• PXL Arquitectos

    he smacks his lips a lot, I´m getting very annoyed i wish i could listen to his knowledge without getting frustrated 🙁

  • Petoren

    Didnt even Einstein asked in one of his later publications, if we could just drop the concept of particles and describe nature only with fields? I am pretty sure I have read it somewhere. But I am also sure he was talking about a sort of expanded metric field. Now I hear about Quantumfields and I would like to answer: yes. But where is the connection to metric.. ?

  • CannaHacker

    This video provides a great bridge between people who consider themselves “spiritual”, and science. No need to be on opposite sides.

  • John F

    I fell asleep watching a video previous to this one, and can anyone take a guess what kept waking me up while hearing this video?

  • NetGuard

    One of the most boring and poorly explained presentations on the very interesting subject of quantum mechanics. The audience looked bored out of their minds too.

  • Grigoris Deoudis

    Science will progress far deeper when it will embrace spirituality
    (and by spirituality I don't mean religion; religion is a mind bomb created for the masses) ~

  • Stephen Griffin

    One of the best talks I've seen online. All of the equations describe what happens but not how. We still don't know why or how.

  • Stephen Griffin

    One of the best talks I've seen online. All of the equations describe what happens but not how. We still don't know why or how.

  • Stephen Griffin

    One of the best talks I've seen online. All of the equations describe what happens but not how. We still don't know why or how.

  • deadmanslastwish

    in the box example. does he just mean the absence of substance or does he mean the absence of everything, including space/time?

  • Wayne Adams

    I want to offer some personal musings, as well as some background information on this lecture. I do not have a PhD, but I do have an MS in Physics, and my BS is actually Chemistry.

    Periodic Table:

    Having worked as a chemist for almost a decade before teaching Physics, I have a different perspective on his new periodic table. While it is interesting, and makes his point, it is absolutely worthless as a practical tool for chemists. His comment about the design of the table shows his complete lack of understanding of how it is used, even though he claims he was a chemist. The table is not designed to explain the underlying theoretical physics concepts of matter, it is a tool that is used to understand and predict interactions between elements. Looking across rows or down columns, one can see patterns that help us understand how the structure of the atom affects its interactions with other atoms, and also give us clues about the structure of the atom itself. The layout is perfectly suited to the use for which it is intended.

    Think of it this way, if you want to plan a road trip, you consult a road map that shows, roads, towns, and landmarks, not a photograph of the background radiation of the universe. That is ultimately how useless his new periodic table would be to chemists. So, I hope he was just using it to make a point, and was not serious about it being a replacement.

    Casimir Force (Effect):

    There is a major unsolved problem with the Casimir Force. Since there are an infinite number of wavelengths predicted by Quantum Field Theory, how is it possible to have more waves outside than inside, regardless of the spacing of the mirrors? Of course, they might be resorting to the mathematician’s favorite idea that not all infinities are the same size. For example, according to mathematicians, the set of integers is smaller than the set of real numbers, even though they are both infinite. Regardless, it is an important problem that needs to be solved, and may lead meaningful insights and discoveries.

    The Theory of Everything:

    The R, F, G, and W are all tensors into which the relationships to solve physics problems are substituted. Substituting the correct relationships in those tensors is the key to solving physics problems. Just finding those relationships may be the answer to a problem.

    For those unfamiliar with mathematical notation, the “exp” indicates the entire set of terms enclosed in parentheses is an exponent on D. The big S shaped symbols are integrals (fancy calculus sums), and the d4x just means the integral is going to be used four times. The big E like symbol is just a summation, meaning you add the terms behind it a certain number of times.

    In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I cannot use this equation. In truth, I have only worked my way through one quarter of volume 1 of the two-volume set, “The Quantum Theory of Fields” by Steven Weinberg. If any of you have finished both volumes, don’t tell me how it ends. LOL

    Building Larger Hadron Collider:

    Just throw more money at it. That reminds me of the liberal social programs that fail. The excuse from the die hard believers is that we just haven't spent enough money yet. Keep spending, and eventually something will work. Perhaps it's time to revisit the theory and try to figure out why there have been no results.

