Q&A – Bachelor’s Computing Science Radboud University
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Q&A – Bachelor’s Computing Science Radboud University

so this animal species is… oh… oh wait, oh this is the computing science vlog, not the biology one alright never mind then
hi everybody my name is Thomas I’m a student at Radboud University and today
we’re not going to be a lot in the Huygens building here behind me, but
we’re going to be in this building Mercator because this is where a lot of
computing science students are and we’ve got an appointment with Janneau here who knows all about the degree so let’s go inside and have a chat with Janneau.
hey Janneau, are you waiting for me already? nice man. How are you doing? I’m doing good. How are you? Yeah same.
alright so yeah let’s find a place to sit I guess. Yeah we’ll go upstairs because it’s a bit quieter there. Cool. So Janneau, here we are. One thing I wanted to ask you to begin with was: what is computing science? no one really knows what computing science really is but – that’s a great answer let’s… – It mostly consists of the basics of
mathematics in computers, logic a little bit programming you learn quite a lot
and security is also big thing here in Nijmegen. so right now we’re going to
Cynthia and she’s a university teacher here right? yes that’s correct hello Cynthia, so Cynthia what exactly is your role here at the University? I’m an
assistant professor so that means two things.One: I’m a researcher so I do
research in theoretical computer science and I’m also a teacher. All right so what
we came here to ask you about being a teacher: so when you do computing science,
what kind of jobs do these students end up at? Pretty much anything. So, the thing
with computer science is that computers and IT are pretty much everywhere these
days so you can think of any company, chances
are that computer scientists can end up working there. We have people end up as IT consultants or also in the programming and software engineering,
track managers, we have several ended up in politics or became teachers as well,
so it really depends on where you want to go so we hope we’ve been able to help you
out with this video yeah computer scientists study… you learn
everything about computers. First year starts pretty easy for everybody but
it’s ramps up rather quickly and yeah you can work everywhere you want to work
so that sounds pretty nice alright if you want more information, be sure to
check out our website, maybe come to our open day, or even do some trial studies
it’s all possible and yeah then we hope to see you here around in Mercator or the
Huygens building. Yes hope to see you next year!

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