco-friendly and more cost-effective computing to tau is the place to go thank you so much I want you to keep checking back here at looking at the markets for the latest in technology the latest in the blockchain the latest in artificial intelligence and opportunities that I see and I’m bringing to you thanks a lot I appreciate it my name is David Modell this is looking at the markets I’ll talk to you again soon


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