Qué tener en cuenta para comprar un dominio y hosting
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Qué tener en cuenta para comprar un dominio y hosting

Hello world how are they? My name is Joseph as you know and here I come again to answer questions, you are doing me. So they remember do want to raise an issue of debate is interesting because comments can pass it, I’m always checking and answer. Fabian Jesus Pinero Osorio says to me: “jotajota, I want to make an Android app and a website …” and asks me: “… how do you recommend buy things like domain, hosting and others? “. Well, of course as you know, would you also gave your suggestion, because not only things I will say are important, it is even possible that you thought of some ideas, I will not say on video or experience you have had some drawbacks, I do not have occurred and I can contribute. My answer is as follows Fabian Jesus. This great that … because he told me Also in the commentary, what do think is that this application and website that suck the same database; that of course, have to do A) Yes. Hey, it’s curious that he is doing something that I am also doing right now is regarding the website and the application, and in my case it will not be well done, because I’m not enough time to balance all those things; then applying a strip API, which is much faster and programming and the website is mounting the database, because I had not even with database. Well, you know this “home blacksmith wooden spoon, “not because such a thing is happening to me. But Jesus is doing well, is putting the database in … wants to base data for both application page, hence catch information, so that if you change something in the database, changed in the two, Perfect! This is how you do it, the question now is what database you need? I think this is the key question as to which I can recommend for domains and hosting what database you will need ?, a relational database ?, a non-relational ?, or will you need both? Because when you buy a hosting service, domain, not all hosting providers offer you have any type of database or number database that you want; then this will have to look pretty good, because you may just let you have a database. And you can limit Rather application development and architecture structure … you go to ride for you, to you program. Then look at that, look at the base data and see what type of database, perhaps because you say, “if you can make a database with SQL,” but if you need MongoDB, just as you are conditioning enough. Hosting services usually come … can find even free hostings, do not go for it! I do not recommend do anything free, for what you want to work, for a very simple reason: when you have a free hosting, in the overwhelming majority of cases, what do you have, it is not a own domain, but a subdomain of them; therefore, actually the page remains of them, therefore they are owners, they can do whatever they want on your page. Normally, what they usually do is put advertising where they please, because they are the Owners can do it and when you accept the terms of use, you agree, inter alia conditions that; that they have complete freedom to do whatever they want with your page; usually they do not usually take code, not usually take content, it is simply a capsule to add advertising. And these pages, which are free, are not always free; It is for a while and then disappears page or stays there. So, of course … if you you worked, what did you free to try and disappears, for my son, and you’d tell me. So, what I recommend is that you pay and spend the money. In which case … how to decide the service you are going to choose that payment. Well, here is also another issue that may seem you? ridiculous, but usually hosting services, which are usually very cheap this “one dollar, three dollars a year,” usually give problems, because, it may be because the server is on a blacklist, that means: for before choosing a domain with a provider, look at the IP address that has that server, check the IP address and you go … good to check the IP address of a server is very simple, in fact, if you go for example, pages Woorank and you look at a web page, it tells you the IP of the server which is hosted, and since you have the IP address of the server, you Google: How do I know if this server is on a blacklist? And you will leave many pages, I think there is one … a page called Blacklist, do not remember the exact name, but I’ll look and put it in the video description and if I did not put, me comment, if I forgot me for inclusion. And in that Page put the IP server and tells you if the server is on a blacklist. What does that mean? It is possible that the server has been used to send spam or any type of fraudulent activity, so that Internet providers that IP address are castrated and have registered with the blacklist. So if you stay on a page the server is on a blacklist, it has enough drawbacks; mainly in terms of SEO, but in many places because maybe enough access to your page, are limited because it depends on which filters have users, if users have configured security software or even DNS, sometimes the DNS are configured to avoid publicity, if you have configured these software installed on their computers so that Capen IPS blacklists. You server … bone your page, your application, everything, they will not be accessible. So even if you charge a dollar a year, which is a ridiculous thing you say, “that this is very cheap, but that’s bad.” Usually a good server, that allows you to have a number database, uh, well; that is not on the blacklist, usually a hosting service these characteristics, costs three dollars a year, not five. There are pages that maybe … sorry. And there are companies that maybe the first year you want to charge, fifteen dollars and you say okay; bone I see a good price and the second year perhaps, but perhaps from the third or fourth year and charge more, charge, $ 40, $ 70, there normally does not usually happen. But those prices for 80, $ 100 are normal, no, no, do not panic. What you can also do is book the domain, not for one year but make a reservation of 5 years, 10 years, leaving cheaper; the more money but eventually works out cheaper than if each pagaras year … corresponding monthly annual fee. Another thing you have to also look at is what types of technologies Backend you will allow these services because you if you plan to develop your page with Ruby for example, it looks that allow it, that that permitted that the server where you go to sleep page, or it can run Ruby can run Phyton, that this that prepared. Usually rare to find a hosting service that does not exist; There is usually, but it is something that you also have to look at. Voucher. And, that I know, that’s all. And then as the domain, so if I recommend It is that the domain, do not buy point me point; I do not know, see, you have to buy, as it is called, a T L D A TDL (Top Level Domian) which is the extension domain .com or .org that is, if it’s something … nonprofit or .net, or if for example, if you are from Mexico, a .mx and if you are from Spain .es; but no will buy a .jesusfabian that has become fashionable, that, uh, look, “I have a page where I can have my name in the domain” is like “wow! I am important, not .com, but is .jotajota “that sucks, that, that level of SEO is horrible. Buy yourself a .com, if you want something international, because the domain extension, imports and fairly in the SEO issue, okay. Well, there are many issues, I do not want to make a super video ciborium, because this It may seem even longer a Live almost a seminar. But I think with what I said, then you may have already global idea. And of course, if you know someone who has a service on a page does well, it’s a good way, but someone who is using the same types of services that you are have to use. I hope you have been helpful, I hope you comment on this video, of course, and the other people I would like to say, if they have a suggestion, an experience that has happened to these topics domains or any company that has gone wrong and of course, what will not tolerate on this page let me spam links, if any company domain, when you see the title of this video we want to leave to go to his domain, I will not allow, okay. A greeting guys.


