Real Estate Website Hosting: What you MUST know in 2019
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Real Estate Website Hosting: What you MUST know in 2019

– Using a poor or cheap web hosting. We know it’s important
to keep expenses low and to make sure that you’re getting a great return on investment for the money that you invest into your website. We’ve seen many agents
and brokers mistakenly opt for a budget-hosting for the website. And you may choose a great IDX solution, client engagement suite,
and a domain name. But if you’re using a budget host, it’s kind of like putting
cheap fuel into a Lamborghini. Some budget web hosts will
provide poor performance for your clients and
can even cause downtime for your site and business, which will cost you money in the long run. The fix? Well, you do not have to
spend hundreds of dollars per month on a host to
get great performance, but you may have to spend
more than five to $10. You want your hosting
provider to be tailored for WordPress and to offer services like uptime guarantees, security, stunning customer support,
and a few other things. Now, one last thing. In the comments, let me know if you’re a real estate agent, the
marketer for a broker, or a digital agency working
on WordPress projects. This is going to help
me know what new content to create and how I can
give you more information that will help you grow
your business this year. (soft upbeat music)

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