Remova propagandas WIX de graça (agosto/2017)
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Remova propagandas WIX de graça (agosto/2017)

And there’s talk of beauty here who’s talking,
Is Bruno Santiago, bringing another video for you guys. And well guys in this video, I’ll teach you how
Get rid of wix advertisements. First, guys, you’re going to
Link that I will leave there of the description, which Will be directed to this page And as you know, on the channel I’ve been bringing
Methods of removing advertisements and I was perfecting, and I got this method
Here, that is simply, perfect. Well you’re probably going to be targeted
services. Here we have plan 1, which is the plan
Free, probably most of you will use. And plan 2, the complete plan. -What’s the difference
Of plan 1 and 2, Bruno? The difference is that, here we have the free plan,
Is the normal site, works without the advertisements, But the difference is that if you upgrade,
Will be redirected to the home page, Simply this, nothing more, and your favicon,
Is also personalized, the title you set In the editor of your wix site. Well already plan 2, which is the complete plan,
You can, go into services, and if I upgrade, It will continue on the same page, and it is basically
This, and also I was able to code, some Wix lines and if you want to
Virtual store, using wix ecomerce, which Is paid, but I managed to leave it for free,
So if you set up on your wix site The shopping cart and send it to me ”
Complete plan “, I can activate cart shopping. Well, let’s go and apply for the plan, like
will be? You come here to ask, wait,
The form, “the internet is slow, if not Has notion ‘or has :)’ “, there he carried, first
You will put, your, first and last name. Your email. Here you will get your domain. Here you will get the “wix site” your address And here the favicon link And then go to “Submit.” *END OF THE LEGEND*


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