  • Pedro Brost

    Hola, me gustan mucho tus videos, me gustaria que hagas alguno explicando como es el tema legal al momento de publicar aplicaciones en la play store por ejemplo, osea que cosas se pueden hacer y que no. Saludos!

  • pi

    Si quieres comprar un hosting, qué es mejor, comprar de esos hostings que solo son para páginas web, o comprar un VPS?
    Obviamente esto es en el caso que necesites tener diferentes bases de datos, etc.

  • Alex Jimenez

    JJ porque no haces un video de como cumplir casi al maximo la optimizacion que requiere la speet page de google para mejorar la puntuacion

  • Alesander López Gil

    Buenas Jota,

    También hubiera sido bueno que le comentaras al chico sobre el soporte, por ejemplo si tiene 24/7.

    Yo en mi experiencia no he usado tantos pero he usado 1and1, raiola networks estos dos con hosting y ahora mismo un vps con centos en ovh donde tengo alojado el backend de mi aplicación. Ovh por ejemplo ofrece un buen servicio, pero el soporte es pesimo, yo por ciertos motivos mi vps fue hackeado por una larga historia y la clave del root fue cambiada, la plataforma o los manuales para poder cambiarlo en su servicios es bastante malo tanto que acabe comprando un vps nuevo porque no iba a estar dos días esperando que me revisaran el ticket, también es interesante ver si el teléfono de contacto es gratuito o de pago ya que si tienes cualquier problema y lo necesitas con mucha urgencia vas a llamar y no me gusta que a pesar de que pago por un servicio y su soporte me metan un recargo. Eso si Ovh es bastante barato y fiable. Con el servicio de soporte de raiola networks he estado muy contento porque era hacer un ticket por la noche y en media hora o así obtener la respuesta o sobre la posibilidad de usar vps si sabe de linux como es mi caso

    Tengo bastantes conocimientos para desplegar proyectos con Linux, yo ahora mismo tengo 4gb y un core y su mayor pico de usuarios que fue 7 millones de peticiones un sábado no tuvo problemas
    tengo unas alertas por si supera el 70% y pocas veces lo supero también mi proyecto no transmite ficheros sino jsons y utilizo mongodb, nodejs y nginx.

  • NyanGuitar

    Una pregunta ya entrando al tema de dominio y hosting, si uno ya adquirió un dominio por internet, como se haría para hacer mi propio servidor de hosting y poner mi dominio al aire por mi propia cuenta? y seria factible?