  • Marc Ausländer

    Whenever I hear higgs particle, i remember the day when I was in school and my physics teacher came in and said somewhere in the world "they" discovered GOD Particle, which could trash all the physics we learned at school.

  • Dana Hilp

    I think with high enough energy we will see a partical enter backwards in time and space. It should enter before the rest of the particles.

  • Creator's Remorse

    The incessant smacking of the lips and finishing every sentence with "okay?" drove me crazy… otherwise, great talk. 🙂

  • Nickel Chrome

    Uninteresting. This guy can't say anything that haven't already be hackneyed. Anyway, quantum fields describe particles, and are not real but mere mathematical devices. That's the measure of our ignorance. We don't know what the Universe is made of, and the Universe doesn't need to be made of something in the first place.

  • Danny Mitchell

    Great seeing someone that’s highly intelligent presenting in a way many can understand. My only question is with these incredible discoveries and knowledge but we still think there was a creation without a Creator? To me this shows greater reasoning for God and specifically the God of the Bible.

  • Robin Schmidt

    10 billion $ doesn't actually sound that expensive to me for such a thing. about the cost of two aircraft carriers. and certainly a much better cost-reward ratio

  • Inner Vigilance

    Everything is repeating with slight variations each time. Including your genes and culture. You are not separate from these fields. You are simply deluded by your senses into believing you are. When you die your self ceases to be a self and you are reabsorbed back into the earth.

  • Horde News

    For my understanding in quantum physics we know the "jump" of the electron when it interacts, and can see and calculate mathematically once the jump has concluded, but we are unable to see or calculate the timing and the path of the electron movement. It does not just "teleport", there is a movement path, but it is just too fast for us to track with todays technology. Also we cant accurately calculate mathematically electrons, protons, neutrons, tau and muon because mathematically were deciphering them as a point on a X and Y Axis graph when in reality they are not, they somewhat look circular but they are actually inperfect: more like an always arranging gas cloud; So how do we mathematically calculate an always moving particle? we only estimate.

  • William Spenson

    Ri videos are great. I follow them on a regular basis.

    I just have something to say.

    1) He mentioned just 1st generation of particles. There is 2nd gen. 3rd as well. He was talking about them at the very beginning of the field part. There are even much more particles, according to supersymmetry. This guy knows it well, but there are interested people watching.

    2) you guys mention some names in a disrespectful way. Eg. the way Harry Cliff mentioned Paul Dirac. Even worse, the way David Tong speaks about "crazy Russian guy".

    That guy's name is Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman and he is foremost one of the smartest people currently living on the Earth and he solved Poincare theorem. Grigori Perelman doesn't obey the social rules and expectations, but it doesn't make him crazy. He knows and understands much more then we do and ever will.

    3) Channel is really really great.

  • Stranded Starfish

    He should have started the lecture with, "It’s a warm summer evening, circa 600 BC, you’ve finished your shopping at the local market, or agora, and you look up at the night sky. There you notice some of the stars seem to move, so you name them planetes, or wanderer."

  • the video master

    22:46 no such thing as empty space if something be it a wave or a particle can be observed then the space is not empty a truly empty space would be undetectable void of anything and therefore it would not exist.

  • Kade Croft

    So consciousness is probably also a field that can interact with the other fields giving rise to physical matter. We would then probably experience a physical reality based on our beliefs and intentions. Neo was a prophet! 🙂

  • EM Castro

    What could have hold those quantum fields together in the universe? The bible has the answer to that "And He (i.e. JESUS) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17).

  • Cthulholm Hastur

    Tong should have his own TV show (unless he does and I'm just not aware of it). One of the best that I've seen.

