• wowcolors

    the analogies are too abstract, bever and dragons… Would help a lot to use the real terminology or a more advanced analogy.

  • Nocturnus Schwartstein

    I think a better analogy for decoherence would be something akin to a massive army of mooks. Imagine, all those mooks traveling in the same direction or performing the same action. Suddenly, one guy screws up and the entire system falls appart. Without proper insulation or sufficient energy, the system is scrambled by outside noise.

    In high temperature, high pressure systems such as neutron stars or larger, coherence is easier because of how massive the system is, able to tolerate more shock from smaller threats. Cold systems are vulnerable because any amount of energy will immediately disturb harmony within that system.

    I'm starting to think that, provided any system reached a frequency that produced harmonious vibrations with imperfections absent, it may be possible to produce super conductivity in other materials of interest. I'm also curious about any link between super conductivity and quantum entanglement, as well as the forces that allow lasers and sasers to function. Then again, I could just be seeing phenomena where none exist. Still, it seems worth thinking about.

  • Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

    Quantum Entanglement is pervasively known as The God Effect, it’s the synchronicity between spatially separated particles on an infinitesimally subatomic scale regardless of their distance. When entanglement occurs, there’s a correlation between their momentum, velocity and spin in their state of entanglement, and their speed in which information propagates between particles seem instantaneous, regardless of their fluctuation in space. An inseparable relationship first introduced by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935.

  • Trailer Trash

    with in the system if Quantum Entanglement was constant the ball is a part of the box and there for the copy should identical an  inversion ,inversion defined as Quantum Entanglement meaning the system is ,and reducing the information to boundary's like colour  boundary0 used by image processor, are you shitting me ? angular polarisation can give  if 1 degree is used as a state 360  different possible states  in 1 degree of the elemental  unit  ,the noise

  • Torald Ring

    13:44 bell's game: classical and quantum correlation difference 75% vs 84.5%ÔĽŅ
    54:31 firewall paradox entanglement monogamy

  • Gene Partlow

    At about 48 minutes, Preskill defines the Monogamy of entanglement in such a way that reminds me of the complementarity between position and velocity in QM, where the location X of a particle and its momentum p_X obey X times p_X = or > hbar/2 . Ie: Implying ~Entanglement_Alice+Bob times Entanglement_Alice+Charles is ~equal to some fundamental quantifiable constant? Where the magnitudes of the two different entanglements have a reciprocal relationship to one another which is quantifiable and in some sense has an importance equal to hbar/2 itself? In fact, is the limit in some sense equal to hbar/2?! Is this implicit in his lecture?

  • puppetsock

    Pause and enjoy the new era folks. We can now virtually attend a lecture by a world renowned specialist on a highly esoteric subject. Over 30 thousand views. So cool.

  • Jessie Christian

    We already have a quantum computer – the human neocortex. If you listen to this lecture back to back with one of Jeff Hawkins lectures on cortical information processing, it is plainly obvious that the structure of the neocortex is precisely an optimized quantum computer. All of the electrical impulses that flow through our senses convey information about the external environment to the cortex where it is stored as correlations of sparsely distributed synaptic activity. Such a configuration allows the state of the environment to be continuously flowing into the brain in a way that does not allow the environment to gain much information about the state of the brain. This allows the brain (specifically the neocortex) to be redundant enough against errors and noise as to reliably perform an authentic quantum simulation of its external environment. What does it feel like to be a quantum computer running a simulation of its environment? Exactly what it feels like to be conscious.

  • Raymond Servant

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  • James Wilson

    it seems that you could purposefully corrupt part of the combined state to transfer information like morse code by chunking parts out of the congruency

  • Chris Z

    I realize this lecture was done way back in 2013, but I am curious to know when Leonard Susskind made the proposal that Adam and Charlie were actually the same thing and connected by an ER bridge? Was that before or after this lecture?

  • Naimul Haq

    What man does today, nature did yesterday. Nature is our greatest guide. Al Haytham dissected the eye to study the lens and discovered how we see and discovered optics, enabling Galileo to invent the telescope. Similarly nature employs quantum computers, as in our five senses, the brain and in all our cells, enabling us to do many functions for us to survive and evolve.
    One such function involves repairing/regenerating damaged cells, of which we have 50-70 billion daily. QC function repair them at 99.99 % efficiency and at lightning speed. Everything and every process in the universe are of QM phenomenon and employs QC for its function.
    Mathematics of QC indicates superposition of states that reside in infinite dimensions, with spellbinding qualities of error correction, tackling decoherence, etc. Analysing quantum information and devising various gates for the various operations. This involves a keen observation of natural phenomenons and untying how nature solves the problem. Good luck to John Preskill.

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