Queen’s School of Computing – Undergraduate Program
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Queen’s School of Computing – Undergraduate Program

My name is Hossam Hassanein director of the School since July 2017. The Queen’s School of Computing has a set of unique interdisciplinary programs like no other. Our outstanding professors are
international recognized and are dedicated educators that are going to give you all the practical information you need to succeed in industry and all
the theoretical foundation of computer science. I think my favourite thing about Queens
Computing is the amount of related extracurriculars that we’re able to participate in. There’s also clubs on campus that are kind of related to software and trying to improve ourselves as developers. My favourite thing is probably
orientation week. It’s just a lot of fun especially as a Frosh but being a Tech, which is being orientation leader in your second year, was probably the best experience for me. My favourite thing is the variety of
people you’ll find in our program. There’s everything from musicians to
artists to athletes to people who just like computing. My favourite thing about
Queen’s Computing is the kind of like general first year and also the fact
that there’s so many different courses you can choose from even if they’re not
specific to your stream. So where to you turn to when you need help? You can talk to any of your professors, to me, to the Undergraduate Assistant, and also there are so many resources at Arts and Science and Queen’s to help students throughout their degree. On behalf of myself, the faculty and staff, and the student body – welcome to the School of Computing.

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