Raise Your Prices!   –  Make More Money Hosting On Airbnb
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Raise Your Prices! – Make More Money Hosting On Airbnb


  • Melissa Garcia

    This is awesome! We spoke with you over the phone through Clarity a few weeks ago. We followed your instructions exactly and have carefully watched certain videos on pricing multiple times to make sure we understand. We opened up of first airbnb unit on July 1st. On July 10th we had the entire month booked. 90% occupancy! And expected to make over $1600 in profit our first month!
    The pricing strategy was key. Holding until we were the only ones with availability allowed us to charge premium rates when our listing was brand new with no reviews.
    We really owe alot to you Sean! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these super informative videos. We are on our way to supplementing our income!

  • Alex Wenzel

    had never heard of www.usewheelhouse.com, been using www.beyoundpricing. Are they pretty much the same? Do you prefer one over the other?

  • Divine Image

    Very insightful! I’m in the process of becoming an LLC. I’m trying to find your course before I get too far in the process. Where should I look?

  • Tasteful Traveler

    Sean, plz comment on last minute pricing. You say to lower prices as the time gets closer, in order to fill a vacancy.
    I disagree. My philosophy is to act like the airlines… last minute bookings or shortage of supply — to me means that people should pay higher prices for waiting til the last minute, when the pickings are slim, and the hotels are already sold out. It works great for me.

  • Kathi Reed Myers

    Another question: Do you recommend AirDNA subscription and do you implement their pricing recommendations, or are there variables? Their recommendations are right at $100 more than my attempt at being competitive in pricing. Thoughts?

  • cashflow

    Hi Sean, I am glad I found you and your great videos on youtube!

    I am a restaurant owner/entrepreneur based in China.
    Pre-host mode, looking to start ABNB full time, seeking ways to connect with my current businesses.
    Plan is to start out with 1~2rooms then eventually scale out within the same building : Negotiating discount rate for multiple lease(Corp. LLC deal)

    -. Good idea to rent and host in a fully furnished serviced apartment/hotel? (Competitor rate $37~50/day, studio only Bld.)
    -. Raise price?
    + Competitor lacks(Niche)
    -. Run Airbnb Part-Time
    -. Low response rate
    -. Don't speak english
    -. Insufficient amenities
    -. Generic interiors and and photos on ABNB
    Plan is to provide better experience and services(some optional)
    – Food delivery(Room Service),
    -.Discount coupons for local shopping etc..
    -.Transportation etc..

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!

    Ps. Webinars, apps, ebooks.. I am willing and open to learn more

  • Red Tuk

    Hi. Great videos! I'm ready to dive in now. I finished setting up an LLC, but I don't know how to signup as an LLC host. Can someone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks

  • hunwarrior

    Dear Airbnb Automated,
    Thank you for your videos, I learned a lot from them!
    I'm really new to this but I put my heart and soul into this flat and would love to see it going well. I only started it about 3 weeks ago, so far it's OK but suddenly all the enquires and bookings stopped. Could you please take a look at my listing? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the price is too high? Thank you so much for your help!

  • Jude

    I've just been absorbing your content man, thanks so much. Do you use a property management company? Or do you just hire a cleaner yourself? Do you think it's possible to start this kind of business while working a 9-5? (assuming you setup systems for guest check-in/check-out). Once again thanks for the great content.

  • Raia Kousary

    Can you base your prices off local hotel prices and not worry about your competition on Air Bnb, I wish. Customers are comparing my property to others in my area on Air BnB usually not hotels.

  • dustovshio

    If you are renovating part of your house (the basement) and you are new. How much should you charge being that there could be loud noises??

  • Charity Hough

    Video is doing better and better, no music in the background, good looking professional look, but could you next time add all your key points written on the screen so I can actually read it myself and maybe take notes myself as I listen to your video? Thanks and looking forward to your next video

  • Flo M.

    Hey Sean! It seems that Wheelhouse is not available in Germany, but I really want to use a tool like that! Do you know any alternative software that is covering even smaller cities in Europe especially Germany! Btw you are giving great value and support! Please never stop 🙂

  • Angela J

    Smart Pricing sets my pricing and it never really changes esp for hot calendar times like Christmas. I had to jump ahead to alter my fees and this Christmas I and getting four times the income! What is up with "Smart Pricing"!?

  • Kasia BIf

    …make sense and good suggestions Sean. I am running one year Airbnb Europe and Australia and I am happy to try it 😉 . cheers Mate

  • Saber Stimson

    such a savage. your video on why to not buy and to rent for short term leases was the first one i saw. I knew right then i was going to go home to jump right in. I was actually flying from austin which is where you were when you made that video I think to my home in Portland. I have this feeling like its already so saturated here in pdx as far as air bnb but i've already got three properties in three key parts of town im grooming. The knowledge you kick has a wealth of value..so happy i found you cuz you attack everything and you're thorogh. I love that its not all contained in a four cd set or some other bs..you just want a like and to subscribe..easy enough. Thanks for everything. I look foward to mining all your videos repeatedly for all i can get outta them. All the while picking up the language and sorta cadence to approach more and more property owners. I think i was a little overwhelmed at all the info in each video that i actually forgot to like most of them but..i plan on watching them all again and taking notes and i'll be sure to hit the like button on each one.
    -Saber PDX

  • Sirena Spades

    I watched this before, but I was too new to hosting to absorb this key info, but this second time around I got it. We'll see if it works in my area! Prices are really low here. Thanks for what you do, it's awesome!

  • Sean Denney

    Love your videos, dude. You give great advice. I just started in the Airbnb game and I am making 43% ROI right now! Beach Properties are HOT!

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