PuZZle builder – customize popup for Web Hosting
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PuZZle builder – customize popup for Web Hosting

Welcome to PuZZle builder Firstly, let’s load some PuZZlE as you may see there is already a lot of popups ready to use now click on the one you like to load it let’s check how it will look every element has it’s own settings to make element active just move a mouse over it let’s change image of this popup for example I will change it to one of Google Photos select image and click on copy image address now return to PuZZle builder select image element and click on ‘edit element settings’ icon paste image address to the URL field click on ‘store & close’ button as you may see new image is loaded check preview with new image let’s change background color for left panel move to attributes tab data-ao-animaze-on-popup attribute used to apply pop-up animation for it Click on field with magic wand to edit it at bgColor animation group let’s change color from #705f5b to #333 check preview as you may see background color of panel is changed change the textes to the one we need after every change don’t forget to click on ‘store’ or ‘store & close’ button, so it will apply changes if you click on ‘close’ it won’t store changes check preview let’s change text on button too ok, now change button color there is a few button predefined button colors It’s: ao-btn-black, ao-btn-red, ao-btn-green, ao-btn-blue and also every color has -lighten and -darken additions, i.e ao-btn-blue-lighten So, move to style tab and change button color class to the one we need – ao-btn-blue-lighten check preview let’s change button position a little button position is set via animation same as panel background color, so we need to move to attributes tab click on the field with magic wand and move to ‘move’ animation settings group at ‘To Y’ group change the value a little – it will change button vertical positioning check preview Done!

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  • Christopher griffin

    I bought this and the pop ups are amazing but if you don't know anything about js and html, you'll be pulling your hair out. creator assumes everyone knows how to code like him, so I just wasted my money. Could be a great program if creator would make it user friendly. Too much time. Layerd pop ups is point and click, grab code and add to your website. obviously these guys made it easy to use for anyone and why they have 100 x more sales too.
    Hey programmers… want to make money from your apps? stop thinking everyone knows how to work with code, or would want to spend 1 hr trying to make one with your app. I guess alternative is just sell to coders and starve

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