Purchase Hosting From Godaddy in 99 rupees Only
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Purchase Hosting From Godaddy in 99 rupees Only

Hey everyone here is Akshay and welcome to
Daily tuitioni in the previous video we saw that how to buy a domain but in this video
we are purchasing a web hosting plan for a word or so before we getting lat’s get started
login to your Godaddy account go to hosting and click on web hosting scroll down You want
to select a plan so for beginners with a late start apply on the next window sill at arm’s
length of your web space so we will select one month we do not have anything out so click
on no thanks and click on the button I had already added a domain so I remove it we add
promotional code for discount so if you want a promotional code then go to Google and type
Godaddy promo code and go to any of this website to get promotional code please on the show
coupon code button and copy the code that you are Godaddy website and click on the ad
and paste the code here now click on the click on apply but when the promotional code is
successfully applied you will get a 50% discount on May 1st and then click on proceed to checkout
button on this window you want to feel up your feeling and payment information so I
will select debit card rupay reason then type this exact characters to this technique and
click on the place your order but I had you want to specify your debit card details so
I will feel this information after you feel like this information will can’t make payment
type your OTP send it to your mobile and click on my payment now click on the way boasting
English going to want to set a policy so click on setup a domain name
and click on Mac type your wordpress userAdd to
your dashboard from here you can do whatever you want like setup your wordpress website
or manage your database and lots more now you want to setup a wordpress website so please
connect where you want to see it my application from here you can go to your website now we
want to setup your admin panel so go to this link and click on start WeChat which type
of website you handling so I will select education you can say to use your own category type
your website tied up and your website tagline and next click on continue on the next window
important information like email mobile number and address after this information click on
continue now choose your think you can change your thing in time so you will select anything
it’s done you will your website address reload it you will see your thing is applied to your
website if you want you can change and adjust your thing now your website is ready if you
haven’t subscribe to this channel here then please subscribe to this channel and if you
find something useful then please like this with you that’s all for today see you on the
next video till then be happy and keep watching

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