• Zuniis

    What people need to understand is that while quantum computers can calculate much faster than classical computers, it is in the calculation of raw data, not in the calculation of say, a computer game. Quantum computers will not render video and audio much faster than classical computers, but it will preform calculation such as finding the next prime number, much faster. 

  • lord ganesha

    It would be funny if after all such effort and quantic computations cientists only get the same answers of good old sense for the problem of the world. We need a new perception of reality.

  • OldmansCC

    For some time now I wanted to learn and understand quantum computing. so I was happy when Big Think uploaded it.  I watched the whole think, very carefully =_=…

    …13 minutes later, I still have absolutely no clue what quantum computing is.

    I hope there will be more videos with Michio Kaku, I like him very much. He's a cool dude.

  • Brazilan_Pimp 69

    i thought they were fake and they machines didn't work.. google ran a test on they computers and wasn't even faster for what  google had already

  • zon tarr

    complicated computations for large amount of data , ???  .. hmm < I wonder who has an large amount of data to compute ??? maybe NSA ??? or …??

  • BattousaiHBr

    i can only imagine when quantum computers come out to the public, people will be installing windows 13 on it…
    hopefully by then windows will be cobwebbed and linux has taken over.

  • Joakim Bergendahl

    And what would happend if a big ass Underground Earthquake hits this "Cooling Room" for the chips etc? 
    What happens then?
    What effects will it have on the earth/us?

  • Xeth247

    I cringed so badly when he kept saying "degrees Kelvin."

    Seriously? You're building a Quantim Computer. Every Undergrad student this side of the galaxy knows that Kelvin doesn't have "degrees". You don't need a degree (ha!) to know that.

  • Sakatoki91

    I'm really excited to see what'll happen in the future. Science is moving forward in an accelerated pace. Give it a decade or two, and you'll start seeing quantum laptops and quantum cell phones. If not quantum, it'll be some other technology that surpasses the fastest processors we have today.

  • scottseptember1992

    Did he really just say at 0:13 that quantum mechanics describes how "everything" in the universe works? WTF LOL what an idiot. Also, at 1:15, he said the lowest possible temperature is absolute zero. LOL Wrong again b/c negative Kelvin actually exists, which is (contrary to the name thus a misnomer) is hotter than anything in the positive kelvin scale b/c objects at negative kelvin have more particles in higher energy states than in the lower energy state (like an inverse pyramid of energy). Reaching negative kelvin doesn't mean we reached absolute zero b/c that would violate the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, but instead we actually skipped absolute zero. Also, who the hell says "degrees" Kelvin LOL D-wave needs to get a new CEO that knows what he/she's talking about.

  • TonyKingOfTheOzone

    Imo you either believe in exponential growth, or live long enough to see it, because it's just around the corner. Told us it would take a hundred years to sequence the human genome, finished it by 2000. Soon when moores law gets moving in Quantum computing we will see the real effects. I am also tired of people thinking humans are special and that science is never going to figure us out, are we complex? yes, but we aren't the most complex thing in the universe. Just like the earth isn't the center of the universe, and that the world is not flat, and god didn't create us. Get over your superiority complex people,  we are just lucky to be able to witness these things like this, and not shoveling sewer waste off the street in the 16th century. 

  • Baalim

    yeah, but D-Wave don't have any quantum computer. they are simulating how such a cpu (maybe) could work. that's all. No genius in this company has quantum physics figured out, no nobel prize winner found. 
    but using the word quantum is a nice marketing trick, to sell this crap overprized.
    get real D-Wave. cooling is for you so important, because you have to overclock your shit dramatically. so it has at least the illusion of being faster.

  • wasteyelo1

    Quantum mechanics does not describe 'how ever thing in the universe works' Vern. Gravity and consciousness being two things it fails at. 

  • Jean B

    I had no idea what he was talking about 99% of the time, but that's the fun in learning I guess. passes out from information overload

  • OmniphonProductions

    I'm curious as to how much energy is required to create and maintain the rarified environments that enable quantum computing.  I have no doubt that such computations may eventually result in much greater universal knowledge and even bring about solutions to many problems we face; however, I question just how big the carbon and fiscal footprints are for such activity.  It's not that I'm a die-hard environmentalist.  I just always like to make sure the pay-off is worth the cost.  Anybody know?

  • urduib

    Quantum computers will be used  to spy and control us, i have zero confidence in humanity. Could be cool though if we used them for science and to reduce co2 emissions.

  • TheNintendoFanatic

    Moore's law is already breaking down companies like Microsoft and other computer companies are already stating that it is getting very difficult to update computers and they are rapidly approaching the limit to how to advanced they can be with silicone

  • Alpha Delta

    Quantum computing would freaking launch our civilization into simply unbelievable levels of advancement, it would be my dream to one day program on one.

  • Arr Ziz

    Does anyone else think if quantum computing was an accesible and feasible thing that'd be out now,the tensions about net neutrality would be rendered moot?

  • cottoneyejoe

    Now we just have to put a quantum chip in our brains. We'd have all the answer to the universe :3- Bill Nye's voice

  • Rinoa's Auspicious Travails

    "why would we need more powerful computers?" i have never, ever, ever been asked such a fucking stupid question.

