• Zenn Exile

    Quantum super computers will be able to simulate reality to a measurably accurate degree. That is far more significant than any notion of data security.

    If you don't know why, you are not intelligent enough to have an opinion that matters on the subject.

  • quickquill

    bipedal robots and what type of computing will power them. A.I. is also very interesting. What has IBM been up to with that? How is Watson doing in the medical field? How is the Human Brain Project doing?

  • niel nielsen

    So i may not have a quantum computer in my house in a year or even 30 years. But there may be cloud access to a computer that has it, when you need something done that benefits from quantum computing.

  • NKPyo

    You guys should do another video on the future of education. You can talk about Minerva Project, Make School, Altschool, Draper University, Virtual/Augmented reality applications in education and other innovations!

  • Michael Spence

    Quantum Computing may never be more than a niche. Optical computing is where it's at. No heat means an order of magnitude more miniaturization/less power and implantation becomes practical. Please do an episode on this

  • Eric D

    The way I see it, in a while we will start seeing Quantum computing units installed on PCs in addition to the CPUs and GPUs, maybe we'll refer to them as QCUs. Like you mentioned, they really are only good at certain types of problems in the same way that GPUs are only good at a different type of problems.

  • DocWolph

    Quantum Computing has a room temperature equivalent coming down the pike, But that's a few years off yet. Still it would be many more years even decades before we learned how to best use Q-Comps.

    There there is Holographic memory. A single crystal, a single Cubic Centimeter, could hold billions of Terabytes. And its relative no volatile which means, it will last at least as long as a book.

  • goalmaster14

    assuming they can get quantum computers to practicable enough for a consumer release. Am I the only one excited about the gaming possibilities?

  • Joshfw892

    Parallel processing is something that can be achieved with open source big data processing frameworks such as Hadoop. The idea is that you run a distributed cluster of servers that can be separate machines (physical or virtual) and it operates as a single cohesive whole. Quantum computers look like they could hugely increase productivity in data centers but as you said in the video I don't see them being used in personal computers.

  • Living Sandwich

    can i sneak into the place where the computer is, hook up a monitor mouse and keyboard ad play everygame high settings at 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000k?

  • Adan Stap

    I have mixed feeling about quantum computers…. they solve "optimization problems" better than classical computers but who here thinks to themselves "i wish we had a better computer that solved optimization problems better"? Just give me a cheaper graphics card and I'll be happy

  • Paul H

    I can build a classical computer to perform computations beyond on trillion trillion plus. The mathematical composition takes care of the balanced state between the electron and photon. Heat and Below Kelvin. Its easy, you instruct your classical computer by imputing mathematical data based on its capacity. The computer performs at high speed a trillion times faster to its maximum capacity allowed. Sorry these guys have a few hundreds years to go before they see anything from where they are. They can not get to where I am from where they are right now……..

  • Honesty Counts

    3-D Holographic Data Storage, that's what has me excited. Imagine being able to store 100 TB of data on a Holographic Disc the size of a regular DVD ? Now that's what I call amazing.

  • Watford470_V2

    I hope we will be around when quantum computing is made public if it will be made public i hope so but i just want to be alive by the time quantum computers are a normal day thing

  • plumlogan

    I'm on a huge quantum computing jag right now, and one thing I'm considering is that quantum computers will be able to take the limitations of traditional computers into account and create the most efficient algorithms they (bibit computers) can handle, thereby maximizing their efficiency for us

  • Jason Martin

    There's no guarantee that quantum computing will continue Moore's Law. That's just something people say. It can make certain algorithms way faster, but runs some classical algorithms far slower. So it might be best to use a classical computer in conjunction with a quantum computer, for which Moore's Law could still come to an end.

  • Tony Tomov

    when we get to : "…quantum mechanics…" and "…1 and 0 at
    the same time…" , assessment is unambiguous – Idiots! 🙂

  • Joe Piervincenti

    In order for people to become engaged in forward-thinking they have to first leap forward from a starting point and if they are not thinking currently how could they ever think in a forward manner?

  • Dennis Mejares

    Quantum computer may built a future plans on capable of predicting a perfect outcome in every aspect of developments

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