    Tanto jotajotavm como Alesander López son fantásticos, gracias a todos por su respuesta y comentarios, respecto al proyecto aún no me animaba a hacer nada (Online el proyecto sin conexión a internet ya lo tengo) puesto que aún buscando en otras fuentes, no me quedaba muy claro todo el contexto, gracias.

  • Izan BF

    Hey Jota!

    Ya te estoy pasando los vídeos.

    me falta renderizar dos y ya te envío el correo.

    consultalo cuando puedas porfa.

  • Tio TIZO

    Respecto a dominios algunos son mas baratos como el .info.
    Respecto al resto, una opcion tambien es comprar un vps y montar tu los servicios depende de tus necesidades.

  • Alberto Pardo Díaz

    JotaJota un gran vídeo si señor, ¿podrías poner la dirección a la página en la cuál se comprueba si una página está o no en una lista negra? Gracias por tú tiempo.

  • Eddy Pfoccori

    Yo estoy creando mi tercera web, de hecho estoy formando mi PVN y estoy pensado usar el servicio de ….. no lo diré, pero en fin haber si explicas algo de la velocidad de carga que te ofrecen los hosting, la verdad es que es un lío saber que es lo normal, ya que de cara a google esto es muy importante.

  • BrainBreak

    hostinger por ejemplo, yo solo agregaría un extra a tener en cuenta y es que si vas a usar una base de datos MySQL por ejemplo y lo tienes en un hosting es importante comprobar que se tiene acceso a esa base de datos desde fuera de ese servidor.

  • eberth jaramillo

    Algún comentario sobre GoDaddy, alguien que lo esté usando y su experiencia con el servicio que brindan?. Saludos.


    Que tal Jota, gracias por la información donde puedo comprar dominio y hosting seguro y que este disponible la extensión de .com agradezco desde ya tú tiempo y atención.

  • Moreno Flore

    tengo muchas preguntas jajaja saludos desde Perú buen trabajo. lo primero es como puedo crear mis correos corporativos una ves tenga mía hosting y dominio.
    puedo crear dos o más.paginas en un hosting y usar correos corporativos para ambos ?
    puedo usar slack para mi sitio web como correos corporativos ???

  • Gastón MendozaC

    Hola deseo hacer un curso online con muchas videoclases de manera privada o por lo menos los video algo protegiidos ….que hosting me recomendaria …muchas gracias de antemano …………..muchos likes

  • Marielys Betancourt

    Te vi en Tutellus 😀 ¡Que bueno verte por aqui! Quiero subir mi curso a Tutellus, pero he leido post que dicen que la plataforma no paga. En tu experiencia ¿Pagan o no? Agradecería tu respuesta. Saludos.

  • juan carlos liendo segovia

    es posible comprar un hosting y luego adaptarlo a una web de clasificados? o tienda virtual? es decir, dependiendo el plan que tome ya vienen aplicaciones que puedo usar para esos fines?

  • Carlos García

    muy util yo y mi novia ueremos empezar un negocio ambos estamos tomando tu curso sobre web en udemy para crear nuestra propia web,ambos estamos muy agradecidos con las ense;anzas excelente curso recomendadisimo!!!!

  • Proyectos de vivienda

    Hola Jota.. tengo un inconveniente respecto a mi pagina que la mande hacer.. me la hicieron en joomla, y no estoy muy convencida de los pagos que debo hacer anualmente, me gustaría saber si yo me podría apoderar de la pagina pues yo pague un millón de pesos por hacerla hace 3 años.. pero no me siento muy satisfecha.. me podría colaborar. mi correo es [email protected] le agradezco mucho.

  • Susan Guerrero

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  • Consciencia en Movimiento

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  • joseliyo gr

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  • El derecho facil

    A mi personalmente me va muy bien con webempresa…despues de muchos, muchos, muchos…claro que hay que pagar…lo barato sale caro..

  • Rj Tv

    Les recomiendo personalmente este sitio para adquirir el hosting

  • Joel Vallejos

    Encontré un paquete de hosting y dominio de paga, a precio muy bajo. Aqui dejo el enlace :
    >>> @t <<< Para obtener 2 meses gratis colocar el código JoeV

  • cristian milan

    WordPress se queda en el installatron, me dice que WordPress está instalado. Me salen 3 url una para la página web que te llleva a la página donde está la plantita la otra se supone que me dirija a l página de admin y al presionar esa me dirije a una página que dice error en el servidor. Ya trate con FTP y filezilla y nada de nada. Que podría hacer

  • Carlos Rojas

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