Put Your Internet Knowledge to the Test with ‘Domain or Insane!’
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Put Your Internet Knowledge to the Test with ‘Domain or Insane!’

ellenshop.com. That makes sense. That’s our website. That’s our normal name. Turns out there are a lot of
weird domain names out there, and we’re going to see
if we can pick them out. It’s a new game we’re
calling domain or insane. [APPLAUSE] I just can’t sleep. I’m so excited, I’m in too deep. Crazy, but it feels all right. Baby, thinking of you
keeps me up all night. All right, everybody
has their paddles. Here’s how the game works. We’re going to show
a website address, and then we’re going to have to
guess if it’s a real doname– domain name or an
insane made up one. Here is the first one. hairyplumberpics.com [LAUGHING] I don’t know. Something about it makes
me think it might be real. All right. Here’s the next one. oldmanshaven.com. All right, I’ll say yes. Wow. [LAUGHING] Old Man’s Haven. [LAUGHING] Did anyone else see what I saw? Old man shaving. I thought it was just
videos of old men. People are into weird things. I don’t care. I don’t wanna– just a whole
bunch of old men shaving. All right. Here’s the next one. whorepresents.com [CHATTER] Look, whores need presents too. I’ll say it’s real. Oh, Who Represents. See what’s happening? Who Represents,
not whore presents. You’re all trying to fool me. All right. Let’s see the next one. donthurtyourbutt.com I’m trying to figure out
what that really says. All right. I’m gonna say it’s insane. Yeah. donthurtyourbutt.com All
right, let’s see the last one. Penis land. Well, I think– I don’t know. Pen Island. Not penis island. Not penis land. Nope, that’s how you
play domain or insane. Tune in next time. We play Facebook profile
or Russian hacker.


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