Publishing And Distributing Your Podcast | Podcasting 101 Ep. 7
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Publishing And Distributing Your Podcast | Podcasting 101 Ep. 7

Welcome back to “Podcasting 101,” the video series brought to you by Google Podcasts and PRX. Luvvie here to tell you how you get your podcast out into the world! So you’ve done all the work, you made your show! Where does this thing go and how do folks hear it? Well, first, you’re going to have to work out a place to host your podcast, a place where you upload your audio so it shows up in podcast directories like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. This is sort of like the podcast version of uploading a video to YouTube. Because podcasts are an open technology, they rely on something called….. RSS feeds. This is what makes podcasts different from radio. The RSS feed gives your podcast limitless reach all over the Internet. And these RSS feeds contain info about your show, such as title, author, and cover art. Podcast platforms use this information to let people know about your podcast. And audio hosting services are the ones that create and manage the RSS feed for you. Now here’s a quick checklist of other things to consider when choosing a hosting service: Number one: Cost. You’ll have to pay monthly to host your show to keep it available to listeners. Each company’s pricing is different, so find something that fits in your budget. Number two: how do you know how well you’re doing? You need to know your Metrics.There’s a difference between knowing someone listened to your podcast somewhere vs. knowing 400 people listened on Sunday with an Android in Lagos. Shoutout to my Naija peoples! Okay, And, number three: Control. If you decide to change your hosting service in the future, you do not want any interruption to your distribution. So make sure your audio hosting service allows you to take your RSS feed with you. Check out the link in the episode description for more information on different types of hosting services. One more thing to think about: The first time you submit your podcast to a platform like Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, it can take a week or more to appear in the apps, so make sure you build in some time to get approved. And a pro tip here – make a short trailer for your show. By short, I mean a minute or two. Say what the show is and what people can expect when they listen, and then, upload that to your audio host to get your RSS feed approved. Ok, boom!! There you go! Your show is out there! The world will be able to find it and subscribe. So shout out to you! On the next episode, it’s gonna be all about getting the word out about your podcast. I’m gonna give you the lowdown on how to reach your audience. So, look forward to seeing you there.


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