  • Michael McMurray

    Excellent presentation.
    Something that finally makes sense.
    Interesting model of quantum fluctuation in vacuum state.
    I'm not a big fan of vacuums.
    I think the electron field that drive's the model is painting a quarks field or a leaking in from the nucleus at wave function collapse the electron>photon.
    A quark field homogeneous with the electron field is prefered to a vacuum state that can not exist if we have fields.
    When it comes to the electron it probably helps to understand that they are by-products of quark burning in stars.
    The Lepton family comes with various mass because of variables in velocity. Higher velocity will stream to avoid low velocity magnetic traps in the field. Velocity is the key to the particle mass.
    Neutrino comes in flavor like the quarks.
    Maybe the neutrino is unbounded quark ejeçted in hydrogen burning?
    The velocities would be 200 M/s faster and give the mass for the electron like detectors.
    Nine months could change everything.

  • Jim Williamson

    Consciousness is an additional field that is why it (conscious observation) interacts with and effects superposition.

  • Michael

    I think it gives a quite misleading picture of quantum fields. For example, classical fields certainly permeate space everywhere, but quantum fields do not (even two simple quantum particles do not live in ordinary space, but in a "configuration space" of at least 6 dimensions; quantum fields are vastly more complicated than this). And the quantum vacuum does not fluctuate — it is stationary. One only finds fluctuation effects when something is introduced into the vacuum (such as conducting plates or measurement devices), in which case it is no longer a vacuum.

  • Adventures & Events

    The way it he ended the speech is literally, "We scientists think we know everything (even enough to claim that there is no God), but we realise we know nothing after every trial".

  • Pericles21

    Theoretical Physics needs super instruments w energy on cosmic scale – this instrument is available (natural astrophysics) and should be used in innovation investigations, e.g., gravity wqve diffraction studies with possible leads to fine structure 'pcitures' of new field, particle/mass interactions. Gravity wave studies needs a earth-moon scale, stabilized 'instrument'.

  • Pericles21

    The clarity of this presentation, imho, is related to facility with one's language…and the lecturer's style is precise and done with carefully chosen words as one would expect from a 'homeland' English speaker. America is yet to evolve to this level of language facility…which might explain why American media is so dependent on exclamatory symbols, gestures, memes, pictorial impact etc.

  • Rick Ebert

    Around 3:40 Tong says of elements of the Periodic Table: … 10 of which were discovered in this building …
    I pause the video – there is something awesome about standing in that place physically or virtually.

  • Linn Specialist

    If dark energy is so powerful, dark matter will not be able to function to hold the galaxies together. This relation between dark energy and dark matter to be studied seriously.

  • Modular Interactive

    33.42 isn't proven yet and may be complete nonsense – a scientific construct. In fact not even the HC could find evidence of any of these extra 'duplicated' particles.

  • Michael Jetnikoff

    Hi,as is but a drop in the ocean of the uan1verse,look art earth tail,where prev ‘yr,’haelthiarcoil ‘orbit’,quantum breath,thus not still,or Oo(.),sudden Oolerping to max dens,quantum are in Grav field ocean,thanx,bliss

  • Computer Scientist

    When time started to exist? Actually, that never happened …as there is no such thing …the other thing that is not discussed here are elements outside of our own periodic table that exist on other worlds… Element 115 to example … that was previously undiscovered … imagine what else exists … despite the fact that time itself does not exist

  • Scott Finney

    The fluctuations inside the vacuum can be solved. They are thinking in a linear direction. Writing a paper on it. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

  • David Rowlands

    Of the fundamental fields – is there just one field of each filling the whole of the universe which has numerous ripples giving rise to all the particles and forces or are there multiple copies of each field – one field for for each individual particle and force?

  • RG Tamz

    Lots of love from the Philippines. How I wish he was my science teacher/instructor/professor during those days. Perhaps scientists can make a spaceship powered by electromagnet. What do you think? 🙂

  • The Artificial Society

    The Casimir effect, when one says there is something between the plates, there is a problem in arguing you have vacuum because you have two plates and you have measuring devices trying to measure something all of which are not nothing. So who knows.

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