  • Divinecomics

    The first 5 minutes was interesting then he starts throwing in all this weird terminology, and talks about physics problems which didn't make any sense. Would have been nice to see a photo of the quantum machine working at absolute zero.

  • Jarod Benowitz

    It is far from conclusive that D-Wave's 'Quantum' computer is actually a quantum computer.  http://www.scottaaronson.com/blog/?p=1679

  • rico dyson

    d-wave is waaaaaaaaaaaay overhyped and definitely not worth the price tag…but props to their marketing to sucking in buyers 😀

  • Kabbalah Cowboy

    I don't know if creating a true quantum computer will ever be possible, but the most intriguing part about all of this is the consideration of storing an almost unimaginable amount of information on a device with almost unimaginable speed.  Then we're talking about simulating universes folks.  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18339599-on-computer-simulated-universes?from_search=true

  • Oliver Morgan

    Why are people talking about ifs? quantum computing is possible, there are quantum computers that has done computations…………………………………………………

  • Daulton Baird

    This amazing watching the progress of Qcomp < Yes I have coined a word. several years ago there was just so much talk, and now that they have gotten the cooling and other enviro problems reduced IT'S REAL !!!!

  • Truthat

    Wait, is quantum mechanics really a law and not a theory? Especially since gravity is still a theory, and quantum mechanics cannot fully explain gravity? Or are we supposed to duh our way through this like it's a Supreme Court majority opinion?

  • ericsclips

    He said 0 degrees is the lowest possible temperature you can reach in the universe.  Shouldn't he know that's impossible to reach (uncertainty principle and all)?  I was just surprised he said that.

  • AmxCsifier

    @0:11 quote "Quantum mechanics describes how everything in the universe works"
    But I heard some theoretical physicists say that quantum mechanics still doesn't describe/explain gravity!

  • turb0mike

    I'm sure I read somewhere recently the d-wave quantum computer didnt show any increase in computing power over clasical systems?, and hasnt proved a working quantum machine.

  • Sockoiid

    Exponential Growth has always baffled the larger population of people, It's power has not been truly seen or shown, until quantum computing.

  • Neueregel

     Too much interference and thermal noise in real world. So, quantum computers ain't never gonna work properly! Also, 2^512 = 10^154 bits?? Yes, but that's too much processing power for the elite agencies. We don't need hyper-surveilance. NSA should stick at their lousy x86 chips. Supercomputers should only be used for climate reasearch, astrophysics, prime digits and π/pi computation, and testing chess engines. Keep them away from politicians. Now, I am gonna listen to Killing Technology, a relevant album by the Canadian great thrash metal band Voivod, while smashing some of my old silicon chips. Kind of a human reaction I guess. 

  • Prince Polka

    No, it's not like not like that.
    D-waves so called 512-qubit chip is actually "just" 8-qubit.
    Intel doesn't call their 64-bit chips, billion-bit.

  • Ano Nymous

    I kind of hear lots of crap in his speech, but Iam no quantum computerized equation to understand what is it. I would like to know from them how is it that we fart and burp and feel good when doing that? R we calculating bits and qubits when doing that? How about we stop calculating new future bullshit and have good deep look around us first? There is some shit going in the world with real people and qubits and bits r last thing in their minds. They feel, smile, burp, fart, cough, snore, laugh, shit, play, love, steal, multiply, fight and so much more that not even most advanced quantum computer can understand that. The most advanced computer is you!

  • elliott turner

    What really get me: We (human kind) have created all these amazing things based off of math. We say things are true based on proving it with math. This is what blows my mind, Math is a language we created in order to understand the universe, to explain our environment as we perceive it. BUT! math was created for human understanding, it is only as strong as our human minds can comprehend things. What if our comprehension of the universe and things we perceive is completely inaccurate? what if our minds are not able to understand or even comprehend how or why everything is? What if everything we have created works because we have perceived it to work base off of a flawed language? Is math, our most powerful tool, holding us back in big advancements because it is flawed or limited by comprehension? what if there is another language to explain everything?

    ….. Not trying to sound like a stoner. But I cant help but ponder these things.

  • Coenraad Loubser

    ENOUGH WITH THE "DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND" RHETORIC! Please!!!! Our minds have no difficulty in understanding – only misdirection from being wound up wrong by people looking at it wrong!

  • Inspire Net

    can tell he's super smart cause he's the only guy in these videos that say "we create the coldest space in the universe… as long as there is no other intelligent life out there like us" NOBODY ever mentions that! kudos

  • :D

    so a quantum computer effectively adds a splitter to the 1-0 bits enabling the exploration of all possible values between them? infinitely many decimicles between 0-1 can be explored via quantum computing?

  • J Bigboy John

    Evil and control of the citizens of any land is always justified as being developed for something that is good. Same old trick since the garden of Eden and we as humans have still not realized it. We just line up and say, Wow, yes we want this, bring it own! I wonder what the real reason for this plunge into the dimensional foray is all about, oh, I forgot it is for my best interest!

  • Thomas Anderson

    Cubits and qubits. I wonder if the inspiration to make this stems from the old testament. Creating the temple. 12 ft tall. I need to do some research.

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