• Melinda Landry

    This guy reminds of that autistic math genius who was also on TEDx . Brilliant. Only, it's revolution, not rotation!

  • Raging0yster

    Gotta respect his confidence. Not being self-conscious about his voice is admirable indeed. If I sounded like that, I'd be afraid I wouldn't be taken seriously. He's made of sterner stuff than me.

  • Pāvils Jurjāns

    Oh, get a life, guys, there's an über-geek telling about the damn cutting edge of computing science in YouTube GeekWeek, and you complain about his voice.

  • sysprog1953

    Interesting presentation. Also, one of the few tech talks on YouTube where few, if any, comments cast judgment about the presenter. Good show.

  • CRGreathouse

    D-wave's computers aren't general quantum computers, just quantum annealing machines. They can't be used to implement either Shor's algorithm or Grover's algorithm, so they don't really apply to this talk.

  • rRobert Smith

    now the 3 or 4 schools of quantum physics argue over what is a "true" quantum computer….mean while the software catches up to the hardware

  • CRGreathouse

    There really isn't any disagreement about the term. For everyone, regardless of what interpretation of quantum mechanics they prefer, a true quantum computer is one which can implement universal quantum computation. At the moment there is no algorithm whatsoever (!) which is known or believed to run faster on a quantum annealing machine than on a classical computer. This is not the case at all for universal quantum computers which can factor numbers vastly faster than classical computers.

  • Myrslokstok

    Great explained it a bit better then before.

    Is that way "topological quantum field computing" could be a way to go about this.

    If you think this was a strange mathematichan look up Kripke the logician. This was nice, impressed if you last 15 min with Kripke one of our times greatest logician.

  • enes sabanovic

    If this guy grew up in the USA he would never have become a scientist because he would have been put into "special" school haha 😀

  • wernertrptube

    Can you show me that human consciousness is not grounded in matter particles.
    then I will invent a new religion.

  • ZinayH

    a 512 QBits Quantum computer already is on its way, what do you mean, the usa has the power to do more than we think! the d-wave computer is in the hands of google and nasa, do you know what that means! 

  • rufuscure

    I know he's not from holland but I keep hearing " I'm from holland! Isn't that weird??" Anyway I love this guys joy for his work very inspiring

  • john johnson

    He has a funny voice, which is not bad at all. Many people have funny voices. 
    But he also is a really cool dude. 
    Maybe his high voice will make him recognisable like the robotic voice of prof. Hawking did it for him. 

    I am Latvian and I am very proud about Ambainis. 

  • nlsec03

    His head is so busy somewhere else, thinking a zillion things that talking gets allocated a very small amount of resources, just the minimal amount needed  for effective communication, and its for the receiver to filter the "noise" factors…

  • Has-hon Gutierez

    That intro was horribly recorded.  Clipping like a mofo (and, no, it wasn't clipping on my PC dac, it was recorded shitily). 

    Also, is this guy the Emo Phillips of QC?

  • Rui Parada

    how peculiar that aesthetic considerations can still be at the forefront when a highly relevant transmission is taking place, disputable as it may be. 

  • Wadi Wahab

    I believe the Quantum computer can solve our economic problems in less then a second…producing the perfect mathematical equation to bring an equilibrium to the world economies thus solving the lifelong question of how much money is needed to heal the world economy by showing us where to put the money hourly, daily, weekly, monthly,annually giving the ultimate solution to world poverty, creation of new mathematical equations on how to make everything economically viable and even enhance current technology decades ahead of its time. It can also predict and calculate when a volcano will erupt and how much power is emitted and how much power can be harvested from all the volcanoes in the world at the same time…. the only thing it can't do is bring people back from the dead… hahahah

  • CaptainConcerned Sr.

    i wouldnt want a quantom computer running my car lol, dont want it to randomly steer my car off a cliff through its strange randomness

  • hungrytomato

    I find the extreme awkwardness totally endearing, because it's a constant reminder of his extreme geekiness and love and passion for what he does and what it is going to do for humanity.

  • Arnold Van Kampen

    Maybe there is some truth in the acceleration of innovation. I want to believe that by now, 2015, there is some mr Leo Kouwenhoven in Delft (The Netherlands) and his team who dares to say that there WILL be complex quantum based structures in about 10 years from now. I think it is based on the ability of room temperature manipulation of superposition and entanglement in diamond..

  • Mattia Righetti

    Nice explanation, I'm trying to understand both how quantum computer works and also how quantum mechanics is involved in this. The problem is that on the internet nothing is really precise in this explanation so I'm looking every single thing to get a better idea of it. You helped me a lot! Thanks

  • MDW

    Quantum computation will not work, it will only remain ink on paper. Because if it would, it should have to destroy the uncertainty principle which is a corner stone of QM. Computation requires repeatable and predictable behavior so as to be able to "count" things. QM postulates that you cannot predict any thing with certainty, all you can get is just some probability distributions.

  • peerfunk

    mhm i had pretty much the same guy in my class he didn't live in this world his mind was only about mathematics and not even the teacher who had a doktorate in maths could always understand what he was thinking about wtf..

  • cha0s10242

    A quantum computer of practically infinite time relative to its computing speed cannot break an encrypted message that follows perfect secrecy.

  • Simha

    Appreciate video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about – Tarbbatigan Endowment Capacity Tip (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to master quantum physics without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin finally got great success with it.

  • Yvonne F

    This guy is talking about quantum computers as if he knows everything about them, but it is clear to me he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Shmannel

    The thing I've noticed about cracking a load of encrypted data with no key is…..there's a god damn fucking lot of motherfucking methods, and that's after I've determined the protocal used

  • V. Mc

    Andris Ambainis, Feynman has nothing on this man, what I'd give just to sit at his feet to learn what is really transpiring in the Quantum world, his simplistic explanations set me far ahead of my past just 20 minutes ago!!!

  • nugget130884

    Awkward? I'd love to see someone that is criticising him get up and do what he is doing. You can even talk about your favourite subject! But you can't do it can you? Because you have to hide behind a computer screen and try to bring other people below your sad little life, just to make yourself feel a bit bigger and better. Keep going. Hopefully one day you feel bigger and better and you'll have the courage to stop.

  • Elisa Shields

    I love that his teacher and early influence was an out of the box thinker like Feynman, who undoubtedly caused him to do the same. Pretty sure it was a book by Feynman given to my daughter in high school that inspired her to study physics, and biology in tandem… and then earth sciences including a doctorate in atmospheric chemistry.

    Sad that commenters here are so small-minded to poke at any cultural differences such as speech patterns – grow the f*ck up, ppl.

  • AB Google

    writing computer programs without a computer?!? like in my college days in '88 when we only had a few working workstations for 33 students.

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