Reserve IP Address in Router using DHCP Server Android/Windows – DHCP Binding
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Reserve IP Address in Router using DHCP Server Android/Windows – DHCP Binding

hello tutorial shows you how to reserve
IP address in router using DHCP server examples on Android and Windows 10
let me quickly explain what is DHCP server and how it works DHCP dynamic
host configuration protocol is a network protocol that enables a server to
automatically assign an IP address to your network devices from a defined
range of numbers that is the scope configured for a given network DHCP
server dynamically distributes network configuration parameters my IP address keeps changing
example when computer connects to the network it requests an IP address from
the router then DHCP server automatically allocates an IP address to
the computer for a specific time typically a DHCP server renews your
lease automatically without you having to do anything however if the IP
addresses lease expires you’ll be assigned a new IP address so the IP allocation is given for some
time and can change after it’s expired or after reconnection you don’t have many devices in your
network then your device might get the same IP address again but there’s no
guarantee to put it briefly the DHCP server can assign any available IP
address it wants IP address reservation or dhcp binding our internal IP from changing you need
to enter routers web interface and allocate your device a static IP address
while DHCP sever dynamically assign an IP address every time a device connects
to the network my nighty to Mac could avoid IP address changing with
reconnection once a specified IP address and a device’s MAC address are bound the
IP address will be reserved for the device and the device will get that IP
address every time it connects to the router
let’s reserved IP addresses for my devices to find all Network devices you
need to download and install advanced IP scanner all useful links can be found
below in the description you you you can install or run portable version
it’s up to you here the range of IP addresses that will
be scanned go to view and clear the show dead checkbox to see only the devices
that are on okay start scan you this is VT router from my internet
service provider this one is a tp-link access point now I
need to find this computer and my Android phone you can compare my IP or
MAC address and prom and type ipconfig /all hit enter here is the physical address an IP
address now let’s check the Droid phone go to
settings scroll down and find about phone cap
status scroll down here is phones IP and MAC address you computer and this is Android phone go to your router if you have any question about double
router setup and configuration you can find tutorial in the description in the tutorial i demonstrate on tp-link
but the options should be similar on other routers
you just need to find DHCP server tab and search for menu items similar to
address or IP reservation DHCP Mac or IP binding you you input the MAC address of the device
where you want to reserve IP address choose the IP address which will be
reserved by the router enabled is not like format let me quickly fix it you let’s do it for Android phone reboot your router you
you okay let’s check what we got you
you as you see my computers and phones IP
addresses has been changed to a static now each time these devices connect to
the router they always will get exact same addresses
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