Raspberry PI to PBX Basic Install (Asterisk) Phone Server
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Raspberry PI to PBX Basic Install (Asterisk) Phone Server

greetings people he cheap when hackman
here AKA Whackstar. I really appreciate you watching a number of months ago well almost a
year ago I hosted very basic very simple cam corder a quality tutorials on how I
created my raspberry PI Asterisk phone server
system I have to say I’m very grateful for the
support and the people that have viewed those half a dozen videos I do apologize
they weren’t the best of quality and I didn’t know what the outcome of
the project was going to be like almost a year later my little Raspberry PI has been working effectively it’s been great up until
couple of days ago when I sustained equipment failure SD card
failure So I’m gonna start again a fresh
install rebuilt my phone system and I’m gonna try and document it step
by step so hopefully if anybody out there would like a better quality
version one I’ve put on previously this might be
helpful helpful I am by no means an expert and I am very
appreciated the guys that created this website
Asteerisk to Raspberry Pi you can go to raspberrypi-asterisk.org and you know every think I’ve learnt is
of this website and you know if you find this helpful please
donate to them because they worked really hard I would never be able to
achieve anything like this and no it down to business obviously go to the website you gonna be
a couple things to start of for civil you gonna go to the website click on the
download section and scroll down until you get to the bit where you’ve got the
latest image so you can download whatever way
that you are convenient now what I’ve done is I’ve downloaded and then I’ve placed it on my desktop
then if you’re on a Mac you gonna need to install something
called pyrite to I search for pie writer in Google you
can download it from SourceForge and install that and put them onto your computer I once
you’ve done that the next thing that you need to do is
install the brawls 3pi image onto the SD card now I’ve got and eight gig called I’m
going to use this time should be more should be sufficient for
what I want to do with my PBX distribution so what you need to do is you need to
open pyrite up so there are gonna that and it gives you some very simple
instructions on how to do this um it best rt1 digi going to install so
I want to use the Rosebery on distribution I’ve
downloaded so you’ll need to navigate wherever
you’ve downloaded it and then it will say disconnect to SD
card disconnect the SD card click OK its
gonna say are now connected the car so I’m just
putting the the SD card into my computer I you’ll see the it appear and then you
click on okay it will then go through the process installing that image onto that SD card ready for you to use okay so you’ve
image the SD card to put the SD card into your pie you plug your pie and your local network
using an Ethernet cable and then you power up you wait for about
30 seconds to a minute for today its first boot and then it’s ready to roll now the
beauty of this installation if you don’t need to unless you want to plug your pie into a
computer monitor or and a keyboard you can configure this
using any computer on the network to one using my Mac I and the procedure for using a PC is
very similar sites what having up the ass tricks from
raw Ross trip I website go to the documentation section stroll down until you find the section
of determining your hostname and IP address I can now I like to use a PC software
Courtland scandal I actually like to know the physical IP address above my rawls repin I will at some point fix it because I need that for a fixed IP
address and I’ll go into that and some detail
perhaps in another film I’m but you can see that Meyer Osprey
pie he is on this address on my local network now
if I was the type that into my web browser up you will get the Ralph 3pi administration however if you can’t be
bothered to find it actual physical IP address there’s a
quicker way of doing it and you can see here all the
documentation set if you’re using a Mac you just need to
tell I’m tight this section here into a web browser
something a copy that go to a blank page here gonna pop back in that just that and what will happen
is you will go into your free PBX
administration site which is brilliant because if I was to
now click onto the free PBX administration it will asking for a username and
password and that is very very standard you can
stroll down and you can find that in the res Rosli
PDX it’s simple it’s just at man at min i cant at now I would strongly
suggest that you change the passwords once
you’ve got your system up and running because if you’re going to see configure
in a way that people can access your pile you can access your pie over
the Internet people will try and hack your system and
it’s really important that you scroll down and you install this pizza software hey
call install fail to band now the way that you gonna
do that is you’re gonna need to go through a terminal section and the way to connect to the
terminal is very very simple all the the command prompt
whatever you wanna call it and it’s quite simply go back up to the
section is if you’re using a Mac you tight this into your rum you typed this into your terminal you open up a terminal
package and you can see that I’ve done that
already I’m actually using the IP address here and it will take you
into the terminal so you can start writing code income moms that will configure your PB X one it eventually loads and bear in mind this is it’s only a a basic
processor it’s not gonna go to lightning quick but once eventually gives you it will
also you for the root password which again is always roots and the the user ID to go that is Ralph raspberry all okay so there you go
that gives you all the basic bits and pieces then quite useful with this distribution it
also gives you basic commands if you were to type any have these into your terminal it will upgrade
your system you can configure your time zone you can install a fact bit I’ve never
used that no have not had the Neil the need to that to do that the failed
to ban thing which is very important to stop people from hacking your system and also install a dull gold now I’m
gonna make a an extra video about that to talk to you about how you can set up GSM calling with I’m using a SIM card so
there you go you all comfy it you all ready to go now
you can settle your configuration setting up and all sorts a bits and pieces up so
that you can start using your free PBX system and thats a little bit more complicated but that
is the simple way of creating geraldo reply PBX
distribution ready for you to configure for you to
use on a personal or on a professional basis I really appreciate you watching I hope
this looks a little better as usual please right subscribe leave
comments and other ways have one on me


