Remove Encryption From SQL Server database Objects with Ease
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Remove Encryption From SQL Server database Objects with Ease

In this video we will show you the
method of Decrypting Encrypted SQL Server Scripts & database of a sequel
server database from the live environment, using SysTools SQL
Server Recovery Manager Software. Our software helps in Decrypting
database objects like functions, triggers Procedures, Views etc of a sequel server
Database. Now for this example, let’s Encrypt Database Objects in SQL
Server Management Studio From the object Explorer, choose
Databases option, and select the desired database. You might have come across
instances where you must make encrypted database objects, for security purposes.
Or a need to edit your encrypted records. For example, let’s check out the method
of Encrypting stored procedures, Choose the desired option as shown here, and hit
the New query button from top menu. Then right-click on the desired object,
and choose modify option. Then you can see the views in detail, on
the right side of the screen. Now enter with Encryption command before the line
as shown here, and hit execute button, From the top menu.
Then you can see the success message below.
After that open SysTools SQL Server Recovery Manager software on your system.
The software opens with multiple options to choose. From the options Here, choose
to Decrypt Encrypted SQL Server. Scripts option below, then from the next
window, Choose start button. After that you have to enter the server
name in the respective option field. From the login mode option below, choose either windows authentication, or the SQL server Authentication option.
Now let’s choose the windows Authentication option in our example,
Then from the drop-down option, choose the desired database name of your choice. Then click Next button to proceed . Now you can preview the decrypted scripts on the left side pane, & then click Next button. Then in the next window, you can
see options like SQL server and SQL server Compatible SQl scripts
to export. Now let’s select the SQL server
option in our example. Then from output mode, choose either
without encryption or with encryption option. Now let’s choose the without encryption
option, From the target database, Enter Server
named in the field below, & choose desired login mode as well. if you choose
the SQL Server Authentication option Then you have to enter the user
Credentials in the respective fields options below. Then enter the name of any newly created
database in the field option. After making the desired selections, Click
export button to initiate the exporting process.& after the exporting process
completes successfully, Click OK. Now you can see the detailed export report here, and click yes to close the application. Now let’s check out the output to see
the decrypted data. Open SQL Server Management Studio on your system.
Then from Object Explorer, Choose Databases option, & choose the desired
database, which you have selected as target database.
Then select the stored procedures option and select the desired object. Then
Right-Click and select the modify option. Now you can see the Detailed Decrypted
view here. Then scroll towards the end, and under
the command as shown here, in order to check if the views has been decrypted
properly, Here you saw in simple steps How efficiently our software helps in
Decrypting encrypted database objects We are looking forward to hearing from
you please share your valuable comments and suggestions below And that’s it ! Hope you enjoyed the video Log on to the given product page for
more details and purchasing the product, for any query mail us to [email protected] Thank you for Watching !

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