Quantum Computing – Introduction
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Quantum Computing – Introduction

just the other day i was trying to think how
i could get an information which i remembered only part of it it happened to be somebodys
phone number but i forgot the name of the person had i had a quantum computer in my
hand i could have done this very easily so what is this quantum computer in this course
we are going to try to look at this problem and understand what a quantum computer it
is and why is it so difficult to get such a device yet
so this course is all about implementation aspects of quantum computing i am debabrata
goswami and i will have two students who are the course ta on this ajitesh singh and yogendra
yadav they are both third year phd students and they will be helping us in this course
so quantum computing is a natural event which is supposed to happen as we go towards miniaturization
and avoid wastage in time space and energy to get to the most efficient computing this
leads us to the fundamental point of getting to quantum levels unfortunately quantum mechanics
works in a different way however we can exploit the quantum mechanical nature of matter to
achieve computing and that is the principle of quantum computing
reversible with minimum energy loss is one of the principles which we would like to go
ahead with which is possible with quantum computing which is not quite possible with
classical computing because none of the computers that we work on today are based on this principle
however when we go to quantum systems we can get reversible computing
unfortunately quantum systems are fragile the very important aspects of quantum systems
superposition and entanglement are difficult to sustain and that is what makes it so hard
so implementation is very hard in this course we will look at how different directions of
implementation has been attempted towards quantum computing and where we stand today
and how can we look into the future to so welcome to the course and let us have a work
together on it to see how we can go into the future
thank you

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