  • Kelly Goerbig

    In the future, you may want to dd your card to an image, or use Win32 Disk Imager to image your setup. It'll save you a ton of time if your SD card takes a dump.

  • S0Call

    this is the best instructional video i have seen so far for a raspbx , could you please post the dongle download , voicemail to email , sms on the webpage and freepbx setup for the GSM Gateway .
    thank you

  • David Hughes

    OK weird question but how do you connect your home's main phone line to the Pi running Asterisk and how do you connect all the house phones to the system?

  • Steve Cox

    Fail2Ban wont help you if you're using lazy username/password assignments. New Asterisk users like to use their extensions as usernames and even passwords (ie. auth name is "100", pass is "100" or something else rudimentary). Use something more complex like the person it belongs to, physical location, purpose, or better yet, the MAC address of the phone or wireless interface. My Asterisk server has only been on the public Internet for 6 months, and I have nearly a million failed authorization attempts. Don't play with your security… Especially if you have an upstream SIP provider that can bill you by the minute.

  • James Cummings

    Why do you specify a 64Gb card? I've never needed that for a Raspberry Pi OS install before. Frankly, if it is purely a storage issue, I'll put an 80Gb External USB on and call it a day. I've used RPi for a home media server and for some strange reason, putting videos on the same SD slowed down playback! External drives were a given. I too, am attempting to involve analog phone line in this project, yikes! I am also wondering if there have been any updates to make this any better/easier/whatever if the user purchases the Pi 2. I'll google that later. 😉

  • y4si0

    You say that we should get 64GB SD Card, but actually i think it would make more sense to get smaller card and an USB HDD, which not only will be bigger, but also will work better over the long time. SD Card will eventually fail due to lots of writes.

  • nfsmohi

    hi wayne to you got the RasFBX image for windows. because i can not get into the website. please send me a gdrive download link.

  • Sandy

    I hired preinstalled Asterisk server for just $32 from www.datasoft.ws and your video helped me alot..Thank you…..

  • Sammy Singh

    where is the tut for actually configure and use PBX, specially with Android .. that is what I need to learn, this video was just writing the image file on SD card and boot Rpi …

  • John Maetta

    No you didn't.

    Why do all of these PBX tutorials detail how to configure an image file. Look, if we've come to your video in search of how to setup a PBX, we obviously don't need to learn how to format, download and install a flash into our RPi's. Just get to the meat of the tutorial, all the preceding info is just useless. There are countless videos on how to configure a flash for the Raspberry Pi.

  • John Weland

    YouTubes auto closed-captioning is great. when you say "Asterisk" it says "ass tricks". Juvenile I know but god did I laugh.

    Anway thanks for doing this video, I actually work for a VOIP company and never knew this side of it, my job is building the UI for admins to control the phone systems once deployed. It was really cool to see this being configured on a PI and gives me the idea to build it myself to mess around with locally.

  • Roger Nevez

    Is it possible to setup a very simple IVR (almost an Auto Attendat) for one single landline?
    (caller interaction via keypad, pre-recorded messages, calls must be recorded, static menu, no call routing, …)?

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