Remove a Windows Server 2008R2 DC from an existing domain
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Remove a Windows Server 2008R2 DC from an existing domain

Removing a Domain Controller from an existing Domain Run command “netdom query fsmo” to check which server holds the FSMO roles As seen all 5 roles are held by the second Domain Controller This is the DC that will be decommissioned Open the Run screen, type ‘dcpromo’ and click OK Click Next and click OK on the popup since we already have another DC that is a GC Do not check that box since we still have another DC in the domain. Click Next Enter new password which we will use to log into the server locally with the Administrator username Either check the box for server to reboot after Active Directory had been removed or manually reboot After server rebooted, I tried logging in with my domain account but ops… no luck 🙁 So looks like the DNS or Active Directory service isn’t available or can’t be reached OK lets login using the local Administrator account with password earlier created Now let’s check which DNS server this server is now pointing to Now I see why. This server was pointing to itself as the primary DNS server but no Secondary DNS entry Now let’s change this to point to the other DC IP Address Now logoff and login using your domain account Awesome, I am in Check that the demoted DC is now a member server and not in the Domain Controller OU Thanks and I hope you found this video easy to follow and understand been my first of many…


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