Quantum computers: Computing the impossible
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Quantum computers: Computing the impossible

Quantum computers could one day solve some of the world’s toughest problems, and they’d do this by working completely differently to a regular computer. Information is stored in your laptop in bits. Every bit is either a one or a zero: up or down. But quantum computers are made of qubits. Unlike bits, qubits can be a mixture of one and zero at the same time. Quantum computers are made of several entangled qubits with all their states connected together. But actually building a quantum computer is a challenge. In normal computers it’s easy to add more bits, but for quantum computers the more qubits you have the harder it is to add one more. This makes it tricky to scale up from a simple quantum computer to something more powerful. Another problem is that quantum computers have to keep their qubits protected. Too much interference from the outside world and the entanglement is broken. But overcoming these challenges and building a powerful quantum computer would come with big rewards. Take searching: imagine you have a bunch of mixed-up business cards. How would a computer find the right one? A normal computer has to look through, one by one, until it eventually finds the right card. But a quantum computer has a trick up its sleeve. Because the quantum computer is in many states at once, it can search all the cards at once. After several sweeps it finds the card. And quantum computers could help tackle all sorts of other problems, like modelling protein folding, and cracking data encryption. But, even if scientists can one day build a powerful quantum computer it probably wouldn’t be useful for everyday tasks, so don’t throw away your laptop just yet.


  • Azerliartock

    "Don't put away your laptop just yet." That's kind of a understatement. Quantum computers will probably be accessible only through the cloud, since they require big machinery to keep them at low temperatures. We'll be needing our laptops for many years

  • user73o1u 81716

    Nice to know Nokia still exists and can even use Nature to promote its name. Shame Nature, shame. -50 impact points for you and your house.

  • jstrick38us

    Slick graphics, but both audio and graphics devoid of useful information. Sad waste of 3:13 (plus time to write this).

  • SoCalFreelance

    I'm still highly skeptical. This is because everyone talks about how quantum computers work on the periphery, but no one can explain in a grounded way without falling back on theoretical physics. This is unlike Von Neumann architecture/computing which can be explained to a child.

  • icecaloric

    What these explanations don't mention is that quantum computers are probabalistic. There's a chance that the computer will spit out the wrong answer even if you perform the computations correctly.

  • James J

    I remember when a regular pc would take up an entire room. People also thought a regular computer would never be used in everyday life, C'mon man!

  • Guillaume Verdon

    that quantum parallelism explanation was highly inaccurate. We know that a general unstructured search problem on a quantum computer will only benefit of a square root of n speedup over classical.


    Nice animation… but not the best explanation!
    QBits are not only (ones), (zeros), (ones & zeros at once).. they can also be EVERYTHING in-between 0 and 1 ..to the smallest measurable degree!

  • Kabbalah Cowboy

    Nice Job!  As the video suggests, today's fastest supercomputers, which crunch trillions or more operations per second, carry out only one operation at a single moment in time. Some interesting works out there take the possibilities of quantum computer processing to their logical conclusions. The book “On Computer Simulated Universes” discusses the possibility of running computer simulated universes.  It's a strange new world.

  • N00B tube

    To everyone responding "useless video": did your ego just kicked in and made you respond to show everyone that you're smart and already know these qc basics? Good job! You successfully showed the people of earth that you are a genius via a YouTube comment! Be proud of yourself.. ah, you already are, aren't you?…..

    Nature, thanks for the video 😉

  • Auron Kardek

    You miss a lot of explanation like quantic logic gates because traditional logic gates don't work (the and, not, or), the names and the differents algorithms, the algorithm used for exemple in the video (the buisiness cards) is the quantum algorithm of Grover.

  • Slartibartfast

    Where to start – searching through every card? Computer systems are much more sophisticated than only being able to use what in effect is a table scan – some up let's have a better example.

  • Richard the sceptic

    Computers are not made of bits, they manipulate bits. Modern computers use parallel processing to speed up operations such as searches. This clip tells us nothing about how a quantum computer works still less how it could achieve a massively parallel search.

  • cosimoto1

    Well that's B.S.! This information has been around for a decade and these liars portray it as being brand new! I am sick of the so called reporters (not real reporters but those owned by the elite) who present this as new! YouTube is a filter to delete the truth! Plain and simple!

  • Valeska Weich

    even if they could be one????? IT IS already build and running! Search "D-Wave" Quantum computer…! :O

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    and also those qubits needs liquid helium cooling
    just 22°C the qubits dies and turned into less cute bits :/

  • Moe Gattan

    current computers do not search large database one by one, the use advanced logarithm like bubble sort & binary search. where it starts in the middle of the data and by comparing the value and spleting the database and start again in the middle.

  • The Cooler Shopkeeper

    I hate the "oh look guys is so magic almost sentient haha look how cool it is, it can be both at the same time".
    This doesn't help anyone to gather any real knowledge of the topic. It's just misleading and creates false concepts in your head for something that is already really confuse.

  • César Cordero

    Read the Humanity Book:

    Both the same:


    Both the same. The Humanity Book:


    Both the same. The Humanity Book Compilation:


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